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How Much Would it Cost to Ship a Motorcycle?

How Much Would it Cost to Ship a Motorcycle?

If you are thinking of hiring a motorcycle transportation company, the first thing you consider is how much cost it involves. The expense of motorcycle transport depends on the price of fuel, travel distance, how far you need the motorcycle transported and the needs to guarantee the safest and most secured transport. 

The standard average you can expect to pay to transport a motorcycle fewer than 1,000 miles within Canada is around $180 - $300.  If you are travelling beyond 1,000 miles you are expected to pay $400 - $600 or higher depending on the motorcycle model, the distance, and the company you prefer will be significant factors in the overall cost.

Here are some factors that affect motorcycle transport cost:


Distance is the most usual factor that affects when moving your motorcycle. Moving companies provide their clients with affordable deals as long as the point of pickup is within range. It will be cheaper if you are sending your bike in the urban area rather than in rural or remote area. If you are sending your motorcycle on a long journey the more it will cost, just prepare yourself ahead of time. 

Bike Size 

When it comes to moving motorcycles, size matters. Motorcycle shipping cost depends on standard bike specs which occupy one regular space on the trailer. The regular rates can cost $0.50 per pound. If your motorcycle is bigger or heavier you might be charged for an oversized bike fee.  That is why it is important that you know the weight of the motorcycle before moving it. You must also keep in mind that shipping large bikes will require special packing materials to ensure it’s condition. 

Open Vs. Enclosed Transport

You have two options to ship your motorcycle, it can be through open and enclosed transport. Open transport means that your motorcycle is exposed to weather elements for the entire journey. While on the other hand enclosed transport means your motorcycle will stay inside the truck and is safe and protected from weather elements and the road. Enclosed transport costs a lot more but offers better protection for your motorcycle while being transported.  

Time of the Year

Moving a motorcycle is expensive in certain seasons. One example is choosing enclosed shipping during winter is a great choice because you can ensure that your vehicle is safe and protected. However, it will be more expensive. 

Consider Additional Insurance 

Most companies will include insurance however it might be not enough to cover your motorcycle’s worth. If you consider your bike valuable then it’s better to purchase additional insurance coverage.  

Make sure to check your moving company’s insurance policy and ask them about the deductible. This information is important if something happens to your bike during transport. 

Getting the best motorcycle shipping prices is all about research. Using a platform like Top Move can be of great help to you in cutting down your research time and finding the best motorcycle transporter with a great price. That’s because Top Move has a network of Canada’s top motorcycle moving companies who are going to compete for your moving job. Once you submit your moving job listing, you can sit back and relax while you wait for those moving companies to give you a competitive quote.


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