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The Best Mississauga Movers for A Stress-free Move

Moving to Mississauga? Smart choice. Mississauga's diverse neighborhoods, picturesque waterfront near Lake Ontario, thriving business community, and a cost of living that is 6% lower than Toronto's attracts newcomers from all over Canada and beyond.
By · December 4, 2023
The Best Mississauga Movers for A Stress-free Move

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But amidst all the excitement, there's that daunting task — choosing the right moving company. How do you pick one that's reliable, cost-effective, and fits your unique needs?

Breathe easy. You’re in the right spot. Here’s what we’ll unpack:

  • Information on moving companies in Mississauga

  • A deep dive into reviews and ratings

  • A glimpse into pricing and how to snag those quotes

  • Tips and tricks to ensure you hire right

  • Comparisons to help you separate the wheat from the chaff

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company in Mississauga

Embarking on a relocation journey can become a stressful time. It isn't just about finding a mover—it's about teaming up with a versatile ally who prioritizes customer satisfaction. An ideal partner should be there for you at every stage, whether it's safely transporting heirlooms, ensuring delicate items are packed securely, or even facilitating junk removal. Here's what to weigh up when scrutinizing Mississauga movers:

Credentials and Reputation

Look for movers who've earned their stripes in the industry. How long have they been around? If they are relatively new in the business, what sets them apart? Additionally, inquire about their ownership and expertise. Are they licensed and fully insured? A quick dive into online reviews and ratings can reveal the real story beyond the marketing spiel.

Expert Tip:

  • Look for companies that are Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited to ensure trusted professional movers. Alternatively, visit Top Move's platform to find tested professional moving companies.

Comprehensive Services

It's more than a muscle game. Experienced movers offer the full monty — packing, unpacking, and moving furniture. Imagine a team capable of safely packing your extensive vinyl collection of 200 records without a scratch – that's truly invaluable.

Expert Tips:

  • List Special Items: Make a list of special items (e.g., pianos, antiques) and ensure the moving company has experience handling them.

  • Ask About Packing Materials: Inquire about the type of packing materials they use. Specialty items may require specific packing materials.

  • Storage Options: If there's a gap between moving out and moving in, ask if the company offers short-term storage solutions.

Tool Suggestion: Consider apps like Sortlyfor inventory management. It keeps you and your moving company on the same page!

Transparent Pricing

Money matters. Top best movers serve their rates straight up — no hidden fees, no post-move price shocks. Carefully review what is included in the pricing, packing supplies, moving boxes, unpacking, etc.

Expert Tips:

  • Clarify Additional Costs: Some companies may charge extra for stairs, long distances from the truck to the entrance, etc. Clarify these beforehand.

  • Avoid Large Deposits: Reputable movers won't demand a large deposit before moving. Pay upon delivery to ensure your belongings are safely delivered.

Customization and Flexibility

Your move, your rules. You need professional Mississauga movers agile enough to juggle last-minute changes and gentle enough for your grandma's china. Ask about their 'Plan B' strategies for those just-in-case moments.

Expert Tips:

  • Discuss Move Date Flexibility: Some companies might offer discounts for moving in the middle of the month or on a weekday.

  • Special Requests: If you have any special requests (e.g., moving at a specific time), communicate them early on.

  • Cancellation Policy: Understand the company's cancellation policy in case plans change.

Technology Integration

Time is of the essence. Select tech-savvy professional moving services, offering features like instant online quotes, real-time move tracking, and virtual customer support. It's like having a moving expert right at your fingertips.

Expert Tip:

  • Use Moving Apps: Use apps that help move checklists, inventory tracking, and labeling.

Eco-Friendly Options

Moving with a conscience? Some heroes use recyclable materials and run their rigs on biofuel. It’s 2023; green is the new black.

Expert Tips:

  • Ask About Packing Materials: Inquire if the company uses biodegradable or recyclable packing materials.

  • Donate Unwanted Items: Before moving, donate items you no longer need. This reduces the load and supports a good cause.

  • Eco-Friendly Vehicles: Check if the company uses fuel-efficient or hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon emissions.

Did we mention that Top Move offers an excellent platform to connect with the crème de la crème of moving companies in Mississauga? No more guesswork. Dive right in and pick the perfect fit for you.

The Best Professional Movers in Mississauga

Moving within or from Ontario can feel like assembling a multifaceted puzzle. However, the right Mississauga moving company will become the cornerstone piece, creating a seamless transition framework crucial to the vibrant Mississauga community. Conversely, the wrong choice can leave you scrambling for that elusive missing piece.

Dive into Top Move's list of best movers in Mississauga and confidently piece together your perfect moving day.

1. Mississauga Movers by Aleks Moving

Best For: Those seeking an all-in-one reliable moving service

Founded in 2005 by Aleks and his dedicated team, Mississauga Movers by Aleks Moving has become one of Mississauga's leading moving experts. They aim to make relocation a hassle-free experience without straining your budget.

Known for exceptional customer service, they operate seven days a week with strong licensing and insurance for the safety of your belongings. Their excellence is recognized with awards from esteemed platforms like ThreeBestRated and HomeStars.

Top Services:

  • Local and long-distance move

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Short-term and long-term storage

  • Corporate relocations

  • Senior moving services

  • Last-minute move accommodations

  • Junk removal

  • Furniture assembly and disassembly

Pricing: Transparency remains supreme with Aleks Moving, offering no-obligation, FLAT FIRM RATE quotes that banish the ghost of hidden fees. You can get a quick quote according to your moving needs on their website.

Location: 60 Absolute Ave, Mississauga, ON L4Z 0A9, Canada

Reviews (4.9-star rating): The resounding applause for Alek's Moving from customers is overwhelming. One of them shares, “This was by far the BEST experience we ever had. These guys are simply amazing and professional. They handled our stuff with so much care. They are super fast, on time, and courteous. They coordinate with each other within their team very well. I really felt as if I had my friends help me move.”

2. Let's Get Moving & Storage

Best For: Top-notch storage services for delicate furniture and other items

Since its 2010 inception, Let's Get Moving & Storage has consistently offered premium moving and storage services in downtown Toronto and other areas, earning awards such as the 2022 Consumer Choice Award. Their user-friendly website features a packing calculator for easy box estimation.

They handle various move types, including small moves (3-hour minimum), larger residential moves with their 28 ft. truck, and office and commercial relocations. Moreover, they facilitate moves up to 500 km, including Ottawa and Montreal.

Top Services:

  • Residential moving

  • Commercial and office relocation

  • Storage facility

  • Junk removal

  • Specialty moving

  • Packing supplies

Pricing: Contact them directly or request an online quote with inventory details. Hourly rates start at $139 for 2 movers with a 2-hour minimum.

Location: 945 Wilson Ave #7, Toronto, ON M3K 1E8, Canada

Reviews (4.45-star rating):Their commitment to excellence doesn't go unnoticed by their clientele. One customer remarked, “It all started with Sam! He got the job done and quoted us swiftly and professionally over the phone to make sure all of our needs were taken care of. Out of all the companies I spoke with, he charmed me with his knowledge and professionalism....”

3. Miracle Movers Canada

Best For: Customized moving with accurate and detailed quotes and documentation

Established in 1991, Miracle Movers Canada has made a distinct impact in Mississauga, Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area through their unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity, and honesty. Their fleet of trucks, ranging from 14 ft. to 26 ft., caters to various move sizes, from small condo relocations to large mansion moves.

Miracle Movers is a convenient option for GTA residents, accepting move requests up to 90 km away from their Markham warehouse and providing affordable moving services. For moves exceeding 500 km, Miracle Movers can assist you through its parent company, specializing in cross-country moves.

Top Services:

  • Local moves within 500 km

  • Interprovincial relocations exceeding 500 km

  • Canada to the US transitions

  • Corporate and office relocations

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Storage solutions

  • Specialized item moves

Pricing: Miracle Movers offers a two-hour minimum hourly pricing structure starting at $135 per hour for 2 movers. They also provide a weight calculator to help estimate weight-based expenses. Convenient online payment options are available through their website.

Location: 4995 Tomken Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1K1, Canada

Reviews (4.2-star rating):Client testimonials vouch for the meticulous care Miracle Movers Canada invests in their service. One customer expressed, “Miracle Movers handles all your furniture dismantling with the utmost care and respect....They were so gentle getting it dismantled and loaded, and it survived the move fully intact! Thank you Miracle Movers”

4. Palmerston Moving Company

Best For: White label delivery and swift moving

Established in 2010, Palmerston Moving Company stands out as a leading moving service, specializing in exceptional delivery and relocation. With top-tier packaging materials, they guarantee the safe transit of a wide variety of items. Their commitment to expertise and professionalism shines in every commercial and residential move they handle.

Their unique distribution approach, bolstered by a modern fleet of trucks and a reliable partnership with ELTE, ensures items are delivered in pristine condition. Offering features like round-the-clock monitoring, online estimates, and onsite services, they've successfully completed over 65,000 moves.

Top Services:

  • Residential and local moving

  • Commercial and corporate relocations

  • Furniture and household item transfers

  • Long distance moves

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Storage solutions

Pricing: Prices are available upon request. Potential customers can avail of a free estimate tailored to their moving needs.

Location: 7370 Bramalea Road, Unit 33, Mississauga, ON L5S 1N6, Canada

Review (5-star rating):A satisfied customer recounted their experience saying, “ ...They are true professionals and definitely the people to call for a white-glove service. They were very helpful and accommodating, carefully packing our furniture, storing it and delivering it back. I would not hesitate to recommend them....”

5. Max Moving

Best For: On-time delivery and relocation irrespective of the move's complexity

Max Moving is a Toronto-based company making moving a quick and delightful experience. They have successfully served numerous satisfied residents and businesses in Mississauga over the years, many of whom are repeat customers.

Their expertise is evident in their personalized approach, as they meticulously customize their services to meet your specific needs. They received the 2021 award from the Canadian Business Review Board for their exceptional services in Mississauga.

Top Services:

  • Residential relocation

  • Local and extended-distance moving

  • Packing materials and services

  • Bin rentals and storage facility

  • Corporate relocations

  • Specialized piano moving

  • Same-day moving provisions

  • Junk removal

Pricing: Max Moving's comprehensive pricing strategy takes into account various factors like the weight of the items, distance to be covered, labor hours, and specific services opted for. You can request a quote for a free, transparent estimate.

Location: 3289 Lenworth Dr Unit H1, Mississauga, ON L4X 2H1, Canada

Reviews (5-star rating):The brilliance of Max Moving's team is evident from the glowing client testimonials. A satisfied customer shared, “Fast and efficient 3 movers, did great work, completed the job seamlessly. Booking was very flexible with accommodating time changes we needed. Overall best move experience would hire again in a heart beat !!!”

6. Parker's Moving

Best For: Residential and large moves within 50km of Toronto

Parker's Moving was established by Aaron, a seasoned expert with over five years of experience in relocating businesses. This venture was built on the tenets of precision, transparency, cutting-edge methodologies, and unparalleled professionalism. Targeted primarily at residential clients, Parker's Moving not only assists with the physical move but also offers other services for a seamless moving experience.

They prioritize efficiency by using modern communication methods such as texting and specialized moving software. Their unique offerings include virtual walkthroughs through video calls and personalized moving consultancy, setting them apart in the industry.

Top Services:

  • Local moves within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

  • Extended moves up to 150 km

  • Corporate and office relocations

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Junk removal

Pricing: Parker's Moving employs an hourly pricing system, initiating at $140/hr for two movers, post a mandatory 4-hour slot. Prices may vary based on location, move size, and items.

Location: 7 Broadway Ave, Toronto, ON M4P 3C5

Reviews (5-star rating):A satisfied customer stated, “Parker's Moving was responsive, followed up regularly with me without being pushy, and helped me plan & prepare well for the move. The movers were friendly and experienced, worked efficiently, and showed great care with my furniture and other items...”

7. Advance Moving

Best For:Quick last-minute local moves

Founded by Ahmad, Advance Moving prides itself on being the trusted go-to movers in Mississauga and beyond. Their exceptional features include round-the-clock availability, licensed personnel, clear pricing, comprehensive insurance, emergency services, and a highly skilled team focused on guaranteed work.

They provide their customers with a fleet of 20ft and 26ft trucks, ensuring both small and large moves within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are accommodated. However, they specialize as local movers for distances of up to 150 km, making them a go-to choice for nearby relocations.

Top Services:

  • Local relocations

  • Business and office moves

  • Packing & unpacking services

  • Storage solutions

Pricing: The hourly rate for their services starts at $139/hr for two movers, with a minimum service period of 3 hours. Rates can vary based on location, items, urgency, etc.

Location: 180 Mississauga Vly Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5A 3M2, Canada.

Reviews (5-star rating): A testament to their exceptional services is their continual positive feedback. One of their client's shares, “Advance Moving provided excellent service from the very start. Ahmad was helpful and available to answer all my questions pre-move. The movers were exceptional -- punctual, professional, and polite. Despite numerous stairs, they worked diligently without a hint of complaint...”

8. Smart Mississauga Movers

Best For: Comprehensive moving services, especially junk removal.

Established in 2001, "Smart Mississauga Movers" is a local extension of the well-renowned Smart Movers Canada. Situated in the heart of Mississauga, they have carved a niche for themselves by consistently delivering high-quality moving services to residents and businesses alike.

One of the significant aspects of Smart Mississauga Movers is their expansive fleet of 5-ton trucks, allowing them to cater to the diverse moving needs of the community. Their extensive range of services, coupled with their years of experience in the industry, ensures that every relocation is carried out seamlessly, whether local or long-distance.

Top Services:

  • Residential relocations

  • Long-distance moves

  • Office relocations

  • Piano moving

  • Storage solutions

  • Pool table transfers

  • Assembling, disassembling, and packing

  • Garbage removal

Pricing: Specific prices are available on request. Customers can ask for a quote, and the charges are determined based on the services required and the specific needs of the move.

Location: 3065 Queen Frederica Dr, Mississauga, ON L4Y 3A3, Canada

Review (4.1-star rating):One satisfied customer remarked, "Thank you Smart Movers for the wonderful service! These guys are true professionals and very nice people. They packed everything efficiently, were extremely careful with my belongings..."

9. BigSteelBox Moving

Best For: Those seeking a container moving and storage company

Started in 1999 as a family-owned enterprise, BigSteelBox has seen remarkable growth, spreading its wings across Canada. Now a recognized brand, BigSteelBox specializes in stress-free moving and storage solutions. Their services span local moves in cities to cross-country relocations, and they provide a unique 1-month rental of a 20-foot BigSteelBox container for added flexibility to their clients.

Operating from their Mississauga hub, they cater to numerous residential and business clients in surrounding areas, offering portable storage rentals and sales. Whether it's secure storage or home relocation, BigSteelBox is equipped to assist. Moreover, customers can earn AIR MILES® Reward Miles™ with their services. However, they don't offer content insurance due to the sturdy nature of their containers.

Top Services:

  • Local and long-distance relocations (up to 500 km)

  • Interprovincial transfers (beyond 500 km)

  • Business relocations

  • Professional packing

  • On-site storage or storage facility

Pricing: A 20-foot BigSteelBox comes at a monthly rental of $594. This covers a 1-month rental, movement, and pick-up of the container. Prices are for moves within Mississauga's local service area and are subject to change. They have a 20% discount at all times as well.

Location: 2403 Stanfield Rd, Mississauga, ON L4Y 1R6, Canada

Review (4.8-star rating): A Google review praises their amazing service, “We needed two containers and were offered tailored options. The team's professionalism, from customer service to the drivers, was top-notch. Moving cross-country is daunting, but BigSteelBox made it much smoother. Highly recommended!”

10. M&M Moving

Best For: Moving heavy gym equipment and quick residential moves

With 33 years of expertise, M&M Moving and Rush Delivery is a premier moving company committed to delivering unparalleled moving and packing services. Catering to a wide range of clients, from large corporations to small families, their comprehensive solutions encompass residential and commercial moving, warehousing, transportation, and storage.

Their fleet ranges from pick-up trucks and vans to 26-foot moving trucks and is equipped with all necessary tools and protective materials to ensure the safety of customer's belongings.

Top Services:

  • Moving and relocation

  • Fitness and other recreational equipment delivery & installation

  • Junk removal

  • Cleaning

Pricing: Factors influencing the cost include move duration, crew size, and any additional services. Use the 'Book Online' form for instant quotes. Insurance is integrated into the hourly rate, with a minimum charge based on two or three hours.

Location: 1221 Dundix Rd #111, Mississauga, Toronto ON L4Y 3Y9

Reviews(5-star rating):According to a recent review, “Brent's team was empathetic, efficient, and courteous during our move and my mom's subsequent move. A heartfelt thank you.”

11. Centennial Moving

Best For: Long-distance and larger moves

Since its inception in 1995, Centennial Moving Company has been meticulously offering exceptional moving services. Recognizing the significance of life's big transitions, they've dedicated themselves to ensuring the entire moving process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible for their clients.

Their specialization in moves spanning 500 Km or more makes them a standout choice for anyone considering a significant shift. Over the years, Centennial has cultivated a rich repository of knowledge and practical experience, which they harness to promise punctual and reliable services. Their modern fleet of trucks, a suite of organizing supplies, and an array of additional services, make them a go-to choice for comprehensive moving needs.

Top Services:

  • Long-distance relocations

  • Interprovincial transfers

  • Nationwide cross-country moves

  • Extensive storage solutions

  • Car shipping provisions

  • Expertise in packing and unpacking services

  • Assembly and disassembly assistance

Pricing: Prices are available on request. Potential clients can easily obtain a quote either by reaching out to them directly or via their website. Periodic promotional offers are also available to ensure affordability.

Location: 500 Esna Park Dr UNIT 11, Markham, ON L3R 1H5, Canada (8-mile drive from Mississauga area)

Review (4.3-star rating):A satisfied customer recounts their experience, saying, "The move was a significant one - a 3 bedroom home covering 2600 miles. Xavier displayed exemplary professionalism, providing transparent cost details. The loading crew was impeccable, ensuring cleanliness even in rain..."

Or Let The Best Movers in Mississauga Find You via Top Move

So we gave you the 11 best moving companies in Mississauga, but who has time to sift through dozens of websites and make endless calls?

Enter Top Move.

This platform is a game-changer in the moving industry, offering a seamless experience from start to finish. All you have to do is input your information by following the steps below and top Halifax movers will contact you directly:

Step 1: What Are You Moving?

Kick things off by selecting the category of items you're planning to move. The platform offers a list to make this easy for you. This helps movers determine the resources they need - like packing paper, bubble wrap, maybe three guys and other appliances.

Step 2: Insert Your Current Address

Be specific with your current address. The more details, the better.

Step 3: Moving From

Detail the kind of place you're moving from—how many bedrooms, what floor, etc.

Step 4: Moving To

Likewise, give the lowdown on where you're headed—number of bedrooms, floor level, and so on.

Step 5: Pick Your Move Date

Select the day you intend to make the move. This helps professional movers gauge their availability.

Step 6: Destination Address

Plug in the address you'll be moving to. This helps in calculating the distance for an accurate quote.

Step 7: Driver Help Required or Not

Let them know if you'll require the driver's assistance for tasks like loading and unloading. For example you may require two movers based on your needs.

Step 8: Add Inventory

List the belongings you'll be moving. This ensures the movers come prepared and helps in quote accuracy.

Step 9: Do You Have Photos?

If possible, upload photos of the items you are moving. This can provide additional clarity for the Mississauga moving companies.

Step 10: Your Email Address and Submit

Enter your email, hit submit, and watch the quotes roll in. You can then proceed to lock in your moving plans.

And voila. Now sit and tight and wait for local movers in your area to read your requirements and provide a quote for the move.

You can also review a vendor's profile, chat with them, and make a payment all on one secured platform.

How to Choose Your Moving Company in Mississauga Confidently

Relocating is a big step, and the right moving company can make all the difference. Here's how to confidently select your ideal mover in Mississauga:

  1. Pinpoint Your Priorities: Whether it's a local shift or an inter-province move, list out your specific needs. This clarity streamlines your search.

  2. Quotes are Key: Don't settle on the first quote you receive. Comparing 3-4 estimates ensures you get value without sacrificing quality.

  3. See for Yourself: If possible, visit the mover's facility. A well-maintained fleet is a good indicator of their professionalism.

  4. Reviews Matter: Platforms like Google Reviews offer real-world insights. Spend a few minutes scanning feedback to gauge reliability.

With these tips, find a mover in Mississauga that fits your budget and meets your standards. Remember, a smooth move starts with the right choice.

Ready For A Top Move?

Every move brings its unique set of challenges. However, with this meticulously researched guide to top movers in Mississauga, you're equipped to make efficient choices that pave the way for a smooth journey to your new destination. Whether you're shifting a few blocks away or embarking on a cross-provincial venture, let this curated list be your compass.

Key Takeaways:

  • Careful evaluation can help to find the best movers for your upcoming move

  • Personalized moving experiences can enhance relocation success

  • Services span from local movers to one-stop-shop moves.

  • Pricing transparency and stellar reviews aid in informed decision-making

The moving world might appear overwhelming, but with platforms like Top Move by your side, you can ensure a successful move. Furnished with the best industry insights, reviews, and handpicked choices, you're not just planning a move; you're writing a relocation story that's nothing short of perfection.

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