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Here Are The Best Movers And Storages in Vaughan

60% of Canadians think that moving is one of the most stressful experiences – more than quitting smoking, a wedding, and even starting a family. But it doesn't have to be this hard with the right moving company.
By · October 10, 2023
Here Are The Best Movers And Storages in Vaughan

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If you're based in Vaughan, you're in luck. We reviewed the 10 best moving companies in Vaughan so you don't have to. In this guide, we'll cover:

  • Things to look out for in The Best Moving Companies in Vaughan.

  • Where to stash your treasures.

  • Making sense of reviews and feedback.

  • Unraveling the price mystery of professional movers and packing services.

  • How to nail down your choice confidently.

  • End your tedious search today: Stay connected with Top Move.

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Things to Look Out For in The Best Moving Companies in Vaughan

Relocating, be it next door or across town, is no small task, especially across a city in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario like Vaughan.

It's not just about hauling boxes; it’s about moving memories, treasured items, and pieces of your heart. You need the crème de la crème of Vaughan's moving scene

But with the number of options out there, where do you even start?

Here are a few criteria to guide your search..

  • Transparent Pricing: Expect a detailed, itemized invoice that breaks down the costs - from manpower to truck usage. Hidden charges are a big no-no. The best companies have no surprises so avoid companies that are vague or avoid providing a breakdown, as unexpected charges may pop up later.

  • Prompt and Clear Communication: Consistent updates and a willingness to answer questions indicate a commitment to customer service. A good moving company would provide a detailed breakdown of the process, keep you informed about each phase of the move, and notify you of any potential delays or changes.

  • Swift Responsiveness: In today's fast-paced world, a quick response to queries and concerns is crucial. A top-tier mover will respond within 24 hours or less.

  • Modern Equipment and Tools: Modern trucks and advanced moving tools reflect a company's dedication to delivering quality services and if you think clean, modern trucks and moving tools will also ensure the safety of your belongings.

  • Verified Track Record: Successful moves, genuine customer feedback, and accolades indicate reliability. So look for movers with a history of successful relocations, glowing customer feedback, and industry recognitions or awards.

  • Customizable Service Offerings: Every move is unique. Whether it's a specific packing material or flexible timings, the best companies offer tailored solutions to accommodate specific needs, whether it's special packing materials, flexible timings, or unique handling requests.

Pro Tip: Don't just rely on word of mouth or flashy advertisements. Platforms like Top Move can help you streamline your hunt by giving you ratings, reviews, and past projects to confirm a vendor is the right fit. It not only saves time, but it also guarantees you're only dealing with the best.

5 Vaughan Moving Companies You Can Trust- Top Move's Best Picks

The moving process can be a daunting task, but finding the right commercial moving services shouldn't be. Top Move's top five list of the best movers offers a range of options to fit different needs and budgets.

From short-term storage to full-service moving, you can trust these experienced movers in Vaughan to give you a seamless experience.

Parker’s Moving (Rating: 5)

Parker's Moving has quickly emerged as a leader in the Canadian moving industry. With over 5 years of experience in the moving industry, Aaron developed a deep-seated passion for facilitating smooth transitions into new spaces. Witnessing many companies fall short in areas of service, communication, and performance, he was motivated to make a change.

The company stands out for its keen attention to the finer details, ensuring transparency, top-tier professionalism, and a fresh, modern moving experience for its customers.

Key Differentiator: As one of Canada's best movers, Parker’s Moving emphasizes quality service and customer satisfaction, with a record of over 200 5-star google reviews that speaks for itself.

Price Range: Hourly rates start at $140/hr for two movers after a 4-hour minimum.

Services: Local moves within GTA, longer moves under 150 km, commercial, and local relocations.

Local Office: 7 Broadway Ave, Toronto, ON M4P 3C5.

What’s more? Once you contact them, you will be sent an invoice with an accurate estimate of the moving cost. You only need to pay 30% of the final cost to get moving. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Zebra Moves (Rating: 5)

Zebra Movers Richmond Hill is a dependable and efficient moving service provider in the Richmond Hill area, known for its affordable and expert moving solutions for both homes and offices. They pride themselves on their customer satisfaction and ability to handle any moving job, big or small.

  • Key Differentiator: Zebra Movers stands out for their expert, friendly, and affordable moving services, combined with deep local knowledge of Richmond Hill, ensuring efficient and safe relocations

  • Price Range: Zebra Movers offers efficient and affordable moving services, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on service quality. Their efficiency leads to affordability, providing great value

  • Services: Residential moving, office & business moving, heavy and specialized equipment moving

High Level Movers (Rating: 4.7)

High Level Movers is a professional moving and storage service provider, offering comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial clients in Toronto, ON, and across Canada.

  • Key Differentiator: They stand out with their 24/7 service availability, ensuring reliable and accessible moving solutions anytime

  • Price Range: Customers have reviewed High Level Movers at good value, contact them to get an accurate estimate

  • Services: Professional packing services, loading and unloading, long distance relocation

  • Local Office: 350 Supertest Rd, Toronto, ON M3J 2M2, Canada

Miracle Movers (Rating: 4.8)

The team's comprehensive knowledge of Toronto, combined with a minimum of 5 years of industry experience, ensures that whether you're relocating within the city or venturing outside its borders, your move is in expert hands.

Serving a diverse range of residential properties - from single-family homes, townhouses, and condos to studio apartments and retirement communities - they also excel in orchestrating seamless office relocations.

  • Key Differentiator: Miracle Movers is a Vaughan moving company with a wide range of truck sizes catering to all move types. They also prioritize customer satisfaction and to show their appreciation for continued trust and loyalty, they offer special discounts for recurring customers.

  • Price Range: Hourly rates start at $135/hr for two movers post a 2-hour minimum. You can contact them to get an accurate estimate.

  • Services: Local & long-distance moves and relocation services, interprovincial, Canada to US, commercial, packing, storage, and special item moves.

  • Local Office: 1415 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1Y7.

Let's Get Moving & Storage (Rating: 4.8)

Let’s Get Moving stands out not only for its outstanding proficiency in relocation services but also for its commitment to ensuring a smooth and transparent client experience. Their convenient online live chat function facilitates swift and free quote generation, enhancing the user experience.

They handle everything from packing to wrapping, storage, moving, and even the intricate tasks of dismantling and assembling. Their proficiency extends to safely handling treasured possessions, like a family heirloom piano. Renowned for its full-service offerings, from packing to storing, they take pride in their multiple awards such as the Consumer Choice Award and the Best of Homestars Award and thousands of stellar reviews.

  • Key Differentiator: Let's Get Moving & Storage are one of the best movers in Vaughan. They specialize in accommodating last-minute moves.

  • Price Range: Hourly rates begin at $139/hr for two movers after a 2 -hour minimum.

  • Services: Local & long-distance moves (up to 500 km), commercial, packing and unpacking services, storage, and special item moves.

  • Local Office: 945 Wilson Ave #7, Toronto, ON M3K 1E8.

Metropolitan Movers (Rating: 4.8)

Established in 2010, Metropolitan Movers has cemented its reputation as Canada's most dependable moving company. Designed to simplify and streamline the moving process for their clients, they have successfully completed over 60,000 moves.

With this vast experience, the Toronto team at Metropolitan Movers possesses a refined understanding of how to meticulously handle prized possessions.

  • Key Differentiator: Metropolitan Movers company offers professional moving services anywhere in Canada. They also have an exceptional customer service and their local moving services are at affordable prices.

  • Price Range: Hourly rates from $100/hr for two movers following a 3-hour minimum.

  • Services: Local & long-distance moves, interprovincial, Canada to US, commercial, packing, and storage services.

  • Local Office: 16 Spinnaker Way, Concord, ON L4K 2T8.

Big Steel Box Moving & Storage (Rating: 4.7)

Since starting as a family owned business in 1999, BigSteelBox has maintained its service-related values even as they expanded across Canada. While the company has been built on a simple model, they recognize that the marketplace is always changing and that they need to consistently deliver quality products and innovative services to be successful.

Today they have more locations across Canada than any mobile storage company. In addition to local moving, long distance moving, and portable storage services, our product offering quickly expanded by providing shipping containers modifications and renting & selling container offices.

  • Key Differentiator: Big Steel Box Moving & Storage company offers stress-free residential moving and storage with a container-based approach.

  • Price Range: Monthly rental at $979 for a 20′ Big Steel Box.

  • Services: Local & long-distance moves, interprovincial, commercial, packing, and storage.

  • Local Office: 2403 Stanfield Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Y 1R6.

Elite GTA Movers (Rating: 5.0)

Elite GTA Movers, based in Toronto, Canada, operates as a distinguished logistics and transportation company, committed to facilitating the seamless functioning of businesses. The company takes pride in delivering top-notch commercial and residential moving services across Canada, with a dedicated team of skilled professionals overseeing the intricacies of freight transportation, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free experience for all clients.

Established as a prominent player in the logistics sector in Toronto, Elite GTA Movers offers an extensive spectrum of services, encompassing less truckload, full truckload, and tailored solutions designed to meet diverse event and project logistics requirements. Backed by a modern fleet of vehicles, the company guarantees efficient and timely delivery of consignments, irrespective of size. Driven by a culture of continual improvement, Elite GTA Movers regularly updates its vehicle fleet to accommodate the transportation of both large and small cargo, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clientele.

  • Key Differentiator:  Elite GTA Movers offers simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.

  • Price Range: Offers storage units of various sizes to accommodate any needs and budgets

  • Services: Residential & Commercial moving, Long distance, Packing/Unpacking, Assembling/Dissassembling, Floor Protection and Wrapping and Furniture protection.

  • Local Office: 1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7, Canada

Lions Den Transport (Rating: 5.0)

Lion's Den, a dynamic and dedicated Multi-Service Company, prides itself on its swift, efficient, and trustworthy approach. The company has established a solid reputation in the industry, specializing in a diverse range of services such as Transport, Moving, Junk Removal, Landscaping, and more. The team at Lion's Den approaches every task with a commitment to delivering the highest standard of service, drawing upon their expertise and skill to meet and exceed client expectations. Valuing customer satisfaction above all, the company treats each assignment with a sense of personal investment, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

  • Key Differentiator:  Multi-Service Company that specializes in various forms of services including, but not limited to; Transport, Moving, Junk Removal, Landscaping and various other services.

  • Price Range: You're able to obtain a quick quote on their website.

  • Services: Residential and commercial moving, Junk removal, Courier services, B2C and B2B deliveries, Installations and Furniture Assembly

  • Local Office: 640 Confederation Pkwy, Vaughan, ON L4K 5K6, Canada

Versatile Movers

Renowned for its comprehensive moving solutions, Versatile Relocations is a leading full-service company catering to a diverse range of client needs. Specializing in a host of professional moving services, including seamless residential and commercial relocations, efficient long-distance transfers, specialized item handling, and comprehensive waste disposal services, Versatile Relocations prides itself on delivering a streamlined and hassle-free moving experience for all clients.

Setting itself apart in the industry, the company is committed to maintaining cost-effective operations without compromising on service quality. With a strong emphasis on personalized customer care, Versatile Relocations ensures that its team of experienced movers remains actively involved in every stage of the moving process, providing continuous support and guidance to clients from start to finish. This unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction stands as a cornerstone of their service ethos, ensuring that every move is executed with utmost professionalism and care.

  • Key Differentiator:  Privately owned and operated company, which allows them to keep our costs lower. Open 24 hours a day and accepts cryptocurrency as payment.

  • Price Range: A quick call and you'll have a quote.

  • Services: Residential and commercial moving, Storage and containers, speciality moves, garbage removal and long-distance moving.

  • Local Office: 7250 Keele St Suite 110, Concord, ON L4K 1Z8, Canada

With these Top Move Verified companies, even if you are making a last minute move, you can anticipate a seamless moving experience that addresses all your needs. Whether you're making a local or commercial move to a new location or an expansive relocation downtown Toronto, this list serves as your guiding compass.

Or You Can Find the Best Movers on Top Move

If you want to get affordable quotes from the best local movers in Vaughan, then consider Top Move’s platform to find your best fit. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions, submit your contact information, and get affordable quotes delivered right to your inbox.

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

With Top Move you can save the countless hours spent on search engines for more productive activities. All you need is to visit the Top Move website.

Once you get in, the next step is to fill in the details and description of what you intended to move and then submit. In this example, let’s use furniture.

Enter your preferred collection address for the items you would like to move.

Fill in the specific date you would want to have your items moved.

Type in the delivery address and then the delivery date.

Add any photos you have of the items you would like to move if you have any.

Add in any additional information you think the movers might need to know and then fill in your email address, and contact information.

Top Move will then alert suitable movers in your vicinity and viola! Direct connections to movers who fit your bill.

That’s how easy it is to find a local mover in Vaughan. Try it out today.

5 Vaughan Storage Companies You Can Trust - Top Move's Best Picks

Navigating the vast world of efficient storage options in Vaughan can be overwhelming. While there are many choices, some stand out due to their reputation and customer feedback.

Without diving too deep into endorsements, let's take a quick look at Top Move 5 best self-storage units in the Vaughan area.

Storage Mart

Storage Mart, originating from Columbia, Missouri in 1999, has firmly rooted its values in community, cleanliness, and outstanding customer service. As the world's largest family-owned storage provider, their dedication spans beyond offering pristine units, emphasizing charitable contributions and a legacy of genuine family values, making them more than just a storage facility.

Why choose Storage Mart?

Storage Mart was awarded Newsweek’s Best Customer Service Company. The storage company offers 24/7 access to self-storage experts to give customers a stress free moving experience.

  • Rating: 4.9

  • Features: Drive-Up Units, Heated, Gated Access, Elevator Access, Car Parking.

  • Location: 9000 Keele St, Concord, ON L4K 0B3 or 10345 Keele St, Maple, ON L6A 3Y9

  • Contact: You contact them via their website or call 1-866-533-0138

Top Move Tip: Use their website's interactive map to pick the most convenient unit.

Big Steel Box

Big Steel Box, a family-founded business since 1999, boasts a legacy of service excellence and adaptability across Canada. With the highest number of locations for any mobile storage provider, they offer versatile services, from local and long-distance moves to innovative shipping container modifications and office rentals.

Why choose Big Steel Box?

Choose Big Steel Box for its commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences through reliable storage and moving solutions, always going the extra mile for its clients. This storage service company offers a unique moving truck and storage container service with multiple locations across Canada.

  • Rating: 4.7

  • Features: Storage containers of various sizes delivered to your home, extremely secure, and weather and rodent-proof.

  • Location: 2403 Stanfield Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Y 1R6

  • Contact: You contact them via their website or call 1-365-650-5594

Top Move Tip: Measure your largest items to select the perfect container size.

Access Storage

Access Storage, Canada's largest storage company has been around for more two decades, prides itself on its core values of honesty, excellence, and community commitment. Celebrating diversity within their team and continuously focusing on client satisfaction, they offer innovative and flexible storage solutions backed by a passionate and expert team.

Why choose Access Storage?

Access Storage offers free move-in vans and easy-to-access drive-up storage units, ensuring your belongings are secure and protected with options like heated and climate-controlled storage at affordable weekly rates. Additionally, they provide safe indoor and outdoor vehicle storage options for cars, motorcycles, SUVs, and RVs across Canada.

  • Rating: 4.8

  • Features: Drive Up Units, Power Outlet, 24/hour security.

  • Location: 555 Edward Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5K6/

  • Contact: You contact them via their website, or call 1-888-948-7903/

Top Move Tip: If planning to store for a longer term, ask about their weekly rates to potentially save more.


PODS revolutionized moving and storage in 1998 with their innovative portable storage containers. Their unique PODZILLA® hydraulic system ensures safe handling, while 25+ years of expertise, 6 million moves, and 50+ awards in 2023 cement their leadership status.

Why choose PODS?

PODS promises flexible and convenient moving and storage solutions. Your containers will be delivered to your door, allowing for organized packing at your pace, and ensure easy access to belongings in our secure facilities, streamlining moves, decluttering, or home staging.

  • Rating: 4.7

  • Features: Local Moving, Long Distance Moving, Storage On-Site or at their facilities.

  • Location: 15 Leswyn Rd, North York, ON M6A 1J8

  • Contact: You contact them via their website or call 1-844-509-0318

Top Move Tip: For larger moves, use their online calculator to determine the best number of PODS to request.

Apple Self Storage

Apple Self Storage, based in Canada, provides well-maintained storage solutions across Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba. Meeting a range of needs, they offer various unit sizes and storage options. Their facilities feature modern security measures, ground-level units, and additional conveniences like package acceptance. Trusted in the industry, they've been in operation for over 40 years.

Why choose Apple Self Storage?

Apple Self Storage is committed to delivering unparalleled service with a blend of advanced technology and personal touch. Their professional team offers a wide variety of unit sizes and top-notch security arrangements to provide seamless storage experience tailored to every budget.

  • Rating: 4.6

  • Features: Indoor units, 24-hour surveillance, packing and moving supplies available.

  • Location: 4500 Chesswood, Dr North York, ON M3J 2B9

  • Contact: You contact them via their website or call 1-647-277-9671

Top Move Tip: Check their online portal for any promotional discounts before booking.

Elite GTA Movers

For those seeking storage solutions, Elite GTA Movers provides a range of storage units tailored to accommodate diverse needs and budgets, whether it's downsizing, home renovations, or the need for additional space. Each of our storage units is meticulously maintained and kept clean, ensuring a pristine environment for your belongings. With individual locks and round-the-clock well-lit surveillance, the entire premises is comprehensively secured, guaranteeing the safety of your items at all times.

All storage companies on Top Move's list have their merits. Regardless of your choice, always prioritize your needs. Your belongings are an extension of your life, and they deserve the right home away from home.

  • Rating: 5.0

  • Features: Climate-controlled Indoor units, 24-hour lit surveillance, packing and moving supplies available.

  • Location: 1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7, Canada

  • Contact: You contact them via their website or call +16478751302

Top Move Tip: You can purchase packing supplies on their website at affordable prices.

Tips for Choosing The Best Storage Options in Vaughan

So, you've moved. But you've got stuff – maybe a tad too much. Seasonal decorations, old photo albums, or that bike you swear you'll use next summer.

Along with these, there are often stacks of moving boxes, leftover packing supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, and rolls of packing tape. These aren't items you'd want to throw away, especially if they're in good condition, because they can be quite handy in the future.

Clearly need a cost-effective storage solution, not just any old or free storage but a place that’s secure, easily accessible, and a truck fee that won’t make you break the bank.

Here are some key insights and Top Move Tips to guide your storage decisions.

Assess Your Needs

You storage choice depends on your moving essentials. If you're storing valuable antiques, they'll need a different environment than garden tools. Electronics, fabrics, and photographs might need protection from moisture and extreme temperatures.

Top Move Tip: Invest in clear plastic bins for easy identification of contents and ensure items are clean and dry before storing to prevent mold.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing a storage place close to home in Vaughan can save you time and money. Being nearby means quick trips to your storage and less spent on gas. Picking a location you can easily get to often makes things easier.

Top Move Tip: Map out storage facilities in relation to your surrounding area i.e. your new home and regular routes to choose the most convenient one.

Climate-Controlled Units

Variations in temperature and humidity can damage sensitive items. Electronics can malfunction, wooden furniture can warp, and antiques can deteriorate.

Top Move Tip: If you’re storing anything with sentimental or monetary value, consider splurging a bit more for a climate-controlled unit.

Budget-Friendly Options

According to a Self Storage Association report, the average monthly cost for a non-climate-controlled unit is around $115, while climate-controlled ones average about $146. Knowing industry averages can help you gauge a fair price.

Top Move Tip: Some facilities offer discounts for longer-term contracts or for units on upper floors that might require more effort to access.

Security Measures

Beyond just a lock and key, modern storage solutions offer video surveillance, on-site security personnel, and electronic gate access.

Top Move Tip: Ask for a tour of the facility before committing. Check for well-lit areas, functioning security cameras, and the general upkeep of the premises.

Online Reviews and Recommendations

Real experiences from previous customers can give you a genuine insight into what to expect. You can easily determine which moving company will do a good job once you carry out extensive research.

Top Move Tip: Check for reviews specifically mentioning the cleanliness of the facility, customer service quality, and ease of access.

By considering the above factors and doing a bit of research, you can find the perfect storage spot for your treasures in Vaughan. Secure, accessible, and budget-friendly solutions are out there – it's all about knowing what to look for.

Making Sense of Reviews and Feedback - Vaughan Movers and Storage

We've all been there. Poring over reviews, trying to decipher the real deal from the fluff.

But here's the thing: reviews matter. They offer a peek into past customers’ experiences. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

But how do you know which reviews to trust?

  • Look for Patterns: If multiple reviews mention excellent service or lament about tardiness, there's a good chance that's a consistent trait of the company.

  • Depth and Detail: Genuine reviews often contain specifics about the move, staff names, or particular experiences.

  • Recent Feedback: The more current the review, the better. Services change, staff turnover happens, and companies evolve.

And for those deep dives into company credentials, remember Top Move? Yep, that platform lets you vet companies based on past reviews. No more endless Googling.

Unraveling the Price Mystery of Professional Movers and Packing Services.

Moving can be a significant investment, and understanding the cost components is crucial. Especially in Vaughan, where the moving and storage landscape varies greatly, it's essential to strike a balance between value and cost

Here's a breakdown to help you navigate through the pricing maze:

  • Hourly Rate vs. Flat Rate:Hourly rate is typically suited for shorter, local moves where the duration can be estimated reasonably like moving within the same neighborhood. While flat rate is best for long-distance or larger moves where costs might escalate with time like moving from Vaughan to Vancouver.

Top Move Tip: Always ask for a detailed breakdown, irrespective of the pricing model, to avoid hidden charges.

  • Insurance Coverage:Notify your home insurer 30-60 days before moving. Coverage usually spans both homes for 30 days. For DIY moves, renter's truck insurance is essential. Professional movers offer basic coverage at $0.60 per pound, with higher options available. Check your policy and consult your insurer before the move.

Top Move Tip: Always ask for the insurance policy in writing and understand deductibles, if any.

  • Additional Services: These can include services like packing, unpacking, or even specialized handling for items like pianos or antiques. You can use moving calculators available online to gauge how these services might impact your budget. Or you can indicate that you need such services in a questionnaire on Top Move and get tailored quotes.

How to Nail Down Your Choice Confidently

With so much on your plate, moving to your new house shouldn't be another stressor.

If none of the five best moving companies we suggested earlier suit your fancy, you can visit Top Move to find other moving companies to cater for your moving needs.

Here's a guide to nail your choice, without the usual second-guessing:

  • Define Your Needs: Are you relocating within Vaughan or across provinces? Need a temporary storage solution during the move? Create a moving checklist. Being precise about your requirements helps narrow down suitable options efficiently.

  • Physical Verification: A visit to the moving company’s premises can be an eye-opener. Beyond the online façade, it gives an authentic feel for their operations.

Top Move Tip: During your visit, inspect their fleet. Clean, modern, and well-equipped trucks often correlate with a company’s dedication to excellence. Think of it as a restaurant: clean kitchens often mean meticulous chefs.

Before committing, consider using online review platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews. Real customer experiences can provide invaluable insights and aid in your decision-making.

With this guide in hand, confidently secure a moving partner that aligns with both your expectations and budget. Remember, the key to a stress-free move lies in meticulous planning with Top Move, your dependable moving ally, by your side.

Relocating can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially when considering the emotional and physical toll it often takes. But the right moving and storage company can transform this strenuous task into a seamless experience.

Remember, if you’re looking for a reliable provider with affordable quotes, Top Moveis your best option to tap into all of your options in Vaughan.


What's the average cost of hiring a moving company in Vaughan?

The cost of hiring a moving company in Vaughan varies based on several factors, including the distance of the move, the volume of belongings, and any additional service charge such as packing and unpacking or storage. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 to $150 per hour for two movers. It's always a good idea to get multiple quotes to ensure you're getting the best rate for your specific needs.

Are most storage facilities in Vaughan climate-controlled?

Many storage facilities in Vaughan offer climate-controlled units, especially given the varying temperatures throughout the year. Climate-controlled units are essential if you're storing sensitive items like electronics, wooden furniture, antiques, or photographs. However, not every facility will have them, so it's crucial to inquire in advance.

How far in advance should I book a moving company?

Ideally, whether you're opting for a residential movies or local moving to a new location, you should start reaching out to moving companies at least 4-6 weeks before your planned move date. This timeframe gives you ample opportunity to receive quotes, truck fee, assess different services, conclude on the final cost and lock in a date, especially during peak moving times like summer or the end of the month.

Is it common for Vaughan moving companies to offer insurance or valuation coverage?

Yes, most reputable moving companies in the Vaughan community are fully insured or offer some form of valuation coverage. Basic coverage is often included in the moving fee, but it provides minimal protection based on weight. For full protection, you may want to consider purchasing Full Value Protection or contacting your home insurance provider to see if your belongings are covered during a move and are safely delivered by the moving team.

Can I access my belongings while they're in storage?

Typically, yes. Most storage facilities in the Vaughan area offer regular access to your unit, though the specific hours might vary. Some facilities provide 24-hour access as an additional service, while others have set hours of operation. Always check with the facility in advance to understand their access policies.

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