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Six Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Six Tips for Moving During the Holidays

For many people, the holidays are usually a pretty hectic time. With the distinctive holiday commitment, it can feel like you're constantly running from one event to the next, between shopping for gifts, attending school functions and work parties, and untangling the decorations. But moving doesn't have to turn you into a Grinch this holiday season, at least not if you're well-prepared. 

So how do you juggle such a massive undertaking while still having fun with your regular activities? We've put up a list of things to think about when relocating during "the most delightful time of the year" to make your next move as happy and bright as possible.

Start packing early

According to moving companies Ottawa, moving is a lot of work. So you must start packing early to avoid additional stress closer to the moving day. To stay ahead of the game, begin packing and arranging as soon as possible. You can spend some guilt-free time enjoying the holidays with your loved ones now that you've finished a lot of the packing and don't have to worry about how much you still have to do.

Moving announcement and party on same day

The holidays are a perfect time to inform your friends and family that you've moved. Sending a holiday card that also serves as a moving notice is a good idea. This "two birds, one stone" strategy is a simple and effective way to inform folks of your new address. 1) Officially declare your move by including your new address on the Christmas card. Alternatively, you can put your new address on the envelope as the return address. This is a subtle way of informing loved ones of your new location.

Call Canada movers

Hiring a local moving company near you or furniture moving companies to perform the heavy lifting for you is one of the finest ways to simplify your holiday relocation. Movers Montreal not only have all of the required equipment, supplies, trucks, and manpower to handle the weight of your move, but removal companies or movers can also assist you in moving locally, statewide, or regionally – all while staying within your budget. 

Leave a few holiday decorations available

When you're moving out of your previous home in a week or so, decorating it may seem like a waste of effort, but if your move date is near the end of December, you won't want to go through the holiday season without any Christmas decorations. Just make sure not to completely deck out your home - a little tree, a handful of your favourite decorations, and a holiday wreath will do. The minimal, yet charming décor will bring the Christmas spirit to your former home without adding to the stress of your relocation.


During the holidays, many charities and organizations are looking for donations of household goods and garments, so whatever you decide to get rid of can quickly find a new home. It's a fantastic way to get in the holiday spirit while also downsizing before your move.

Make moving fun

It's the holiday season. Whether you're moving or not, don't let the relocation process dampen your spirits. Ensure a merry move by watching holiday movies or scheduling special time with family and friends, especially if you plan to move to a new town and won't see them for a while. Try to maintain your holiday traditions as possible, even if it's challenging this will provide your entire family a sense of normalcy. 

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