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Here Are The Best Used Furniture Stores in Toronto

Looking to furnish your home with unique, high-quality pieces without breaking the bank? You might be surprised to learn that used furniture stores in Toronto are treasure troves of stylish and sustainable options.
By · November 26, 2023
Here Are The Best Used Furniture Stores in Toronto

A recent study showed that buying used furniture can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 64%. Here's a look at what's coming up:

  • The 11 best used furniture stores in Toronto

  • A deep dive into customer reviews

  • Tips for buying used furniture

  • Best retailers for vintage and antique furniture

  • Hidden gems: unique used stores in Toronto

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So, let's dive in and explore the best used furniture stores Toronto has to offer.

Is Buying Used Furniture Worth It?

Don't underestimate the quality of used furniture, especially vintage pieces. They often boast better craftsmanship than some new, mass-produced items. You're not just buying furniture; you're investing in a piece of art. First off, you're saving some serious cash. New furniture comes with a hefty price tag. Going for second-hand furniture? You're cutting those costs in half, sometimes even more.

Buying used is also a nod to sustainability. You're giving a second life to a piece that might otherwise end up in a landfill. It's a win-win for you and Mother Earth.

Pro Tip: Always check for signs of wear and tear. A quick inspection can save you from buyer's remorse later. Also, don't shy away from haggling. Some resellers even expect it. A little negotiation can go a long way in getting you a better deal.

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So, is used furniture worth it? The numbers and logic say yes. You're saving money, gaining quality, and being eco-friendly. What's not to love?

Top High-End Used Furniture Stores in Toronto

Did you know that 45% of Canadians have bought used furniture at least once? That's almost half the country vouching for its value.


GUFF furniture store

  • Vintage and Modern Furniture: Offers a diverse range of furniture pieces, from mid-century modern to contemporary styles.

  • Home Decor Items: In addition to furniture, they have a selection of home decor items to complement any interior design.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers appreciate the unique selection and the quality of the pieces available at GUFF.

  • Reviews often highlight the friendly and knowledgeable staff willing to help with selections and provide information about the furniture.


  • Prices are considered reasonable for the quality and uniqueness of the items.

  • Periodic sales and special deals are available for various items.

Address: 1 Davies Avenue, Toronto, ON

GUFF specializes in mid-century modern and Scandinavian design. Their store is a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for seating, tables, or unique household accessories, GUFF has it all. A must-visit for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage flair to their home.

Located in the heart of the city, GUFF is a haven for quality used furniture. From mid-century modern to classic antique finds, their inventory is a feast for the eyes with a focus on Scandinavian design.

Pro Tip: Always ask about the history of the piece. You might stumble upon a story as unique as the furniture itself.

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Vintage Home Boutique

Vintage Home Boutique

  • Antique Furniture: Specializes in carefully curated antique furniture that adds a classic touch to any home.

  • Restoration Services: Offers professional restoration services to bring new life to vintage pieces.

  • Eco-Friendly Focus: Committed to sustainability, they focus on eco-friendly furniture and decor.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers rave about the quality of the furniture and the excellent customer service.

  • The store's commitment to sustainability and quality restoration work is often praised in reviews.


  • Pricing reflects the quality and uniqueness of the pieces, with options for various budgets.

  • Regular promotions and sales offer opportunities for more affordable purchases.

Address: 1639 St. Clair Ave West, Toronto, Canada

Vintage Home Boutique isn't your average second-hand furniture reseller. It's where style meets affordability. You can expect everything from sleek office furniture to cozy living room sets. They specialize in mid-century modern furniture with an emphasis on service and sustainability. Vintage Home Boutique also offers furniture restoration services.

Pro Tip: Check their website for seasonal sales.

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Of Things Past

Of Things Past

  • Luxury Consignment: Specializes in consignment of luxury furniture and home accessories.

  • Wide Range of Styles: Offers a diverse selection ranging from classic to contemporary designs.

  • Home Accessories: In addition to furniture, they provide a variety of home accessories and art pieces.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Known for its vast selection and high-quality items, customers often commend the store for its variety and the condition of the furniture.

  • The staff's knowledge and helpfulness are frequently mentioned in positive reviews.


  • While prices are on the higher end due to the luxury focus, customers find value in the quality and condition of the items.

  • Consignment options provide opportunities for both buyers and sellers to find great deals.

Address: 185 Bridgeland Ave, Toronto, ON

As Toronto's largest consignment showroom, you'll be able to find everything on sale from a couch to a shelf. Of Things Past is a high-end consignment store that offers a curated selection of luxury furniture and decor. Located in Rosedale, this store is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

From designer sofas to antique chandeliers, Of Things Past offers a range of exquisite items that are sure to elevate any living space. This retailer will have you double-take and wondering why you ever considered new furniture.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on their social media for flash sales and special events. Your perfect piece might just be a click away.

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The Best Budget-Friendly Used Furniture Stores in Toronto

When it comes to furnishing your home on a dime, Toronto's got you covered. Resellers offer a wide range of mid-century modern pieces that won't break the bank. Whether you're a student moving into your first apartment or a homeowner looking to revamp your house, these budget-friendly stores offer quality without the hefty price tag. And hey, who doesn't love a good deal?

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Around The Block

Around The Block

  • Diverse Furniture Selection: Offers a wide range of furniture styles, from vintage to modern.

  • Home Decor and Collectibles: Features an array of home decor items and collectibles to complement any interior.

  • Frequent New Arrivals: Regularly update inventory with new and interesting pieces.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers appreciate the variety and the ever-changing selection, making each visit unique.

  • Positive reviews often mention the reasonable prices and the quality of the items.


  • Known for offering competitive prices, making it a go-to for budget-conscious shoppers.

  • Regular sales and discounts are available on select items.

Address: 150 Lesmill Rd, Toronto, ON

Around The Block is where quality meets affordability. This store offers a range of used furniture that doesn't compromise on style. They offer a wide variety of items from nearly every category of clean items. Around the block offers consignment, so their inventory will fluctuate depending on what people bring in to sell.

Pro Tip: Measure your space before you go. It'll save you the headache of returning oversized beds or couches.

A Changing Nest

A Changing Nest

  • Consignment Furniture: Specializes in high-quality consignment furniture, offering a range of styles and periods.

  • Home Accessories: Provides a selection of unique home accessories and art pieces.

  • Estate Sales and Downsizing: Assists with estate sales and downsizing, offering a seamless process for clients.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers frequently praise the store for its quality selection and the helpfulness of the staff.

  • The store's atmosphere and the variety of items available are often highlighted in reviews.


  • Offers a range of prices, catering to different budgets while maintaining a focus on quality.

  • Consignment model provides opportunities for both buyers and sellers to find value.

Address: 572 Annette St, Toronto, ON

A Changing Nest offers everything from home decor to clothing to soap. Here, you'll score pre-loved items that are both affordable and high-quality. This retailer has everything you need to furnish your home. Their selection of products changes daily so be sure to check out their website for the most up-to-date list of items.

Pro Tip: Sign up for their newsletter. You'll be the first to know about sales and new inventory.

Best Stores for Vintage and Antique Furniture

For those with a taste for the finer things in life, Toronto's vintage and antique stores are a dream come true. Places like Blackbird Vintage Finds and Green's Antiques offer a curated selection of items that tell a story. From Victorian-era desks to retro chairs and bed frames, these resellers are a time capsule you'll love exploring. It's not just about buying furniture; it's about owning a piece of history.

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Zig Zag Mid Century

Zig Zag Mid Century

  • Mid-Century Modern Furniture: Specializes in authentic mid-century modern furniture pieces.

  • Restoration and Refinishing: Offers restoration and refinishing services to preserve the integrity of vintage pieces.

  • Unique Finds: Regularly features unique and hard-to-find mid-century items.

Customer Satisfaction

  • The store is highly regarded for its authentic mid-century selection and knowledgeable staff.

  • Customers often express satisfaction with the quality of the furniture and the store's aesthetic.


  • Prices are fair for the mid-century pieces.

  • Offers a range of prices to accommodate different budgets.

Zig Zag offers an eclectic range of vintage and antique items. This shop is a go-to for those seeking uniquely curated products, from European items to North American pieces, you'll be sure to get something perfect for you.

Green's Antiques

Green's Antiques

  • Antique Furniture: Features a diverse collection of antique furniture from various periods.

  • Collectibles and Art: Offers a range of collectibles, art pieces, and decorative items.

  • Jewelry and Watches: Includes a selection of vintage jewelry and watches.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers appreciate the extensive collection and the unique finds available at Green's Antiques.

  • The store's atmosphere and the knowledge of the staff are frequently praised in reviews.


  • Offers a variety of price points, catering to both collectors and casual shoppers.

  • Regular promotions and discounts are available on select items.

Address: 529 Parliament St, Toronto, ON

Located in the heart of Cabbagetown, Green's Antiques offers a diverse range of antique furniture, from colonial to mid-century. They also carry bronze statues, mirrors, and more. With a mix of affordable and premium options, this store is a must-visit for antique lovers. You'll want to browse what they have on display all day.

Prices and Deals: The store offers a mix of cost-effective and premium options. Keep an eye out for their weekend delivery deals. See if they can do the loading and unloading for you.

Inventory Highlights: If you're a fan of wooden furniture with intricate carvings, this is your go-to place.

Blackbird Vintage Finds

Blackbird Vintage Finds

  • Curated Vintage Furniture: Specializes in a handpicked selection of vintage and retro furniture pieces.

  • Home Decor and Accessories: Offers a variety of home decor items, including unique accessories and art.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Provides a personalized shopping experience, helping customers find the perfect pieces for their homes.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers often highlight the unique selection and the quality of the items at Blackbird Vintage.

  • The store's ambiance and the friendly, knowledgeable staff are frequently mentioned in positive reviews.


  • The store offers a wide range of pricing, catering to both budget-conscious shoppers and those looking to invest in high-end vintage pieces.

  • Occasional sales and special deals offer additional value for shoppers.

Address: 11 Trinity St, Toronto, ON

Blackbird Vintage Finds is a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts. This Toronto-based reseller specializes in offering a curated selection of vintage and antique items that are sure to add character to any space.

Blackbird Vintage Finds boasts an impressive inventory that spans different eras and styles. From rustic farmhouse tables and chairs to mid-century modern lamps, the retailer provides a diverse selection that appeals to various tastes and aesthetics.

Hidden Gems: Unique Second-Hand Furniture Stores in Toronto Canada

If you're the kind of person who loves to go off the beaten path, Toronto has some hidden gems you'll adore. Resellers like The Art of Demolition and Second Voyage offer eclectic and unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else. From custom furniture to rare antiques, these stores are perfect for those looking for something a little different. It's like a treasure hunt, and you're Indiana Jones.

The Art of Demolition

The Art of Demolition

  • Eclectic Vintage Furniture: Offers a wide range of eclectic and vintage furniture pieces.

  • Unique Home Decor: Features an array of unique home decor items, including art and collectibles.

  • Custom Furniture Options: Provides options for custom furniture to meet specific customer needs.

Customer Satisfaction

  • The store is praised for its diverse and unique selection, appealing to a wide range of tastes.

  • Customers appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of the items, as well as the friendly service.


  • Prices vary, offering options for both budget-conscious and high-end shoppers.

  • Regular promotions and discounts are available on select items.

Address: 390 Keele St, Toronto, ON

Located in the Junction, The Art of Demolition is a unique used furniture retailer specializing in antique and custom furniture. This shop is perfect for those looking to find unique, retro items and curiosities for their home.

From retro kitchen sets to antique mirrors, this store is a must-visit location for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

It's a treasure trove for decorators and homeowners looking for something truly out of the ordinary. The store's ever-changing inventory ensures that each visit brings new discoveries, making it a favorite among Toronto's vintage enthusiasts.



  • Mid-Century and Contemporary Furniture: Specializes in mid-century modern and contemporary furniture pieces.

  • Art and Design Objects: Offers a selection of art and design objects, including sculptures and decorative items.

  • Custom Design Services: Provides custom design services to create unique furniture pieces tailored to individual preferences.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Inabstracto is celebrated for its high-quality furniture and the expertise of its staff.

  • Customers often note the store's aesthetic appeal and the uniqueness of the items available.


  • Pricing is in line with the quality and uniqueness of the pieces, with options for different budgets.

  • The store occasionally offers sales and special deals on select items.

Inabstracto opened its doors in 2001 showcasing its carefully selected collection of everything from furniture to jewelry. This store is a haven for those looking for thoughtfully curated vintage goods. Their specialty is the 1940s - 1970s Canadian, American, European, and Scandinavian designs.

It always has a curated selection of mid-century modern furniture and contemporary art, blending design and aesthetics seamlessly. This store is a testament to the timeless appeal of mid-century design, showcasing pieces that are both functional and artistic. Inabstracto's collection is carefully chosen to represent the best of the era, making it a go-to destination for collectors and design lovers. The store's fusion of furniture and art creates a unique shopping experience, appealing to those who appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Second Voyage

Second Voyage Vintage

  • Vintage and Retro Furniture: Specializes in a diverse range of vintage and retro furniture pieces.

  • Unique Home Decor: Offers an array of unique home decor items, including art, lighting, and collectibles.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Provides a personalized shopping experience, helping customers find items that resonate with their style.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers often praise Second Voyage for its unique finds and the quality of its vintage pieces.

  • The store's inviting atmosphere and the friendly, knowledgeable staff are frequently mentioned in positive reviews.


  • Prices are considered fair, offering value for the uniqueness and quality of the items.

  • The store occasionally runs promotions and sales, providing opportunities for additional savings.

Address: 246 Queen St E, Toronto, ON

Situated in the heart of Toronto, Second Voyage is a standout used furniture store that focuses on quality and uniqueness. This gem of a store is ideal for those on the hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces that add character to any living space. The curated selection ensures that each item is not just a piece of furniture but a conversation starter for your home.

Second Voyage boasts an eclectic inventory that spans different eras and styles. Whether you're in the market for a mid-century modern bed or a vintage chandelier, this store has something for everyone.

Tips for Buying Second-Hand Furniture

Navigating the world of used furniture can be a maze. But don't worry, we've got your back. Here's how to do it like a pro.

Know What to Look For

First things first, know what you're after. Are you in the market for vintage furniture, or do you prefer something modern? Your choice dictates where you should shop.

Pro Tip: Make a list of must-haves before you hit the stores. It'll keep you focused and less likely to make impulse buys. There are apps on your phone that you can write a note on.

Inspect Before You Buy

Looks can be deceiving, especially with second-hand furniture. Always inspect for any signs of damage, wear, or tear. Ask to see photos if the company had to do any restoration work before they decided to sell the piece. For example, try sitting on a sectional before you make the sale so you're not shocked when you pick it up and bring it home.

Pro Tip: Take a flashlight with you. It'll help you spot hidden flaws that might not be visible in the store showroom lighting.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Costs at used resellers are often negotiable. Don't be shy; haggle a little. You might just walk away with a steal. When you're ready to buy find out if they can include delivery so you don't have to try to stuff your unit into your car.

Pro Tip: Do some online research to know the average costs of the items you're interested in. It'll give you a bargaining edge.

Check the Store's Website and Reviews

Before making a purchase, do a quick check of the retailer's website. Look for users reviews, comments, and any red flags. A poor review of a company will go a long way toward showing you insights into how other people's sales from that site went. This will make you feel great about the unit you purchased. Whenever possible we highly recommend buying in person rather than online so you can expect the product yourself before committing.

Pro Tip: Businesses in Toronto Ontario with consistently high ratings are generally more reliable. Stick to them for peace of mind.

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Buying used furniture in Toronto isn't just about saving money; it's about discovering unique pieces that add character to your house. From high-end to affordable options, the city offers a plethora of second-hand furniture resellers to meet your specific needs.

Don't underestimate the power of second-hand shopping. You can find quality pieces that are both sustainable and stylish. Our top recommendation? Always do your research, inspect the items, and don't shy away from negotiating. Happy hunting!

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