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Items That Are Difficult to Move Without Professionals

Items That Are Difficult to Move Without Professionals

Thinking about hiring a professional moving company? There’s no doubt that some household items are just tricky to move and are best left to trained and licensed Canada movers only. If you are confused about the things we're talking about, then here you get the information about the five household belongings that are difficult to move without the help of professional movers.

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It is not easy to move a 1,200-pound (544-kilogram) grand piano by following the DIY method because they’re big and more delicate than you think. Moreover, pianos are typically expensive so, you can’t allow yourself to drop or damage them. To safely move a piano, you should have all the skills and experience needed as well as the appropriate moving tools. It is best to hire local piano movers or professional furniture removal services. 

Hot tub

You are surely aware that hot tubs bring countless hours of enjoyment and relaxation after an exhausting day at work or even when having a private party with your family members and close friends around your home. However, hot tubs are difficult to move and are surely not for the faint-hearted - it's bulky, oddly shaped and extremely heavy. Without water, the average weight of a hot tub is 900 to 1,000 pounds and it requires special moving equipment or skilled Canada movers to move and reassemble your hot tub with ease. 

Pool tables

Planning to move your large pool table? This is the right time to check out Top Move and bring in house movers in Alberta. Pool tables can weigh up to 453.5 kilos, and moving it not only requires a complicated disassembly but it also demands the lifting of exceptionally heavy parts. If you don’t have any experience shifting pool tables then this task should be best left to a professional furniture removal company. 

Art and antiques

Artwork of any kind is special, expensive and irreplaceable so handling it with utmost care is a must. Fortunately, professional house movers in Alberta can move your items safely to one place from another without breaking anything during the move.


Moving appliances requires planning and a whole lot of labour. Appliances can be large and fragile, and if they are not packed correctly, they could get damaged easily. For reference, the average dishwasher weighs around 150 pounds and an average fridge weighs around 300 pounds. Professional movers should be able to efficiently move these appliances for you, so don't stress yourself out.

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