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What is Victoria Day? | The Queen, The Holiday, The Celebration

What is Victoria Day? | The Queen, The Holiday, The Celebration

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Every year, as the first blush of summer begins to warm our hearts and landscapes, Canadians across the country unite in a unique celebration. It's a day marked by jubilant parades, sparkling fireworks, and joyous family barbecues. This holiday, full of warmth and merriment, is none other than Victoria Day.

Named in honour of Queen Victoria, this special day offers more than just a delightful long weekend—it serves as a fascinating reflection of our shared history and cultural heritage.

Join us as we dive into the splendour of Victoria Day, exploring its rich history, exciting celebrations, and the unifying spirit it brings to our great nation of Canada.

What Is Victoria Day?

Victoria Day Celebration

Ever found yourself wondering about Victoria Day? It's a pretty special day in our Canadian calendar, where we pay homage to a truly remarkable figure - Queen Victoria. This impressive lady, who first opened her eyes to the world on May 24, 1819, was the queen of the mighty British Empire. Victoria Day is our unique way of cherishing her memory and the era during which she reigned.

History Of Victoria Day

Victoria Day Canada

Let’s hop in the time machine for a second.

The inception of Victoria Day dates back to when Queen Victoria was still living and breathing. As proud Canadians, we started commemorating her birthday annually. After she departed from this world, we felt compelled to carry on this tradition in her honour.

Think of Victoria Day as a fascinating history lesson wrapped up as a fun holiday, acting as a reminder of Queen Victoria and the significant chapter she represents in our past.

What Day Is Victoria Day 2023?

Victoria Day

Wondering about when to hang up your Victoria Day decorations in 2023? Reserve your celebratory energy for Monday, May 22! We always make merry on the Monday preceding May 25, a date closely tied to Queen Victoria's actual birthday.

What Do You Do On Victoria Day?

Victoria Day Celebration Canada

Let's get to the exciting part! What’s on the agenda for Victoria Day? Pure enjoyment! Some people love to organize picnics or set up barbecues and have a grand time with their loved ones. Others may put on their best outfits to join vibrant parades or gaze at the spectacular fireworks painting the night sky. It's all about celebrating, letting loose and having a ball! Plus, it's a fantastic way to usher in the long-awaited warmer weather!

Victoria Day Celebrations

Victoria Day Marching Band

Curious about the hustle and bustle on Victoria Day? There's a whirlwind of exciting happenings! Numerous towns and cities host parades that come alive with the rhythmic tunes of marching bands. As the sun says its goodbye and darkness envelops the sky, brace yourself for a mesmerizing display of fireworks. It's a day saturated with joy, merriment, and all-out celebrations.

May Long Weekend 2023

Victoria Day in 2023 will be even more thrilling as it marks the commencement of the long weekend in May. This is the ideal chance to unwind, perhaps plan a brief getaway, or just bask in the warmth of the incoming summer. For us Canadians, this serves as the unofficial curtain-raiser for the summer season. What could be a better way to greet the summer than with a long, fun-filled weekend? So go ahead, dive into the joy, and make it a blast!

Frequently Asked Questions About Victoria Day

Is Victoria Day A State Holiday in Ontario?

Yes indeed! In Ontario, as well as most parts of Canada, Victoria Day is an official statutory holiday. That means a lot of folks get a well-deserved break from work.

Why Do We Celebrate Victoria Day?

We celebrate Victoria Day to honour one of Britain's longest-reigning monarchs, Queen Victoria. Born on May 24, 1819, she symbolizes an era of great change and progress. This holiday also ushers in the warmer days, making it a joyful marker of the approaching summer!

When Is Canada Day?

Ah, Canada Day is a different kettle of fish! Falling on July 1st each year, it's a day bursting with Canadian pride as we celebrate the birthday of our great nation.

What Is Victoria Day Celebrated For?

Victoria Day is a celebration of history and season. We not only honour Queen Victoria, a major figure in Canadian history but also rejoice in the arrival of pleasant weather and the promise of sunny summer days ahead.

What Is Victoria Day For In Canada?

Victoria Day serves a dual purpose in Canada. It's a historical nod to Queen Victoria and a grand welcome to the season of sun-soaked picnics, thrilling parades, spectacular fireworks, and quality time with loved ones.

Is Victoria Day A Holiday Only In Canada?

Predominantly, yes! Victoria Day is a uniquely Canadian tradition. However, some parts of Scotland also share in the fun, marking the day in their special ways.

Why Is Queen Victoria Important To Canada?

Queen Victoria's reign saw Canada's birth as a country in 1867. Her era, known as the Victorian Era, was a time of significant progress and development, making her a vital part of our historical tapestry.

Do Canadians Work On Victoria Day?

Many Canadians enjoy a day off on Victoria Day, thanks to its status as a public holiday. However, certain essential services and sectors might continue to operate.

Is Victoria Day A Holiday For Everyone?

For the most part, yes! Victoria Day is a public holiday across most of Canada. But hang on, Nova Scotia has a unique tradition, and they don't officially celebrate this day.

Do You Have To Work On Victoria Day In Ontario?

The beauty of statutory holidays like Victoria Day is that many people in Ontario, and other parts of Canada like Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and others get to kick back and relax. However, some industries might still function, depending on the nature of their services like moving services.

Are Grocery Stores Open On Victoria Day In Ontario?

Some grocery stores might keep their doors open on Victoria Day in Ontario, but not all. It's always best to give a quick check before you head out for your holiday supplies!

What Is Closed On Victoria Day In Ontario?

On Victoria Day in Ontario, expect to see most banks and government offices closed. Some stores and restaurants might be open, offering you a chance to indulge in some holiday shopping or dining!

Do All Provinces Celebrate Victoria Day?

Almost all of them, yes! However, Nova Scotia marches to its own beat, celebrating Natal Day instead.

Why Is Victoria Day Not A Holiday In Nova Scotia?

In Nova Scotia, they honour their unique regional history with Natal Day. It's just a different, but equally charming tradition they hold dear.

Is Victoria Day A Paid Holiday In Ontario?

Indeed, for most jobs, Victoria Day is a paid holiday in Ontario. If you work on this day, chances are, you'll receive some extra pay as a holiday premium.

Are Stores Closed In Canada On Victoria Day?

Some stores might be closed on Victoria Day, but a good number of them will be open, especially in larger cities. Each store can choose if they want to stay open or not, so if you're planning a shopping trip, it's a smart move to check their opening hours before you go!

Are you moving on Victoria Day?

We are helping thousands of Canadians like you to move during Victoria day all across Canada. Door to door service. Fixed prices.
9.6 · 163 reviews

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