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Things To Do Before You Move

Things To Do Before You Move

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Moving is crazy and stressful. The idea of finding the best moving company to help you with your move, packing everything up, decluttering, disassembling big furniture pieces and then unpacking it in a new place is tiring in itself. 

How can you make moving less stressful and more enjoyable? You’ve got a lot of going on already that's why we created this moving checklist you need to do before you move out. 

1. Clear out

The easiest way to simplify your move is by reducing the number of things you have to sort, pack, transport and unpack. Go through each of the rooms in your house and check the things you own. Create a list of the things you want to keep and the things you’re ready to get rid of. 

2. Check the food left in your pantry

Depending on how far you are going, there might be a few things in your kitchen that are not worth moving. Toss out the food that is expiring soon or any food items that are not easy to transport. If you can, try to use or consume frozen foods before moving out and limit your trips to the grocery store. 

3. Select a trusted home mover

You want your stuff in the right hands that’s why it is important to do some research on different moving companies in your area. To save time, get and compare multiple quotes through Top Move and schedule your moving date ahead of time. You can also read reviews of the moving companies from their previous customers using Top Move platform. You are entrusting your belongings to the moving company so you have to make sure you choose the right mover. 

Once you’ve selected your home mover make sure to understand the final agreement before signing the contract. Understand the moving cost. Will you have the movers to only move large furniture pieces? Ask the moving company if there will be a special charge for services such as piano move, furniture move or for any other kind of moving services.

4. Buy packing supplies

Prepare your packing supplies ahead of time. If you can, visit grocery stores or bookstores near your area. Some hardware stores also offer big cardboard boxes. Although it’s a bit expensive, these boxes have built-in handles which makes them much easier to lift and carry. 

You also need to buy old newspapers, packing tape, bubble wraps and markers. 

5. Start packing

Get your supplies ready and start packing the items that you won’t need in the days leading up to the moving day such as season clothes, books and your room decorations. Work your way through the entire house until you get to the essentials. Essential items should come last. 

6. Change of address

Make sure you’ve updated your address with your banks and any other major institutions to keep receiving your mail. You can change your address at least a week before you move out. If you are involved with any clubs or organizations you also need to notify them of your new address so that they know where to reach you. You don’t want to miss an important mail after you move. 

7. Last-minute cleaning

Clean everything that became scuffed during the move. This includes mopping the hallways and sweeping the floors where furniture used to sit. Cleaning is very important if you’ve been renting the place and don’t want to get your rent deposit back. 

8.  Leave the keys behind

Return and collect all sets of keys from every household member before you leave. Leave the garage door open too for the new homeowner. You can also leave a note with some instructions that the new homeowner might need such as how to open the backdoor locks or when is the next garbage schedule. 

Keep this guide handy and stay on track while you are preparing for your home move. 

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Moving companies in Canada

Helping thousands of people like you to find low-cost moving companies in Canada
9.7 · 92 reviews
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