About Us

Top Move is Canada’s leading online movers’ platform, paving the way for quicker and more competitively priced heavy/large item moves, car transport, and motorcycle transport for customers, and more reliable jobs and convenient work for moving professionals.

Putting trust and quality back for removals customers

Our platform is designed to connect customers looking for movers in Canada with the best moving professionals in the business. We vet every mover on Top Move to ensure their quality, and our review system means that each customer will always have access to all the information they need to make an informed decision. Whatever you need, we’ll help you find the moving professionals that work for you.

Giving movers access to better jobs

The way Top Move works gives movers the tools that can help them get better and more reliable customers. You’ll be able to pick and choose from delivery requests that fit your schedule and your workload, finding work that fits along your route to help you make the absolute most on each and every one of your journeys. Each customer will get to review you for each job too, letting you build your reputation as one of the best.

What we do

We’ve created an online platform with a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes accessing movers in Canada quicker than ever before.

Everything about our platform has been designed to connect movers and customers to ensure everyone gets the best out of the moving process. Founded back in 2017, Top Move is here to give you more from every single move, supported by a deep, interconnected network of vetted professionals.

Trust Top Move for a better standard of removals – get online today.

Our sustainability

We’re excited to place ourselves at the forefront of the fight for sustainability. We are a proud participant in the 1% For The Planet program, led by the founder of Patagonia, in which member businesses give 1% of their annual sales, regardless of profit, to grassroots sustainability charities.

Furthermore, we enable removal drivers to maximize their loads while minimizing their journey time, and therefore, emissions. Many of our movers take on work through our platform as backloads – completing deliveries on return journeys to reduce the number of miles and carbon output.

At Top Move, we’re here to help pave the way to a greener model of removals.