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What Should You Pack First When Moving?

What Should You Pack First When Moving?

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Moving to a new place marks the beginning of a new journey. But as you might already know, packing all of your belongings is one of the most time-consuming parts of moving across Canada. Unless you are willing to pay for a furniture removal with packing services (which is, by the way, an additional charge), then you will have to take care of the packing yourself. Therefore, it makes sense that you'll just want to get started packing up your things as soon as possible and shouldn’t let procrastination get in the way of your timeline. 

Often, having no idea how to pack for a move can be a problem. When packing for a move, you must know what you should pack first. It is not logical to pack your bathroom or kitchen essentials that you still have to use on your remaining days or another couple of weeks. So, to help you out, we’ve created a guide so you can get started packing your belongings.

Check it off

The moment you know you're moving, you should create a moving checklist and take inventory of your belongings. Utilize a sheet of paper per room and record everything before starting to pack so you'll know everything that’s in your possession. You will be surprised how many items you have been keeping that no longer serve a purpose to you. To get rid of these items you can sell or donate unused items to local charities.

Gather your packing materials

Get all your packing supplies ready, so you can properly and securely pack your belongings. Here's the list of the materials you'll need. 

  • Small, medium and large moving boxes. You can get free sturdy moving boxes by asking local hardware stores or convenience stores, as well as asking coworkers and neighbours. You can also use hampers or suitcases as moving containers for some of your items.

  • Packing paper. Packing paper is used to fill empty gaps inside the moving boxes and will give extra protection to wrap fragile items. If you’re moving on a budget, you can use old newspaper instead

  • Bubble wraps. This is to help protect valuables and any fragile items. If you want to save on this, use old garments, towels, and blankets.

  • Marker. This is used to label the boxes. 

Now it’s time to pack

Let’s now get down to the business of packing. 

Pack items that are in storage

Your belongings in storage should be the first items you pack when moving since these items are already in the boxes. Also, you’re most likely not going to use any of these items on the last days of your stay in your old home. So go through each of your belongings stored in your attic or garage and toss out the items you don’t want to bring to your new home.

Out of season clothes

Now it’s time to go through your clothing and pack out out-of-season clothes. Packing out-of-season clothes is easier because, most probably, you have already packed these in a box in your wardrobe. 

China and other rarely used dishes 

Pretty sure you won't be hosting any parties during your move, so it's a good idea to pack up your fine china and rarely used glassware in advance. Just make sure to pack these delicate items very carefully and don't ever forget to clearly label the boxes as fragile. 

Extra towel and linens

Your extra towels, pillows and linens can be packed early. Just keep a set or two of bed sheets and towels in use for the final week before you move. Just plan on washing the same few towels so you don’t overload your hampers before moving out.


Next, you can start packing your books or magazines. Pack and secure them in small sturdy moving boxes because of their weight. If you’re a frequent reader you can just leave a few ones that you can read during your downtime.

Deciding what to pack first when moving can seem intimidating but now that you know where to begin, we hope you can get started with your packing and be all ready before your home movers arrive. If you are still looking for a professional moving company to help you on your move, submit one request on Top Move and get affordable quotes from Canada’s most trusted moving companies

Moving companies in Canada

Helping thousands of people like you to find low-cost moving companies in Canada
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