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Tips for Moving on a Rainy Day

Tips for Moving on a Rainy Day

Finally, it’s your moving day. You’ve packed, cleaned and hired Toronto movers. And as you’re standing outside only to be greeted by dark clouds rolling in from the distance, and the major downpour. Not exactly what you wanted because when it rains moving does become more difficult. This is one of the most dreadful things that can happen on a moving day and clearly, something that is out of control. 

Although you simply can’t control the weather, bad weather doesn’t have to mean a bad move. Here are 10 tips to make moving house on a rainy day a breeze.  

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Wrap everything with plastic

Moving blankets are not waterproof so they won’t protect your items from getting wet. Instead of using moving blankets, wrap your items in a plastic moving wrap or garbage bags. Ask your moving company to shrink-wrap your large furniture pieces and mattresses. Cover smaller items and artwork in garbage bags to keep moisture out and ensure no damage is done. Also, paper items and books can be wrapped in a few layers of garbage bags and then packed in a container to add an extra layer of protection. 

Make sure everyone wears the right clothes

Forget sandals and canvas flats you will need hiking shoes or sturdy boots with rubber soles. One of the biggest dangers of moving in the rain is the increased risk of accidents and injuries from water and mud on wet ground. You’ll also end up spending time both inside and outside during your move so be sure to prepare a wet weather jacket or raincoat handy as you won’t exactly have the free hand to hold an umbrella. 

Gather your boxes and other items in your garage or hallway

Even though you are leaving your old home, you still would want to protect it and make sure to not leave a mess. Avoid this by gathering all your packed items ready in your garage or hallway or one place closer to your moving truck. 

Make an assembly line

Another best way to prevent people from traipsing mud and water throughout your home is to set up an assembly line. Designate a person to bring the items to the door and two or more people to bring your items inside the moving truck. If you have the manpower available, assign one to arrange the items inside the moving truck. Same goes when you arrive in your new home.

 Wipe off items as you load them 

If the rain is heavy, keep towels handy to dry off things as they go into the moving truck. This is primarily to get moisture off the boxes and avoid moisture damage, mould growth, etc. Also, when your home movers arrive, lend some towels to wipe the dirt and water off their bodies and clothes. 

Prepare hot cocoa and treats for your home movers

My last tip? Keep a crockpot of hot chocolate, hot coffee or warm apple cider for you and your home movers to re-energize and help them get through the awful weather. It’ll show the movers your appreciation.

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