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The Best Moving Companies in Calgary [Reviewed]

Moving homes is always a mixed bag of emotions. You're excited about the new beginnings but dreading the actual process of packing, moving, and setting up. You know the drill. And if you're considering or have already taken the plunge to move to Calgary, you're not alone.
By · December 7, 2023
The Best Moving Companies in Calgary [Reviewed]

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A surge of residents from places like Ontario and B.C. are moving to Alberta. It appears the allure of more affordable housing and a lower cost of living is too tempting to resist. With about 74,000 from these regions moving in just last year, Calgary's clearly becoming a hot relocation spot.

But with the move comes the ever-daunting task of finding the right moving company. Here's a quick guide on what we'll help you with:

  • A handpicked list of top moving companies in Calgary.

  • An overview of specialized services these movers provide.

  • Ballpark pricing to set your budget right.

  • Insider scoop: ratings and reviews of these moving companies.

  • Pro tipsto zero in on a mover that won't let you down.

P.S. Don't want to do the legwork? Top Move gets you competitive quotes from the best local movers in Calgary to handle all the moving details for you, from secure packing to safe transport to your new location. Just answer some questions, submit your contact info, and get moving estimates to your inbox. Chat with vendors, review their profile ratings, and make payments all on one secure platform.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company in Calgary

Moving is about so much more than just transporting belongings from Point A to Point B. In bustling cities like Calgary, it's an art of ensuring that the transition happens smoothly, and your precious possessions reach their destination safely.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right professional movers for yourself:

1. Comprehensive Services

The best movers go beyond merely transporting your stuff. They offer an all-rounded approach to efficient moving services that encompass packing, unpacking, furniture assembly, junk removal, and more.

Expert Tips:

  • Ensure the company provides a complete suite of Calgary moving services. Use the MoveAdvisorapp to help you track and manage your moving tasks effectively.

  • Prioritize movers who can provide professional packing for delicate items. Consider using bubble wrap, packing paper, cushioning, etc for extra protection.

2. Experience and Credibility

Experience speaks volumes in the moving industry. Professional movers with a proven track record are more equipped to handle unforeseen challenges.

Expert Tips:

3. Transparent Pricing

Hidden fees can be a nasty surprise. Ensure that the pricing provided by the company is transparent without hidden charges.

Expert Tips:

  • Ask for an itemized quotation. Use apps like Moving Vanto inventory your items and ensure accurate quotes without missing any.

  • Inquire about potential additional charges such as fuel, extra time, season, etc.

  • Compare quotes from multiple companies. This will give you a fair idea of the market rate.

4. Insurance and Liability

Accidents, though rare, can happen. Ensuring your mover is adequately insured can save you from potential heartache and financial setbacks.

Expert Tips:

  • Ask about the company's liability coverage. Basic or Full Value Protection?

  • Consider purchasing additional moving insurance from third-party providers.

  • Keep a documented inventory of your high-value items.

P.S. Having trouble sorting through all this? Top Move can make your search a whole lot simpler. By answering a few quick questions, they'll connect you with the best Calgary movers who fit your specific needs. Now that's what we call moving made easy!

Deciphering Reviews for Calgary's Moving Companies: A Practical Guide

Navigating through a sea of reviews can be overwhelming, especially when you're about to trust a company with your precious belongings. Here's how to make the most of those reviews and choose the best moving company in Calgary:

  • Consistency is Key: One-off reviews might be anomalies. But if you notice a trend – be it praise for punctuality or complaints about damaged items – it's likely indicative of the company's usual performance.

  • Specifics Speak Volumes: Authentic reviews often dive into the nitty-gritty. Did they mention the type of packaging used, the route taken, or even the weather on the move day? These details can hint at the genuineness of the feedback.

  • Check the Response: How a company responds to both positive and negative reviews can be very telling. It shows their commitment to customer service and continuous improvement.

  • Duration of Service: While recent reviews are golden, don't dismiss older ones. A company with years of consistent positive feedback might be more reliable than a newcomer with a handful of raving reviews.

  • Use Dedicated Platforms: Instead of getting lost in the vastness of the internet, utilize platforms dedicated to moving company reviews in Calgary. These platforms often have stringent review policies, ensuring authenticity.

Remember, reviews are a window into a company's real-world performance. Use them wisely, and you'll find the perfect moving partner for your needs.

Experienced and Professional Movers in Calgary for Seamless Transition

Calgary's bustling energy resonates not just in its skyline but also in the movers who help its residents transition between homes. The key to a seamless move lies in choosing a team that understands the unique pulse of this vibrant city.

Here's Top Move's list of professional movers making relocation in Calgary a seamless experience:

1. Sparta Movers

Best For: Full-service moving whether local or international relocations

Sparta Movers, established in 2015 in Calgary, Alberta, is a full-service moving company for people seeking relocation help. Partnering as agents with Great Canadian Van Lines, they are geared up for both domestic and international moves. With three decades of experience under their belt, their team of moving consultants is primed to provide clients with top-notch guidance.

Moreover, the crew is ever-ready, with every moving truck loaded with all necessary equipment, ensuring a seamless move. Their emphasis? Security, convenience, and variety. Sparta affirms its credibility by being fully licensed and insured, further ensuring the welfare of its team through the Workers Compensation Board (WCB).

Top Services:

  • Local and long-distance moves

  • International relocations

  • Commercial and office transitions

  • Packing and unpacking

  • Storage solutions

  • Local deliveries

Pricing: They charge hourly rates but may offer fixed quotes for big moves. A deposit equal to the travel time fee is necessary, adjusted in the final invoice post-move completion. For local moves in Calgary with a 2-man crew, deposits start at $110. Additional fees for heavy items:$150for upright pianos and $60 for items over 250pounds.

Location: 110 – 79 Freeport Crescent NE Calgary, AB T3J 2L2

Reviews (4.7-star rating):A testament to their exceptional service is reflected in the words of a satisfied client: “ Sparta Movers (Dom was the foreman) and their team were by far the best movers we've ever had for an in-province move. They were friendly and efficient and worked extremely hard... I would certainly recommend Sparta Movers and Dom's group in particular to anyone who asked.”

2. Best Moves Inc.

Best For: Professional moving services with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.

Established in 2016, Best Moves Inc. offers professional moving services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. The team's commitment to professionalism shines through, whether the relocation is just down the street, across town, or spanning provinces. Their dedication to quality hasn't gone unnoticed, with the company being the proud recipient of the Top Choice Award 2021.

Living up to their motto, "Quality is Our Priority!", Best Moves ensures that all their movers are WCB covered and provides complimentary Liability and Cargo Insurance. Their fleet consists of 20’ & 26’ moving trucks, all of which are outfitted with essential moving tools such as dollies, sturdy furniture pads, tie-downs, floor runners, tools, etc, for safe and efficient handling of clients’ belongings.

Top Services:

  • Residential and long-distance moves

  • Office relocations

  • Storage solutions

  • White-glove delivery

  • Packing & Unpacking

Pricing: Their dynamic pricing depends upon the quantity of items, distance of the move, any supplementary services offered (some of which might have flat rates), the size of the moving crew, moving truck, and the total time taken. Contact them directly to get precise rates.

Location: 1925 18 Ave NE #115, Calgary, AB T2E 7T8, Canada

Reviews (5-star rating):A customer recently expressed their satisfaction, “Amazing service and seamlessly done. No damage to even the most fragile items and very carefully handled. Very cooperating and kind staff. Totally recommend it.”

3. Personal Movers

Best For: Personalized moving services backed by trained professionals

Founded in 2016, Personal Movers has rapidly established itself as a competent moving company in Calgary. They provide extensive training which ensures that each team member is professionally trained and adept at standard moving techniques, from correctly assembling and disassembling furniture to effectively wrapping items to safeguard them during transit.

The team consistently prioritizes the safety and care of customers' belongings, ensuring every moving experience is tailored to individual needs. Their various accreditations further cement their credibility: they are registered, bonded, insured, BBB accredited, WCB covered, and HomeStars verified. Each of their trucks is meticulously equipped with professional moving gear such as dollies, straps, blankets, floor runners, tools, and more.

Top Services:

  • Local and long-distance moves

  • Residential and commercial moves

  • Packing & Unpacking

  • Storage solutions

Pricing: Rates start from $135/hr for a team of 2 experienced movers, post a 2-hour minimum, inclusive of travel time charges. Specialized equipment like pianos, sports gear, or other delicate articles might necessitate special handling and could attract additional charges.

Location: 8835 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 0M2, Canada

Reviews (4.7-star rating): Here's a recent Google review, “From the first email and phone call to Personal Movers the service was great. They kept it simple and walked through everything step by step so I knew what to expect…. Overall a great experience through a difficult time for me.”

4. Premiere Van Lines Calgary

Best For: Students looking for affordable and trusted movers in Calgary

Formerly recognized as Classic Moving and Storage Ltd., Premiere Van Lines operates as a revered franchise in Calgary. With an impressive history spanning over 35 years, and a proud affiliation as an Atlas agent, this family-owned business not only meets but aims to surpass your service expectations.

This commitment is clear by their steadfast commitment to the Atlas Quality in Motion program, an initiative pioneering unparalleled service standards in the Canadian moving arena. Their range of services encompasses everything from residential moves. The team also boasts an impressive track record of serving Canadian academic institutions - from universities and affiliated colleges to community colleges, CEGEPS, and institutes, for an admirable three decades.

Top Services:

  • Local & long-distance moves

  • Packing & Unpacking

  • Moving supplies

  • Short & long-term storage

  • Retail Home deliveries

  • Auto/Motor vehicle relocations

Pricing: Pricing depends on the crew, duration, items involved, and the location of the move. For an exact quotation tailored to your requirements, they offer free estimates on their website.

Location: 3950 – 52 Ave N.E., Calgary, AB T3J 3X4

Reviews (4.8-star rating):A customer left a heartfelt review saying, “ Many thanks to a very professional and well-organized team. From packing to moving, a complicated job turned into a remarkably easy move. Roy and his team were on time, efficient, and diligent to ensure that everything was protected and nothing was damaged....”

5. Amazing Grace Movers

Best For: Those seeking budget-friendly but quality moving service.

Hailing its roots in 2012, Amazing Grace Movers emerged as a standout moving enterprise based in the heart of Calgary. Their steadfast commitment to reliability and integrity has made them a top choice for countless individuals and businesses seeking stress-free moving services in Calgary and the surrounding regions. Their primary mission is clear-cut: provide impeccable moving solutions without breaking the bank.

The team at Amazing Grace Moving Company deeply understands the intricacies and potential challenges of moving. With this understanding, they've fine-tuned their processes to ensure every move is not only straightforward but also devoid of unnecessary stresses. Their seasoned expert team consistently endeavors to deliver nothing short of excellence, ensuring clients are spared from unexpected charges or subpar services.

Top Services:

  • Small or big moves and deliveries

  • Alberta province-wide moving

  • Province-to-province moving

  • Business-to-business moving

Pricing: The pricing structure at Amazing Grace Movers is transparent and competitive starting with $140 per hour for 2 men. They have no hidden charges or policies.

Location: 2949 17 Ave SE suite 384, Calgary, AB T2A 0P7, Canada

Reviews (4.9-star rating):Here's what past clients have to say, “...They understand and anticipate the needs of their clients. They are well prepared for any moving job. They literally swept one of my storage units and picked up loose paper. Kiai even went the extra mile to dissemble clothing for me. They valued my belongings as I value them and treated them with such care. ..."

6. BigSteelBox

Best For: Container moving and storage units across Calgary and beyond

BigSteelBox, established in 1999, specializes in providing moving container services, catering to both short-distance and cross-country relocations. But that's not all. They also excel in offering robust portable storage container rentals, custom crating, sales, and container office solutions. Moreover, they offer AIR MILES® Reward Miles™ for your every move.

However, it's noteworthy that they don't offer content insurance, relying on the sturdiness of their containers to minimize risks. They recommend checking with personal home insurance providers for potential coverage.

Top Services:

  • Local and long-distance moves (up to 500 km)

  • Interprovincial moves (over 500 km)

  • Office moves

  • Packing service

  • Storage unit, both at your premises or at their facility

Pricing: For a 20′ BigSteelBox, customers can expect a rate of $724* for a 1-month rental. This price includes the delivery of an empty box, its movement to the new destination, and subsequent empty pick-up. Any packing/loading service comes at an extra charge. Prices are contingent upon the locality and might see changes, excluding taxes.

Location: 5208 84 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2C 5N3, Canada

Reviews (4.9-star rating): Here's a recent customer relocation story with BigSteelBox “I have moved across the country a few times. Never have I had such a pain-free experience! Thank you, Conner, Tiffany, and everyone at Big Steel Box for your amazing service coast to coast! You all were highly knowledgeable, your prices cannot be beat, and the service was bang on impeccable!....”

7. Calgary Movers Pro

Best For: Local moving without an upfront deposit fee or time and fuel charges

In 1994, Calgary Movers Pro started its journey in the moving industry with just one truck. Fast forward to today, and they boast a fleet of over 30 specialized vehicles, each armed with the requisite tools for both residential and office moves. Their growth story is not just about numbers but also about the relentless emphasis on quality and safety.

Calgary Movers Pro conducts rigorous criminal background checks and mandatory drug tests for all its employees. Their meticulous approach to moving has earned them significant awards, including the "Three Best Rated in Calgary" award.

Top Services:

  • Residential and Commercial Moves

  • Local and Long-distance Relocations

  • Special items move (e.g., pianos, art pieces)

  • Assembling and Disassembling Furniture

Pricing: They offer free estimates directly from their website. There are no additional charges for travel time and fuel within Calgary's city limits. No upfront deposit is necessary for local moves projected to wrap up within a day. However, a deposit becomes mandatory for long-distance and nationwide relocations.

Location: 330 5th Avenue SouthWest, Suite 1800, Calgary, AB T2P 0L4

Reviews (4.7-star rating):A recent review says, “Sammy, Shawn, Andreas, and Andrew moved us to our new home. These men were pleasant, professional, and moved us very quickly. They all had a positive attitude and worked great as a team. I would recommend them to anyone.”

8. Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Co .

Best For: Apartment and condo relocations within Calgary and beyond

Boasting a rich legacy of over four decades, Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Co. is not just another moving business. Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, this independently operated enterprise has carved out a niche in the moving industry, specializing in apartment and condo relocations.

This moving company reflects its genuine commitment to serving the Calgary community. As a testament to this, they dedicate 10% of their profits to local initiatives, ensuring that they give back to the community that trusts them with their moving needs.

Top Services:

  • Local Moves

  • Long-Distance Moves

  • Comprehensive Packing Services

  • Special Item Transport (e.g., pianos, safes)

  • Storage Services

Pricing: Pricing at Two Small Men is structured around an hourly rate, which is determined based on factors like the specific city, time of the month, and season. Heavy item moves (those exceeding 300 lbs), such as pianos or safes, might attract an additional fee. You can get a detailed estimate by reaching out to their coordinators.

Location: 610 70 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2J6, Canada

Reviews (4.8-star rating):Here's what customers have to say, “Absolutely amazing movers as well as admin! we have used other companies before and recently used 2 Small Men with Big Hearts for a 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom house move. They were always responsive, answered all questions over phone or email, and seemed very well organized…”

9. Calgary Professional Movers Inc.

Best For: Safe and quick local moves and student relocations.

Established in 2012, Calgary Professional Movers Inc. has built its reputation as one of Calgary's most trusted local moving companies. With a track record that spans over a decade, this Calgary-based moving company is renowned for its customer-first approach. Every member of their team is professionally trained, ensuring every move is customized to fit individual needs.

Their fleet of moving trucks, varied in size, ensures they're equipped to manage moves of any scale. They can help relocate entire offices or help students shift to their new dorms. Beyond traditional moving services, they also offer packing services and rent out environmentally-friendly moving bins.

Top Services

  • Residential Moving

  • Office Moving

  • Junk Removal Services

  • Senior and Student Moving

  • Long-Distance Moves

  • Storage Services

  • Delivery Service

  • Comprehensive Packing and Unpacking Services

Pricing: Pricing at Calgary Professional Movers is tailored to meet specific customer needs. The company provides on-demand quotes, which can be obtained either via their website or by calling their office.

Location: 918 16 Avenue NorthWest, Suite 320, Calgary, AB T2M 0K3

Reviews (4.7-star rating): “Fantastic movers and highly recommend! From the start, they were able to provide a full quote, were transparent, and when it came to signing off when the job was done, there was no questionable pricing on the invoice...Considering how much we had, they did the job quickly."

Or Let The Best Movers in Calgary Find You via Top Move

So we gave you the 11 best moving companies in Mississauga, but who has time to sift through dozens of websites and make endless calls?

Enter Top Move.

This platform is a game-changer in the moving industry, offering a seamless experience from start to finish. All you have to do is input your information by following the steps below and top Halifax movers will contact you directly:

Step 1: What Are You Moving?

Kick things off by selecting the category of items you're planning to move. The platform offers a list to make this easy for you. This helps movers determine the resources they need - like packing paper, bubble wrap, maybe three guys and other appliances.

Step 2: Insert Your Current Address

Be specific with your current address. The more details, the better.

Step 3: Moving From

Detail the kind of place you're moving from—how many bedrooms, what floor, etc.

Step 4: Moving To

Likewise, give the lowdown on where you're headed—number of bedrooms, floor level, and so on.

Step 5: Pick Your Move Date

Select the day you intend to make the move. This helps professional movers gauge their availability.

Step 6: Destination Address

Plug in the address you'll be moving to. This helps in calculating the distance for an accurate quote.

Step 7: Driver Help Required or Not

Let them know if you'll require the driver's assistance for tasks like loading and unloading. For example you may require two movers based on your needs.

Step 8: Add Inventory

List the belongings you'll be moving. This ensures the movers come prepared and helps in quote accuracy.

Step 9: Do You Have Photos?

If possible, upload photos of the items you are moving. This can provide additional clarity for the Mississauga moving companies.

Step 10: Your Email Address and Submit

Enter your email, hit submit, and watch the quotes roll in. You can then proceed to lock in your moving plans.

And voila. Now sit and tight and wait for local movers in your area to read your requirements and provide a quote for the move.

You can also review a vendor's profile, chat with them, and make a payment all on one secured platform.

Finding the Best Calgary Movers? Find Them on Top Move

After scouring through the various moving options in Calgary, you've now got a treasure trove of information right at your fingertips. Feeling accomplished? You should! Moving, whether local or long-distance, is no small feat. Let's recap what we've learned:

  • Personalized Experience: Tailored moving services to fit your unique needs.

  • No Hidden Charges: Transparency in pricing and fees.

  • Safety First: Ensuring the secure transportation of all your belongings.

  • Expertise Matters: Companies with a proven track record and years of experience.

Now, wouldn't it be great if there was a platform to simplify your hunt for the best Calgary movers even more? That's where Top Move comes into play. Think of it as your one-stop shop, streamlining your search for professional moving companies in Calgary.

With Top Move, you can be assured of finding a mover that's just right for you, making your next move as stress-free as possible. After all, a well-informed move is a successful move!

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