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Do I Really Need Moving Insurance?

Do I Really Need Moving Insurance?

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If you're preparing to move and are planning to hire professional movers to help you out, it probably has crossed your mind whether to purchase moving insurance. Whether you’re moving down the block or out of state purchasing the right insurance will protect your belongings and will give you peace of mind. Even when your things are to be moved by professional movers there is still a chance that a moving mishap can happen because of a variety of potential problems that are beyond the movers' control such as the weather, movement, shock, pressure, etc.

Although you aren't legally required to purchase moving insurance, it is wise to have a backup plan in case of damage or loss. To help you understand more about how moving insurance works, we’ve put together a simple guide for you.

What is moving insurance? 

Moving insurance or transit insurance offers protection for your belongings in case any damage or loss was incurred while in transit. 

You can purchase transit insurance as a standalone product from insurance providers, home movers or moving companies.

What is the coverage of moving insurance?

There are several types of cover offered by home movers but they generally cover the following. 

  • Loss or damage of your belongings during packing and unpacking.

  • Loss or damage of your belongings while being loaded or unloaded.

  • Loss or damage of your belongings while in transit caused by road accidents, derailment fires or theft.

  • Damage or loss of your belongings caused by home movers mishandling.

What about contents insurance?

Just like moving insurance, content insurance or personal property insurance differs from one policy to another. Contents insurance may include cover for your belongings while in transit if you have an existing insurance policy. In most cases, contents insurance won't cover your belongings while in transit that is why you should contact your insurer so you will know what exactly it covers. 

How to get insurance for moving home in Canada?

Your moving company insurance

Although moving companies are not legally required to have insurance to cover their customer's belongings while being moved. Reputable and trusted home movers in Canada have their insurance. But before hiring a mover, make sure to check if they have insurance and what it covers. Do some research and don’t forget to ask for recommendations from family, friends and colleagues.

Standalone transit or moving insurance

It is recommended to purchase your own insurance if your chosen home mover's insurance coverage is not enough to cover all your belongings. You can try and look for some moving companies that offer transit/moving insurance. The price of the insurance policy will depend on factors such as the circumstances you wanted your belongings to be covered and the value of your belongings. For you to get a full understanding of the coverage, it’s best to read the fine prints, or better yet, talk to your insurance provider directly.

Any other tips for protecting my move? 

  • Before your home movers collect your belongings, take all photos of them so you have proof to show your item's condition before it was transported. 

  • Pack your items properly and try to avoid putting more than 40-50 pounds in each cardboard box to reduce the odds of them getting damaged during loading/unloading and in transit.

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Moving companies in Canada

Helping thousands of people like you to find low-cost moving companies in Canada
9.9 · 38 reviews
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