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How to Pack your Garage for Moving

How to Pack your Garage for Moving

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Of all the areas in a house, your garage can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming places to work with. Not only do we keep countless tools and other gardening equipment here, but also many other items you don't remember keeping. 

Although packing a garage or a shed for moving is a big project, if you care to follow the step by step tips on the best ways to pack up your garage from our professional Canada movers you can get it done hassle-free and in no time.

Set aside hazardous materials

It pays to purge your garage of anything that cannot be moved due to safety reasons. Moving companies forbid any flammable chemicals such as:

  • Car batteries

  • Fertilizers

  • Paint and thinners

  • Oil

  • Anti-freeze

  • Pool chemicals

  • Power tools with fuel still in the tank

Make sure to find out from local authorities the best way to get rid and dispose of these materials or give them to a family member or neighbour if they’re still usable. 

Cut the clutter

A new move presents a perfect opportunity to take inventory and to get rid of all that unnecessary clutter. Sort them each into one of three piles: donate, trash or recycle. If you have the time, organize a pre-move garage sale and make and make a little extra cash. Donate items that don't sell to a local charity or Goodwill store.

Gather the right boxes other packing supplies 

Tools, power equipment and any garden equipment have irregular shapes and sizes and are generally heavy, so make sure to buy some heavy duty-boxes, newspapers and moving blankets to cushion everything and properly wrap sharper edged items. You can get these supplies from a local hardware store or from your home movers. 

Rakes, shovels, brooms and long tools

As for large gardening tools, bundle these types of items together, tie them together in a moving blanket. Then, secure moving blankets using packing tape or a rope. 

Pots and planters

Small ceramic pieces, like pots, should be wrapped with plenty of cushioning. Once done, carefully place them inside the moving box. 

BBQ grill

Make sure to remove your gas tank, as it is a non-transportable item. Moving companies will not transport coal either so consider donating them to your neighbour or just get rid of it. 


If you own a bicycle, then you should know that it is usually dismantled and packed in a special way. You must remove the pedals, handlebars, wheels and wrap them in bubble wrap. You can also place foam tube protectors around the bike frame to fully protect any of the parts from scratches during the move. You can run down to your local bike shop to order a special bike box or you may ask your moving company if they have it available. 

Keep essentials at hand

Don’t pack everything from your garage because some of your garage items might be needful immediately upon moving such as a small tool kit for and reassembling furniture. Pack a box of clearly marked essentials - screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and so on so that when you need them in your new home, it will be easy for you.

Are you still feeling overwhelmed with the packing process? Submit a delivery request on Top Move and let our professional Canada movers and moving companies do it for you. Whether you need help packing up your garage, storage move, furniture removals and even piano move, we have the movers that can assist in making your move a success.

Moving companies in Canada

Helping thousands of people like you to find low-cost moving companies in Canada
9.7 · 92 reviews
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