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The Digital Nomad's Guide to Living in Canada

Visitors to Canada may want to stay a little longer and immerse themselves. Remote work is a viable option to make it possible. For tips and insights for digital nomads, we’ve created a digital nomad’s guide to living in Canada.
By · May 1, 2024
The Digital Nomad's Guide to Living in Canada

Canada is a sought-after destination for tourists and remote workers alike, there’s no doubt about it.

Now with the new Digital Nomad Work Visa Program, it’s even easier for those who work remotely to visit Canada. There are several crucial factors that make Canada an appealing place to live and work, such as:

  • A rapidly growing tech industry

  • Universal healthcare

  • Inclusivity and multiculturalism

  • Affluence: Canada has the 10th largest economy in the world

  • Natural beauty and expansive wilderness

Top Locations for Digital Nomads in Canada

Canada is a big country. If you are a digital nomad and planning or considering a move to Canada, it’s important to research different locations as things like climate, culture and lifestyle vary from place to place.


Montreal has a certain mystique about it. Along with being the arts capital of Canada, it offers a European allure with its cobble-stone streets, refined culinary culture and French as the primary language spoken.

It is a perfect balance of history and innovation, and attracts digital nomads seeking a diverse and culturally-rich experience.

Montreal is home to a few renowned Canadian universities which brings progressive innovation to the city. The city is safe, the internet is reliable, and there is already an established and thriving population of digital nomads.

Unique Montreal co-working spaces include:


Toronto's bustling urban landscape, growing tech scene and strong multiculturalism make it an ideal destination for digital nomads.

The city’s proximity to New York and Montreal make it ideal for entrepreneurs and innovators who collaborate with partners from other cities.

The best time to visit is late spring to early fall for the most pleasant weather, as winters can be cold and harsh. While living costs are high, Toronto's efficient public transportation system makes getting around easy.

Toronto coworking spaces that are worth checking out include:

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For desk workers wanting to balance computer work with easy access to natural beauty, Vancouver beckons. The surrounding mountains and beaches combined with urban convenience and a tech-savvy digital community make Vancouver an appealing spot for nomads to hang around for a bit.

The city offers cosy cafes to sleek, modern coworking spaces depending on what kind of vibe you are looking for. If outdoor adventures are a priority, the best time to visit is late spring to early fall, unless you happen to love the rain, because it rains. A lot.

If you happen to be around for the winter months, nearby Whistler is a famous ski hill that draws winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Vancouver is expensive, but its many charms make it worth it.

Vancouver coworking spaces you don’t want to miss include:


Calgary’s (relative) affordability and current surge in residential development caters to digital nomads that are seeking the urban lifestyle with easy access to amenities. For those who love outdoor adventures such as mountain biking, hiking, mountain climbing or skiing, the Canadian Rocky Mountains are right next door.

Calgary is a hub for entrepreneurial innovation, particularly in the energy, technology and finance industries. Most importantly, Calgary is affectionately known for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and strong sense of community spirit.

Be sure to visit these Calgary coworking spaces:

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St John’s

St. John's is an appealing destination for digital nomads for several reasons. Firstly, its lively and friendly community, not unlike the warmth found in Irish culture, makes it easy to make connections and feel a sense of belonging. The island's true affordability and a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers makes it an attractive place to visit or settle.

The beautiful natural landscape (particularly during the summer months) is a highlight and provides opportunities for outdoor exploration and relaxation. The cold winters and windy Atlantic days during fall and winter build character and just another part of the Newfoundland experience.

Genesis Coworking space is a non-profit initiative that is committed to making public coworking affordable and accessible to everyone. Genesis provides a variety of flexible memberships with access to shared spaces with all maintenance and amenities provided for.


The East coast city of Halifax is loaded with rich history to compliment its maritime charm. For digital nomads, Halifax provides affordability and all of the urban amenities with cafes and coworking spaces catering to remote workers. Its welcoming community and its thriving arts scene makes it easy to achieve balance between work and leisure.

Despite being small, Halifax is great for exploring museums or enjoying fresh seafood at the lively farmers' market. From the iconic Halifax Citadel to the bustling waterfront, the city's appeal is undeniable. Halifax is perfect for digital nomads who want small-city ease and intimacy in their lives.

Here are some distinct options to meet your coworking needs in Halifax:


If beautiful surroundings are a priority, then Victoria is the place to be. This university city and tourist hot-spot is renowned for its stunning gardens, history and architecture, and relaxed, small-city vibe.

Victoria has a growing tech industry and lots of coworking spaces, and the city’s friendliness extends to professional communities and offers digital nomads ample opportunities for networking and professional growth.

Like many beautiful locations, the city is expensive but the living standards are high. Many VIctoria locals are focused on sustainability and environmentalism, so expect to see bike lanes and recycling bins everywhere. Care for the environment paired with a bustling community of outdoor enthusiasts makes it easy to achieve a balanced lifestyle in Victoria.

Visit any of these Victoria coworking spaces:

The Digital Nomad Visa Work Program

As part of Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy, the Digital Nomad Visa Work Program allows digital nomads to work in Canada for up to 6 months as part of a vision for long-term economic growth in the country.

This initiative aims to boost the number of qualified employees in the tech sector by tapping into a global pool of talent. Digital nomads can enter Canada on visitor status and work for a foreign employer while living in the country.

If they are offered a job from a Canadian employer during their stay, they can transition to a work permit. This strategy brings in fresh talent and encourages economic activity within Canadian communities.

You are eligible to come work in Canada if you meet these requirements:

  • You must be working for an employer outside of Canada.

  • Your job must be able to be performed remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents during your stay in Canada.

  • You must meet all other Canadian immigration requirements, including health, security and criminal background checks.

Digital nomads don’t need a work visa in Canada, which means there’s no application process.

A visitor visa is granted on arrival at the border. You can use the “Digital Nomads” tool on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website to see if you qualify and need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or other documents to travel to Canada.

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