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Do’s and Don'ts When Moving with Pets

Do’s and Don'ts When Moving with Pets

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We all know how crazy things can get when you're moving house. It requires some adjustments and a lot of preparation - packing and looking for a trusted man with a van or home mover in Canada. It is a stressful process for humans so just imagine how much more stressful it can make your pets. Pets are very attached to their territory and can easily become stressed and depressed due to the sudden change in the environment. 

Moving with pets requires a great deal of planning and preparation beforehand. So, to make it easier, we’ve prepared the dos and don'ts of moving a pet.


Consult your vet

To make sure that your pet is healthy and ready for the move, visit your vet and get your pet’s health records and vaccinations. If you are moving out of town and can no longer see the same veterinarian, inform your current vet and see if they can recommend any good vets in your new area. 

Keep your pets away from the action

When you are packing and getting everything ready for the move, make sure that your pets are in a comfortable and quiet room where no one can disturb them. Doing this reduces the possibility of the animal being too stressed. Don’t forget to check them regularly, feed or walk them at a time. You can also designate someone, like a family member, friend or neighbour, to watch over them on your moving day while you are busy. Maintaining your pet’s routine especially in the midst of all the changes will help a lot to reduce their stress and become accustomed to their new surroundings.

Prepare well ahead of time 

Moving is a big change for your pet so you must ensure that you are well prepared to move the house before moving your beloved pet. To prepare, you can create a checklist of the things that you need to do to get organized before the move. Also, plan for breaks to let them get a little fresh air and be sure to give your pets lots of attention and allow them to adjust to the new environment gradually. 

Consider hiring a pet removalist

Consider hiring professional pet removalists to have a smooth relocation process and to make sure your pets are safe and well. A professional pet removalist has the necessary knowledge and can handle several arrangements such as airline regulations and choosing the proper carrier or kennel for your pet. Entrusting your furry companion to a pet removalist ensures more peace of mind for you as well as comfort for your furball during the moving process. 


Don't forget to check the airline's policies 

If you are moving long-distance and if you are travelling by air. Check the airline’s rules and regulations before booking a ticket. Call the airline first and be familiar with the necessary travel arrangement guidelines about flying with pets. If travelling with a dog, ensure that your dog's breed and size are permitted on planes. Take note that most airlines require their clients to pay an extra charge or pet fee when buying their tickets.

Don’t feed your pet just before leaving

Don’t feed your pet just before the car journey especially if it is a long drive. This is because animals are prone to experiencing motion sickness and might throw up while you're travelling. Just be sure to carefully plan your pet's meals to avoid surprises during the move. 

Don't introduce a new habit

There's no need to change your pet's routine just because you have moved. Animals are creatures of habit and it can cause stress and confusion when the routine completely changes. Try to cling to the same routine if possible. Feed your pet with the usual food and try to stay consistent as possible to ensure that your pet remains happy. 

Don't forget to update tags

Once you unpacked and settled your things, do not forget to update your pet's name tags or microchip information to the new address and contact details. The new environment might cause uneasiness for your pet inducing them to run away. With updated name tags, they will be found and returned safely. It’s also recommended to take your pet for a walk so it can meet the neighbours and get familiar with the new environment. 

Moving to a new house with pets can be challenging since it demands time and patience. But if you prepare yourself and your pet for the upcoming move it doesn't have to be. When you are planning your next move and you are looking for trusted home movers in Canada that will help you move into your new place, Top Move is a one-stop marketplace for your moving needs. Easily get a quote from reliable moving companies in Canada in just one enquiry. Check out Top Move today!

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