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How To Prepare Your Car for Transport

How To Prepare Your Car for Transport

Are you planning on shipping your car across the country? You've probably realized preparing your car for shipment is more complicated and stressful. Your car is a valuable asset and you want to make sure you do the right preparation so you can ensure damage-free transport and delivery.

And whilst your chosen car transport company is responsible for moving your car into your place safely, you are the one responsible for preparing your vehicle before the car transport company arrives. So we've prepared a list of important things that you need to do before seeing your car picked up by the car shipping company. 

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Wash your car

The first thing you’ll want to do is to give your car a thorough cleaning before you have the car transport company pick up your car. Get your vehicle squeaky clean from top to bottom

With a clean car, you and your chosen car transport company can easily spot signs of possible damage before it will be transported.

Clean the inside of the car

Your car may be jostled around during the transport causing any loose items inside your car to move around. You must clean the interior and remove everything not secured such as your personal items, air fresheners or your spare change. Do not forget to remove all electronics, as well as their supporting cables/chargers. 

Check your insurance coverage

You are already prepared to ship your vehicle if it is already insured. Having insurance coverage during shipment helps compensate for the cost of repairs. 

You must also check with your car transport company whether they offer insurance coverage for your vehicle. Though reputable car transport companies should do everything to make sure your vehicle is safe and secure while in transit, moving mishaps may still occur. Also, purchasing additional coverage through your insurance company or from the transporter. 

Don't gas up

Filling up your tank before shipment is unnecessary if your car is being transported by a carrier. In addition, a full tank of gasoline means extra weight for your vehicle which can add to your shipping cost.  Aim to leave up to 1/4 or 1/8 when preparing your vehicle for transport. 

Check for any leaks

It is very important to check for any leaking fluids (oil, brake, battery fluid). If your vehicle has any leaks. You must notify the car transport company. The car transport company will probably refuse service or they will most likely put your vehicle on the bottom to avoid damage to the vehicle below yours. 

Look for any leaks and make sure to get it fixed before transporting it. 

Check tire pressure

Many people don't think about tire pressure while they're in transit. But it is very important to check your car's tire pressure because a damage is most likely to occur during and unloading if they're unevenly or over-inflated. 

Lock the car

Lastly, make sure to lock up your vehicle. Once it has been loaded and ready for delivery lock the vehicle for extra insurance against theft. There’s no reason for it to be opened up until it is delivered.

Knowing how to prepare your vehicle before your chosen car transporter arrives will make the moving process smooth and stress-free. But if you haven’t found any car transport company yet to help you move your car, it’s time you start looking. Shop around for at least 3 car transporters so you have choices. Using a platform like Top Move can be of great help to you in cutting down your research time and finding affordable car transport providers in Canada. Just submit your moving job listing, and you can sit back and relax while you wait for Top Move’s best moving companies to give you a competitive quote. 

Although if you are looking to get rid of your vehicle make sure you check out local car removal service providers, as they often can help you remove your unwated car or offer cash for it instead like cash for cars Vancouver guys.


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