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We Reviewed the Best Hamilton Movers So You Don't Have To

Ever felt the weight of moving? The endless search for reliable movers, the uncertainty of costs, and the stress of ensuring your belongings are in safe hands? You're not alone. In fact, a recent study showed that 45% of people find moving more stressful than having kids.
By · November 6, 2023
We Reviewed the Best Hamilton Movers So You Don't Have To

Looking for moving companies in Hamilton?

We are helping thousands of Canadians just like you to move to Hamilton or anywhere across Canada. Door to door service. Fixed prices.
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In this article, we'll unpack:

  • Local moving companies thriving in the Hamilton area

  • Tailored moving services exclusive to Hamilton, Ontario

  • Honest reviews and ratings of Hamilton's moving maestros

  • Insider tips on selecting Hamilton's best movers

  • Transparent pricing insights for Hamilton's moving services

P.s. Ever heard of Top Move? It's this nifty tool that's revolutionizing the way folks in Hamilton find their perfect mover. Just a few clicks, and voila, top-notch moving quotes land right in your inbox. Handy, right?

Local Moving Companies Thriving in the Hamilton Area

Hamilton, with its rich history and vibrant arts scene, is a city on the rise. As more people flock to this gem in Ontario, the demand for reliable moving companies has surged. But amidst this boom, how do you identify the true champions of the moving industry?

Let's dive deeper.

The Local Advantage

Local moving companies in Hamilton have a distinct edge. They're intimately familiar with the city's layout, from the bustling streets of Locke Street South to the serene pathways of Bayfront Park. This local knowledge translates to efficient routes, timely deliveries, and a nuanced understanding of neighborhood-specific challenges.

Aleks Moving

Aleks Moving Company, with over 15 years of experience in the moving industry, offers professional and affordable relocation services in the Greater Toronto Area and Windsor Essex County. They provide a comprehensive service including free estimates, in-person home inspections, packing, unpacking, disassembling, reassembling, and secure transport of valuables. They pride themselves on delivering tailored moving solutions with flat firm rates and no hidden fees. Their team is well-equipped to handle all aspects of moving, ensuring safety and efficiency for both residential and business relocations.

  • Contact: +1 289 815 1386

  • SpecialtyProfessional, efficient relocation services

  • Notable MentionTransparent, flat-rate pricing system

2 Soldiers Moving

2 Soldiers Moving, based in Brantford, Ontario, is operated primarily by Canadian Armed Forces members/veterans and carefully selected civilians. With over 15 years of combined experience in transportation and moving, they specialize in both residential and commercial moves, serving Brantford and its surrounding areas. Their team is distinguished by its military background and adherence to high standards in the moving industry​

  • Contact: +1 226 920 9220

  • Specialty: Global overseas moving and storage

  • Notable Mention: Veteran-led residential and commercial movers

Taylor International Movers

Taylor International is a leading overseas moving and storage company operating globally. As an agent of Allied International, the largest international moving company, Taylor International offers extensive moving services. They are also affiliated with several prestigious overseas moving organizations such as FAIM, IAM, CAM, IATA, AMSA, and RIM, ensuring high standards in their services​

Taylor Moving & Storage offers a fully insured, experienced moving service in the GHA/GTA region and beyond. They provide efficient packing, using the "Taylor pack" method, and offer used boxes for self-packing to support sustainability. Specializing in cross-border moves, they simplify customs processes and have a competent move coordination team. Partnered with Allied Vanlines and FIDI, they handle local to international moves. Their crews undergo strict background checks, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability. Taylor is recognized as an elite moving firm locally, nationally, and globally.

  • Contact: +1 877 832 8010

  • Specialty: Local and international moving specialists

  • Notable Mention: Strong affiliations with moving organisations

Two Guys Moving

Two Guys Moving offers a range of professional moving services in Mississauga, Ontario. Their offerings include residential moves for various types of homes, commercial moves for office relocations, expert packing services, manpower for loading/unloading and furniture assembly, junk removal, and secure storage solutions. They emphasize clear pricing with no hidden fees, are fully insured, licensed, and prioritize punctuality. Their approach is to ensure a smooth, stress-free moving experience for their clients​

  • Contact: +1 647 267 9989

  • Specialty: Diverse moving and storage solutions

  • Notable Mention: Efficient, insured, no hidden fees

Tome Cartage & Moving

Tome Cartage & Moving has garnered positive attention for their meticulous approach to moving. Their team is known for handling items with care, ensuring that everything from fragile antiques to bulky furniture reaches its destination in pristine condition.

  • Contact: +1-647-537-7151

  • Specialty: Expert handling of diverse items

  • Notable Mention: Praised for their professionalism and efficiency

All-Rite Moving & Delivery

All-Rite Moving & Delivery stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction. Their team is not only efficient but also courteous, often going the extra mile to ensure a smooth moving experience for their clients.

  • Contact: +1 905-847-1378

  • Specialty: Comprehensive moving and delivery services

  • Notable Mention: Recognized for their exceptional customer service

Transline Moving

Transline Moving is a name that resonates with reliability in the Hamilton moving scene. Their systematic approach, combined with a keen attention to detail, ensures that every move is executed flawlessly.

  • Contact: (416) 628-5336

  • Specialty: Systematic and organized moving approach

  • Notable Mention: Highly recommended for their reliability and precision

Timbo’s Transport

Timbo’s Transport is a favorite among Hamilton residents for its promptness and professionalism. Their team ensures a hassle-free moving experience, making them a go-to choice for many.

  • Contact: 519-591-0124

  • Specialty: Efficient and professional moving services

  • Notable Mention: Known for their punctuality and attention to detail

Reliable Moving & Delivery Co.

As their name suggests, Reliable Moving & Delivery Co. is all about trustworthiness. Their team is dedicated to ensuring that every item is handled with care and delivered safely.

  • Contact: +1 905-906-4684

  • Specialty: Trustworthy and safe moving services

  • Notable Mention: Commended for their careful handling of items

Crunch Time Delivery Services

Crunch Time Delivery Services stands out for its adaptability. Whether it's a last-minute move or a planned relocation, they're equipped to handle it all with ease.

  • Contact: +1 905-906-4684

  • Specialty: Adaptable to various moving needs

  • Notable Mention: Highly recommended for both planned and sudden moves

Move Seniors Lovingly

Move Seniors Lovingly specializes in assisting seniors with their moving needs. Their compassionate approach ensures that the elderly feel comfortable and stress-free during the transition.

  • Contact: +1 888-884-0804

  • Specialty: Specialized services for senior citizens

  • Notable Mention: Known for their empathetic and patient approach

Making the Right Choice

While these moving companies shine brightly, Hamilton's moving scene is dotted with many such stars. When making a choice, consider factors like:

  • Experience: How long have they been in the business?

  • Services: Do they offer storage or packing services?

  • Insurance: Are your items insured during the move?

And remember, reviews and testimonials are gold. They offer a peek into the experiences of others, helping you make an informed decision.

Pro tip: If the plethora of choices has your head spinning, let Top Move be your compass. By understanding your needs, it connects you with the best movers in Hamilton, ensuring your transition is smooth and stress-free.

Moving Services Tailored for Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton, with its unique blend of urban and natural landscapes, offers a moving experience unlike any other. Whether you're relocating to a high-rise in the city center or a cozy home near the Royal Botanical Gardens, you need a moving service that understands the nuances of this diverse city.

City-Specific Challenges

Hamilton's geography, from its bustling downtown to the serene trails of the Bruce Peninsula, poses unique challenges. Narrow alleyways, heritage buildings, and areas with limited parking require a moving service with specialized knowledge and equipment.

Services That Shine

  • Packing Services: Hamilton's top movers offer packing services that cater to the city's diverse housing structures. Whether it's a Victorian-era home or a modern condo, they have the expertise to pack your belongings safely and efficiently.

  • Storage Solutions: Need a temporary home for your items? Many Hamilton movers provide secure storage facilities, perfect for those in-between moments during a move.

  • Specialty Moves (Long Distance Moves or Local Moves) : Got a grand piano or a priceless piece of art? Hamilton's best movers offer specialty services to ensure these items are transported with the care they deserve.

  • Eco-Friendly Options: In line with Hamilton's green initiatives, several movers offer eco-friendly packing supplies and practices, ensuring your long distance move is kind to the environment.

Making Hamilton Home

Moving is more than just transporting items; it's about transitioning to a new phase of life. And in a city as vibrant as Hamilton, it's essential to have a moving service that helps you start on the right foot.

Reviews and Ratings: Trusting Hamilton's Moving Maestros

In the digital age, word of mouth has transformed. Reviews and ratings have become the modern-day referrals, guiding decisions and building trust. When it comes to moving companies in Hamilton, these testimonials play a pivotal role.

The Power of Peer Reviews

Why rely on a stranger's opinion? Because collective experiences paint a clearer picture. A company might claim to be the best, but consistent high ratings and positive reviews from real Hamilton customers validate their expertise.

Where to Look

  • Online Platforms: Websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Better Business Bureau are treasure troves of reviews. They offer insights into both the strengths and areas of improvement for moving companies.

  • Company Websites: Many movers showcase testimonials on their sites. While these are often positive, they can give you a sense of what the company prides itself on.

  • Social Media: Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not just for memes and updates. They're platforms where customers voice their satisfaction or grievances. A quick scroll through a company's social media feed can reveal a lot.

Reading Between the Lines

While reviews are invaluable, it's essential to approach them with a discerning eye. A single negative review amidst a sea of positive ones might be an outlier. Conversely, overly generic positive reviews could be fabricated. Look for detailed testimonials that discuss specific experiences.

Pro tip: Once you've shortlisted a few movers based on reviews, Top Move can help you compare them side by side. It's like having a personal moving consultant, rest assured knowing you are making the best choice for your Hamilton move.

Tips and Advice: Choosing Hamilton's Best Movers

The moving industry, like any other, has its share of shining stars and black sheep. So, how do you ensure you're placing your trust (and belongings) in the right hands?

Credentials Matter

Always check if the moving company is licensed and insured. This not only adds a layer of security but also speaks volumes about the company's professionalism.

Get Multiple Quotes

Don't settle for the first quote you receive. By comparing quotes from different movers, you can gauge the market rate and ensure you're getting value for your money.

Transparent Pricing

Beware of hidden charges. A reputable mover will provide transparent pricing, breaking down every cost. If there's something you don't understand, ask!

Visit Their Office

If possible, visit the moving company's physical office. It gives you a sense of their operations and the scale of their business.

Pro tip: Feeling overwhelmed? Top Move simplifies this process. By understanding your requirements, it provides tailored recommendations, ensuring you partner with Hamilton's best.

How Top Move Can Help You Find the Perfect Mover in Hamilton

Choosing the right mover can feel like navigating a maze. But with Top Move , it's more like a walk in the park. Here's how we simplify the process for you, step by step:

1. What's on the Move?

Start by telling us what you're moving. We've got a handy list to help you categorize your items.

2. Where Are You Now?

Share your current address. The more we know, the better we can assist.

3. Describe Your Current Place

Paint us a picture of your current digs. How many rooms? Which floor are you on?

4. And Where to Next?

Now, spill the beans about your new place. How spacious is it? Is it a penthouse or ground floor?

5. Mark Your Calendar

When's the big day? Let us know so movers can check their schedules.

6. Your New Address, Please

Pop in your future address. It helps in getting those distance calculations spot on.

7. Need a Hand from the Driver?

Tell us if you'd like the driver to help with loading or unloading. Some extra muscle can't hurt!

8. List Your Belongings

Jot down the items you're moving. It ensures professional packers come geared up and ready.

9. Got Pics?

If you can, share photos of your items. It gives professional movers a clearer picture (pun intended).

10. Drop Your Email and Go!

Punch in your email, hit that submit button, and voilà! Watch the quotes flow in. Then, cherry-pick the best one and set your moving wheels in motion.

With Top Move, you're not just making a move; you're crafting a seamless journey to your next adventure. Think of us as your personal moving buddy, always by your side, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Pricing Insights: Investing in a Smooth Hamilton Move

Moving can be expensive, but understanding the cost breakdown can help you budget effectively. In Hamilton, several factors influence moving costs.

Factors Affecting Cost

  • Distance: Moving within Hamilton might be cheaper than relocating to a neighboring city.

  • Volume of Belongings: The more you have, the more you pay. Some companies might charge based on the number of trucks or the weight of your items.

  • Specialty Items: Transporting a piano or artwork? It might incur additional charges.

  • Time of Move: Moving during peak seasons or weekends might be pricier.

Getting the Best Deal

Always negotiate. If you've received a quote that's slightly above your budget, talk to the company. They might offer discounts or customize the service to fit your budget.

Pro tip: Unsure about costs? Top Move offers a unique feature where you can get quotes directly in your inbox. It's a hassle-free way to understand the pricing landscape for Hamilton moving services.

Making Your Hamilton Move A Top Move

Wrapping up, moving in Hamilton doesn't have to be a Herculean task. With the right knowledge and tools in hand, you're not just moving; you're transitioning smoothly into your next chapter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hamilton boasts a plethora of top-tier moving companies.

  • Reviews and ratings are your compass in choosing the right and professional moving company.

  • Understand the specifics of your move to get the best deal.

  • Top Move simplifies the process of long distance moving services, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

And remember, with Top Move, finding the best moving company in Hamilton becomes only a matter of time.


How much do movers cost in Hamilton?

The cost of hiring movers in Hamilton varies based on several factors, including the volume of items, distance of the move, and any additional services required. On average, local moves can range from 109.00/hour to $199.00/hour for two movers and a truck. However, it's always best to get multiple quotes to ensure you're getting a competitive rate.

What day is cheapest to hire movers?

Typically, weekdays are cheaper than weekends. Also, moving during the middle of the month might be more cost-effective than at the beginning or end of the month. Off-peak seasons, like late fall and winter, can also offer more affordable rates.

How do I find the best local movers?

Finding the best local movers involves a mix of research and recommendations:

  1. Read Reviews: Platforms like Yelp and Google offer insights into customer experiences.

  2. Ask for Recommendations: Friends, family, and colleagues can provide trusted referrals.

  3. Get Multiple Quotes: This helps you gauge the market rate and ensures you're getting value for your money.

  4. Use Tools: Platforms like Top Move streamline the process, connecting you with top-rated movers based on your specific needs.

Looking for moving companies in Hamilton?

We are helping thousands of Canadians just like you to move to Hamilton or anywhere across Canada. Door to door service. Fixed prices.
9.6 · 134 reviews

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