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Moving Tips for Single Parents

Moving Tips for Single Parents

Moving out as a single parent isn't easy and has a unique set of challenges. A single parent has enough to cope with on a daily basis, and relocating to a new home can be overwhelming. Even if you are only moving a few blocks away from your current home, you will need someone to help you pack and carry big boxes and furniture pieces. 

Don't worry, though, with careful planning and enlisting help from Canada's best moving companies, moving home will be more manageable and less stressful. Here are 7 useful moving tips to help your moving experience easier and less stressful.

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Create a plan in advance

Without a partner, you must start planning the move as early as possible. Generally, moving preparation starts long before you start packing your belongings. Starting at least 2 months before the move will give you enough time to find skilled movers, declutter, and prepare your new home.

Creating a checklist of what you need to do is recommended. This will help you keep on track of what tasks you have already done and what is it that you need to do next, making a move organized. 


Moving things you will no longer use in your new home is just a waste of time and money. So, begin to declutter your home and get rid of the things you no longer need to help your move easier and faster. Evaluate your belongings from closets and cabinets, and think of what items you always use and those you don’t. You can also make extra cash on the things you are getting rid of by organizing a garage sale or selling those items online.

Prepare your kids

Communication is essential, so tell your kids about the move as soon as you decide. If you are moving due to a divorce, don't postpone that talk - ask your children how they feel and be prepared to answer their questions. It is important to understand that your kids will be hesitant and sensitive to such news, so it is your responsibility to help them understand why there is a need to move to a new home and provide them reassurance that things are going to be alright.

Get your kids involved

Preparing your kids is not enough, it is important to involve your kids in the moving process to prepare them for the big change. Depending on their age, make sure to include them in decision making and the tasks involved in moving. You can give them the easiest task, such as collecting their toys or books in one place or they can put the label on the boxes. It is good that you bring them to pay a visit on your soon to be home, give them a tour, and let them choose which room they want to have. You can also let them decide what color they would want their room to be.

Keep a positive attitude

One of the biggest challenges when moving out as a single parent is to stay positive. Moving from one home to another proves to be an overwhelming task. But as much as possible, you should avoid showing any negative attitude and don't let your kids see you are worried about the upcoming move. Your kids will need your support, so you have to help them feel secure and show them that things will work out fine for all of you.

Hire professional movers

This option will definitely reduce a lot of stress when moving as a single parent. Hire professional home movers so you don't have to worry about your belongings. They have the needed equipment and knowledge to get the job done efficiently and safely. This gives you more time to take care of your kids and provide them enough support during the moving process. 

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