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1% For the Planet | How Canadians Can Get Involved

Top Move is a proud member of the 1% For the Planet movement that supports global environmental change. 1% for the planet is a non-profit organisation that simplifies environmental support efforts for businesses and individuals.
By · March 14, 2024
1% For the Planet | How Canadians Can Get Involved

Top Move is a proud member of the 1% For the Planet movement that supports global environmental change. Find out how this initiative helps to strengthen organisations across the world in protecting the planet’s natural spaces and resources.

What is 1% For the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a non-profit organisation that simplifies environmental support efforts for businesses and individuals.

Through an annual membership, members can set up donations that equal a minimum of 1% of their annual sales. These donations are then distributed to approved environmental partners–1% for the planet makes sure that every nonprofit that receives donations is legitimate.

Currently 5200 businesses hold memberships to 1% For the Planet, supporting thousands of environmental partners spanning over 100 countries. Over $585 million has been given to environmental partners since 2002!

1% For the Planet in Canada

Many of Canada’s distinct ecosystems don’t exist anywhere else on the planet. Canada’s ecosystems include temperate and boreal forests, peatlands, tundra, alpine meadows, temperate grasslands, coastal wetlands and coral reefs.

These terrains are home to hundreds of thousands of species and it’s imperative that Canadians and the government work together to protect them. 1% For the planet offers a convenient and effective way for businesses to donate to credible organisations fighting to preserve Canada’s wild spaces.

Canada has a growing number of businesses and organisations that have joined 1% For the Planet to aid in fortifying Canada’s environmental protection efforts.

Keep reading to find out more about this game-changing organisation and how your business can join the movement to protect Canada’s wilderness and natural resources.

1% For the Planet’s Origin Story

The environmental impact of businesses on the planet is massive. Issues such as resource depletion, contamination of the planet’s air, water and soil, habitat destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and loss of biodiversity are attributed in part to commerce and business.

In 2001, two longtime friends and successful businessmen went on a fishing trip together. They got to talking about how businesses are responsible for so much negative environmental impact. In that moment of reflection, they both pledged to donate 1% of sales from their businesses to environmental organisations.

On that day Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies instigated a global movement by creating 1% For the Planet, providing a system where business owners can help to protect the resources that they profit from.

Other brands quickly hopped on board to join the movement and create the foundation of what is now a 5200-member organisation. 1% For the Planet has donated over half a billion dollars to legitimate environmental organisations, and the movement gets bigger every day.

Join the Movement! How to Get Involved

There are two ways to take part in the 1% For the Planet movement—either as a business or an individual.

If you are a business owner, you can pledge to donate 1% of your revenue to an environmental profit. This pledge shows your customers that your business values environmental awareness and that you are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

Individuals can join the movement by supporting businesses that have made the 1% For the Planet pledge. Every dollar spent at a 1% For the Planet business is a step towards environmental preservation.

How Does the 1% Movement Help the Environment? Insert image

Businesses and individuals that have taken the 1% pledge support global efforts towards environmental protection. The donations go towards projects such as:

  • Conservation efforts to protect ecosystems and the endangered species that inhabit them
  • Research to create solutions and strategies for effective environmental preservation
  • Educational programs to help spread environmental awareness

1% For the Planet is committed to helping the planet and all of its inhabitants, 1% at a time.

Which Canadian organisations benefit from 1% For the Planet?

Canada’s diverse environmental movement includes several organisations and initiatives devoted to preserving and protecting the country’s cherished natural spaces and biodiversity. Canadian environmental nonprofits advocate for environmental policies, conduct research and implement conservation projects all across the country.

These groups tackle issues such as climate change, habitat loss and pollution, and implement effective solutions. The health and resilience of Canada’s ecosystems depend on education, community engagement and collaboration with governments and industries. These organisations work towards fostering sustainable practices.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the outstanding organisations paving the way for environmental change in Canada.

Project Forest

Project Forest, based in Edmonton, Alberta, partners with conservation groups, Indigenous communities and Canadian businesses to transform degraded land into forests that will continue to thrive for future generations. The organisation plants species-rich forests to clean the air and water, increase biodiversity and increase wildlife habitat.

The Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C.

The ORCBC represents outdoor recreation enthusiasts such as paddlers, hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, off-road motorcyclists, equestrians, snowmobilers, anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The Council indirectly represents over 100,000 British Columbians pushing for access and promoting the responsible use of B.C.’s outdoors for public recreation. The ORCBC provides a voice for B.C. citizens when addressing government and industry, advocates for access and funding, and builds capacity within the sector.

Safe Drinking Water Foundation

Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Safe Drinking Water Foundation delivers hands-on educational programs to thousands of classrooms across Canada, educating students about water quality issues and solutions. By partnering with rural communities, the organisation’s intention is to effect change at municipal, provincial and federal levels, as well as within civil society and industries involved in the protection and production of public water supplies.

Ocean Wise Conservation Association

This Vancouver-based organisation addresses three critical challenges facing Canada’s waters–climate change, ocean pollution and overfishing. Some OWCA initiatives include:

  • The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup - Thousands of participants across Canada gather every year to help clean up garbage from shorelines and beaches. In 2021, the Shoreline Cleanup event started taking place in both California and Texas as well as Canada.
  • Seafood Conservation and Markets - OWCA created a product label that allows consumers to choose sustainable seafood from nearly 800 companies across Canada and ten other countries.
  • Seaforestation - Kelp forests absorb more C02 than land forests. By growing kelp and seaweed to scale, greenhouse gases can be somewhat mitigated.
  • Whales - Through field and lab work, whale researchers are developing solutions to some of the greatest threats facing whales and the oceans as a whole.
  • Changing Arctic Ocean - By partnering with Arctic communities and implementing both scientific and Indigenous knowledge, the OWCA addresses issues impacting ecosystems, beluga whales and local fisheries. The organisation also works with local communities to foster food security and economic development.

Canopy Planet

Based in Vancouver, Canopy Planet has amassed environmental commitments from over 750 brands to successfully operate more sustainably. Canopy has revolutionised over half of the viscose supply-chain, making sure viscose is sourced responsibly from low-risk or green-certified forests. The organisation has promoted the utilisation of agricultural residue and waste clothing in packaging and clothing production. Canopy Growth remains committed to tackling ecological challenges and protecting the natural world through ongoing collaboration and action.

SevenGen Energy

SevenGen is an Indigenous youth-led organisation based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The organisation focuses on empowering and building capacity for Indigenous youth in the clean energy sector. SevenGen focuses on sustainable living solutions through the intersection of food, energy and water, encouraging collaborations between youth, mentors, governments and industries to break barriers in shared energy futures.

Food Stash Foundation

Food Stash Foundation is a Vancouver-based charity that redirects surplus food to those in need. The organisation currently rescues over 85.000 pounds of food every month. The food is distributed to over 35 social service organisations through the Food Recovery Program. 120 families receive a weekly 25 lb box of produce, dairy, meats and other proteins through the Rescued Food Box Program. The Rescued Food Market offers hundreds of community members quality food items on a pay-what-you-feel-basis. FSF helps to reduce the impact of food waste and bridge the food-insecurity gap that exists within local communities.

Sole Food Farm

Sole Food Street Farms transform Vancouver parking lots and urban land into productive agricultural landscapes. The Sole Food gardens produce up to 30 tonnes of food every year to sell and donate. Residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are trained and employed. This demographic faces complex barriers to employment otherwise. Given this opportunity,

employees spend their days in learning environments that support the healing of mind, body and soul.

The Resilience Institute

This Canmore, Alberta-based organisation runs programs that support small, rural and Indigenous communities in elevating their voices amidst climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. Initiatives are developed to weave local and cultural knowledge with scientific and technical expertise while fostering multi-generational engagement.

Ready for your business to take the pledge to help protect the environment? Support 1% For the Planet

1% For the Planet supports groups that exist to protect our planet and its resources. When you donate 1% of your business’ revenue to conservation efforts (or by supporting businesses that do), you are helping to strengthen these organisations that are dedicated to environmental protection, education and advocacy. Your support helps the planet's wild spaces continue to thrive.

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