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How to Move a Hot Tub and Availing Hot Tub Movers Near Me

How to Move a Hot Tub and Availing Hot Tub Movers Near Me

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Having a hot tub at home and deciding to have it moved is something that you cannot do alone. Even if you want it transferred to another spot within your house or delivered to another house, doing this by yourself would be very difficult. But with the right people and tools, moving a hot tub could be swift and possible.

The length of hot tubs usually takes up to 60 square feet and weighs an estimated 400 kilograms. However, such measurements are only accounted for when the tub is empty. How much more when it’s filled with water inside? It sure would be heavier which is why moving it would need careful planning.

To ensure a safer move, the best option is to avail of moving services from a trusted removalist company capable to handle such an object. Although you can do the transfer by yourself, you will need a rope and some people to help you.

What to Note about Moving Hot Tubs before Searching “Hot Tub Movers Near Me” on Google

Make sure your hot tub is disconnected from any

Check if you’ve unplugged any wires around your hot tub from all connected sockets before letting the water out. Double-check that the electrical is not scattered anywhere and are kept in a safe place so that they won’t cause any accidents once the move has started. As much as possible, collect all cords and put them in a box or bag to avoid getting them wet from anything while the move is ongoing.

Draining any content inside your hot tub

Removing whatever content may not be one of the easiest tasks there is because you don’t just eliminate water or whatever liquid immediately since these things could cause damage or flood the area. Draining the water would require reading the manual of the hot tub or any handbook instructing the correct method of drainage or browsing online on how the draining should be executed.

In some cases, you might have to utilize a water hose or pump the water out of the hot tub. While performing these activities, you have to be wary when you chuck the water out. Be sure that you are sending the water to a gutter or drainage. Clean the entire tub after and give it a good wipe until all parts are dry and neat.

The actual moving costs of transferring a hot tub

The expenses of relocating a hot tub will largely depend on numerous factors, namely, the distance between your home and the target destination and the hot tub size. The costs would probably be between $300 to $400 for hiring professional hot tub moving services.

Can I opt to move the hot tub by myself?

Yes, you can, especially if it’s way beyond your budget to hire hot tub movers. With that, we’ve also listed below the things you need to consider when you embark on moving the object by yourself.

Make sure you have everything that you need

Collect all the needed materials related to moving the hot tub. The tools may include furniture dollies, straps, plywood, or ramps. There are also hardware and removal companies that offer rental services for their moving equipment and tools.

Identify the type of vehicle you need to move the hot tub

Determine the accurate size of the truck that is needed to transport your hot tub to your new location and residence to ensure that the object is safely delivered. In order to do this, you should already have known the dimensions of your hot tub.

Request for assistance

As much as moving your hot tub could be done by yourself, you will be needing quite a bit of help from your friends since the lifting would require strength. To be safe, ask five or six people who are willing to assist you in lifting the hot tub. Never try to carry the hot tub by yourself, you will just end up hurting your body in the process.

Assess the amount of space within your surroundings

Review where you plan to have your hot tub transferred. Does it block any pathways or any portion within the house that shouldn’t be covered? Where do you plan to enter the hot tub? How you intend to move the hot tub to its designated location should be planned out prior to the move so that on an actual day, what is needed to be done is just executing what was already agreed upon.

Have a plan for the actual trip

In relation to the previous reminder, is evaluating the entire trip that the move will have to make so that the hot tub is delivered to its target location. Which places should be avoided because of the heavy traffic or uneven roads? What road shortcuts are safe? Inform the movers ahead of time of the route that needs to be followed on the day of the move.

Placing plywood below the hot tub

Putting plywood under the hot tub will make it easier to move the object and when you use the furniture dollies, it allows the object to move smoothly and safely once it is lifted by the movers.

Make use of all kinds of furniture dolly

Moving your hot tub is done easier with the assistance of furniture dollies that are placed underneath the object. Sliding the tub to the truck would be done smoothly. But if you have a narrow space, you would need to ask the movers to turn the tub to its side.

Although you can utilize the dollies on both the front and back. Ensure that the object doesn’t move while in transit by locking the dollies using the moving straps. If possible, have one person stay at the back and the front of the tub.

Carefully transport the hot tub into the truck using the loading ramp

You need to be careful in rolling the tub into the truck and will need a bit of strength to load it to the ramp. Keep the dollies on the tub to secure the object from moving off.

Wrapping up

Moving a hot tub can be quite a challenge and a struggle but with a guide like this one, you’ll find the entire experience entirely fun especially when you’re moving to your new home.

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