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The Best Places to Buy Art in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a gem in the Canadian arts community, offering several excellent places to buy art for your new home.
By · July 7, 2024
The Best Places to Buy Art in Winnipeg

Winnipeg has often been referred to as the “culture cradle” of Canada, which says a lot considering the “Gateway to the West” (a favourite Winnipeg nickname) is in competition with hotspots such as multicultural Montreal, and Vancouver–home to “Hollywood of the North”.

That being said, “the ‘Peg” hosts prominent arts and culture institutions such as Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, numerous museums and art galleries, and a variety of arts festivals throughout the year. The city’s historic Exchange District is known for its galleries, murals, interactive art installations as well as its live performance venues, making it a hub for creativity in all forms.

First Fridays is a monthly event in the Exchange District where galleries, studios, and local businesses open their doors (for free) for art viewings with special sales and offers, studio tours, live performances, and community engagement.

Nuit Blanche is an annual all-night arts festival that takes place all over Winnipeg from dusk ‘till dawn. Festival participants can enjoy art installations, performances, and interactive experiences all night long. Just like during First Fridays, all galleries are open for free to the public.

If you’ve just moved to Winnipeg and are at the point where it's time to start thinking about decor, consider checking out the city’s galleries and shops. Some of Winnipeg’s most memorable art collections can be found at:

Keep reading to learn more about these special spots to buy art in Winnipeg.

Martha Street Studio

Martha Street Studio is home to the Manitoba Printmakers Association Inc., Manitoba's only printmaking artist-run centre, studio and gallery. The 4,000+ square foot centre hosts a fully-equipped production space, a gallery, archives, a print shop, a digital suite, print sales area and offices.

The public is welcome at Martha Street Studio to take part in courses, workshops, exhibitions and artist talks, as well as free educational programs for youth.

The Martha Street Studios gallery features local artists as well as works made by participants of the Youth Outreach Program and its follow-up program, INKubator.

Martha Street Studio / Manitoba Printmakers Association Inc. - 11 Martha St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1A2

Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am–5 pm | Monday & Sunday, Closed


Cre8ery Gallery and Studio

Cre8ery is a woman-owned gallery and studio space in Winnipeg’s artsy Exchange District. This gallery and studio stands out for a few reasons.

Firstly, it offers bi-weekly exhibit changes, keeping things fresh and exciting. The privately rented studios are often open to the public during the day, at art openings, and on the city’s First Fridays where patrons can meet artists and learn about their work firsthand.

Cre8ery also offers mentorship, education opportunities, and career development guidance for emerging artists, and hosts art classes and lectures throughout the year.

Cre8ery Gallery and Studio - 125 Adelaide St, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0W4

Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am–5 pm | Open by appointment during evenings until 7 pm


Warehouse Artworks

For over 40 years, Warehouse Artworks has showcased artwork from mostly Manitoba-based artists who work with acrylic, oil, porcelain, dye on silk, and photography. They also offer custom picture framing services.

Warehouse Artworks - 222 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0S3

Monday to Friday, 9 am–5:30 pm | Saturday, 10 am–5 pm | Sunday, Closed


Upbeat Artworks

Utilising art as a tool for healing, change and transformation, Upbeat Artworks is a social enterprise and public gallery dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and challenging stigma.

Upbeat showcases original artworks from Artbeat Studio Alumni (see below). Each piece in the gallery reflects the artist's journey of mental health recovery through creative expression.

Upbeat Artworks provides studio space, community, and creative opportunities that facilitate mental, spiritual, and economic health. Artbeat Studio is a peer-directed and recovery-oriented program that supports artists with mental health challenges by providing a secure workspace where they can develop their artistic skills and manage their production and marketing.

Upbeat Artworks - 393 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 3H6

Monday to Friday, 11 am–5 pm | Saturday & Sunday, Closed


CreeAtions & Artist Showcase

Arts and craftsmanship is a huge aspect of the identity and heritage of Cree people. Cree art includes intricate beadwork, textiles, carvings and other art forms. These artistic traditions are used for storytelling and cultural preservation, and as a way to connect to the ancestors and the land. Cree artistry also helps to educate broader audiences about the resilience and profound spirituality of the Cree community.

CreeAtions & Artists Showcase family-run Indigenous business offers original, handmade dresses, moccasins, slippers, mukluks, mitts, jackets, hats, jewellery, prints, paintings, breastplates, rawhide drums, blankets and dreamcatchers. These high-quality items are designed in-house and made by highly-skilled local artisans.

CreeAtions & Artists Showcase - 586 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 1X8

Monday to Friday, 10 am–5 pm | Saturday & Sunday, Closed


Pulse Gallery

Pulse is an activated gathering place for artists, art lovers, and collectors. The gallery focuses on investing in local artists and quality original works, and believes that art should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Its bright, beautiful space features collections catering to both new buyers and seasoned collectors.

Pulse Gallery - Johnston Terminal, 25 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4S8

Monday to Saturday, 11 am–6 pm | Sunday, 12–6 pm


Winnipeg Art Gallery - Quamajug

The Winnipeg Art Gallery hosts the largest public collection of Inuit art in the world, with over 14,000 pieces.

Qaumajuq is the name that Indigenous language keepers gave to the art centre. Qaumajuq (pronounced KOW-ma-yourk and sometimes heard HOW-ma-yourk) means “it is bright, it is lit” in Inuktitut ; a perfect name for such a bright and beautiful building. This naming initiative is an important step on the Gallery’s Indigenization journey, responding to the UNDRIP and the TRC ’s 94 Calls to Action, both of which reference the importance of Indigenous languages.

Qaumajuq features exhibitions, research, education, and art making. A whole community of artists, Indigenous advisors, partners, and stakeholders have collaborated to create Quamajug; offering a gathering place where all are welcome and everyone’s stories are told and heard in a true spirit of reconciliation.

The centre is Inuit-led, partnering with Inuit birthright organisations, governments, associations, and individuals across Inuit Nunangat and in urban and Southern communities.

ShopWAG at WAG-Qaumajuq features unique pieces from Manitoba and Canadian artists including inspired jewellery, home décor, books, artwork, and more. All purchases support WAG-Qaumajuq and artists in Canada.

ShopWAG - Qaumajug- 300 Memorial Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1V1

Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am–5 pm | Monday & Tuesday, Closed


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