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What to do with Food Before Moving Out

What to do with Food Before Moving Out

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It can be difficult to figure out what to do with all of the food left with a home move fast approaching. It’s wrong to throw away something that is perfectly fine for consumption but to pack and move it with you to your new home seems impossible as it will require special handling and packing to avoid spoiling.

The good thing is that you’ve got plenty of options by assessing what food is left and you will be able to look for solutions where it should all go. To reduce food waste before your home move, here are a few tips you can follow.

Evaluate what you have

Prior to moving out check your inventory. Go through your fridge and sort the items into different categories. 

  • Frozen food: meat, fish, bread, ice cream

  • Canned goods: veggies, soup, meat

  • Boxed food items: chocolates, cereals, grains 

  • Food products in a glass bottle: olive oil, sauces, mayonnaise

  • Cooking and baking supplies: sugar, flour and dry pasta

Grab a pen and paper and just write down all the perishable and non-perishable foods you still have in your kitchen. 

Get rid of your expired food items

After evaluating and sorting your food supplies, you may find a couple of food items that are past their expiration dates. These can’t be consumed, given away to friends or family, or donated. Separate these and make sure to throw these away properly.

Consume your perishable foods

One of the best ways to avoid food waste is to consume them. Food items in your fridge are the best way to start. Come up with recipes you can cook for your family using the food items you have in your fridge. This way you don’t have to throw out and waste a lot of food but you will also save money by not eating out. 

Prepare the food that you will take with you

After getting rid of the expired food items you are now ready to pack the food that you will be taking with you. Collect small boxes for packing canned goods. Canned goods are heavy and even difficult to lift and carry when packed in a single box. 

For glass containers,  such as mayonnaise bottles and jars, make sure to secure them in waterproof plastic bags. You also need to use a bubble wrap to protect them before placing inside the box. Don’t forget to label each box properly so that you know where your food is once you move in. 

For items such as flour, spices and soups, use ziplock or resealable bags to prevent leaks and spills in your boxes. 

If you are doing a small and local move and are just planning to drive yourself, you can bring your perishables such as milk, fruits and vegetables and place them in a cooler filled with ice to keep them from spoiling so you can still consume them after arriving at your new home.

Share the food with your friends and neighbours

If you think you won’t be able to eat up or consume those perfectly good fruits and vegetables before your moving day, share the love with friends, family or neighbours. You can also invite some friends and family members over to help you pack your belongings. And to show your appreciation as a reward for helping you out, you can offer the non-perishable food items that you are not moving with you.

Fuel up on your moving day

Make sure you have enough fuel on the actual moving day. In the midst of loading, packing and making sure your home moving is a success, you need to find time to replenish your energy. Before your movers arrive, prepare snacks like sandwiches and sliders, and some bottled waters so you and your movers can easily grab one whenever needed. 

Moving is a wasteful process, may it be food items or not. Considering these helpful tips so you can consume all the food before your home move can make you avoid food waste and save money that you can use for other moving expenses. 

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Moving companies in Canada

Helping thousands of people like you to find low-cost moving companies in Canada
9.6 · 134 reviews
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