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Car Transport Cost - How it is Determined?

Car Transport Cost - How it is Determined?

Whether you’re moving to Canada, or maybe just moving across Canada, there’s one important thing you can’t leave behind - your car! For a small and local move, driving your car to your new location seems like a pretty simple solution. But if you’re moving a lot further, you might consider hiring a car transport to get your car where you need it to be.

When hiring a car transportation company the first thing you need to consider is how much cost it involves. Understanding how movers calculate will help you plan an efficient and cost-effective transport. Below are the common factors that identify the moving costs to transport a car in Canada.

Car Transportation

Pick up address
Delivery address


Are you planning to move locally or across the country? The distance of the move will be the greatest determinant of the rates you will be charged. The farther you move your car the more it will cost. After all, the car transport company needs to account for road, time and fuel.

Car Type (Size, Weight, and Modifications)

The type of car is another big factor that affects the cost of its transport. A compact car will take less space in the trailer; thus, it is cheaper to transport compared to transporting an SUV or truck. If you are to transport a modified car, you should inform the moving company as this requires special handling and can also affect the cost of the transport. 

Car transport companies also have a cut-off where they will charge more money for an oversized vehicle so it’s important to ask this question when inquiring with them.

Condition of the car

If your car is in running condition, it is easy for the carrier to load it on and off the trailer so it will not need additional charge. But if your car doesn’t run it will require extra effort on the carrier to winch, push and pull the car on and off the trailer. Because of this, it is more expensive to transport an inoperable car.

Type of transport

Choosing an enclosed or open trailer will also have an impact on transporting your car. An open trailer is typically a cheaper way to transport. It is because an open trailer can fit more vehicles, approximately up to 10, in one trip, so the carrier can divide the operational cost. Open trailer transport though means that your car is exposed to weather elements for the entire journey.

On the other hand, enclosed trailer transport means your car will stay inside the truck and is safe and protected from weather elements and the road. But the cost is higher compared to open trailer transport since an enclosed trailer has a lower capacity. It can only fit up to 6 vehicles. But if your main concern is the safety of your vehicle, especially if it is high-valued, then the better option for you in the enclosed trailer transport.

Pick-up and delivery location

When you’re scheduling your transport, your pick up location and delivery location will play a big role. If you are in an area that is easily accessible and has a great number of moving services, expect to pay less for transport. However,  if you are living in the rural area, it means your route is less popular and you are making the mover drive out of the main route to pick up or drop off your car. They will incur extra charges for gas and time, and add that up to their operational cost, making the price for your car transport higher.

Time of year

When scheduling a car transport during peak season, expect to pay more. High demand drives the car transport cost to go higher too. It is advisable you schedule your car transport on off-peak season. During this time, carriers are more likely to offer lower rates or discounts to attract more customers.

Schedule your car transport for pick up and delivery

Having a flexible schedule of when your car can be picked up and delivered will help you get a lower rate for your car transport because carriers can properly organize an efficient and cost-effective trip. They still can wait for other customers to book up the route so the operational cost in one route can be divided, making your car transport cost relatively cheaper. On the other hand, if you have a specific date or if you want your car to be transported immediately, chances are that you will have to pay more.

Getting the best car transportation costs is all about research and planning. Shop around for at least 3 car transporters so you have choices. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like the type of car transport they offer, off-season discounts, and most importantly, insurance coverage. 

Using a platform like Top Move can be of great help to you in cutting down your research time and finding affordable car transport providers in Canada. Just submit your moving job listing, and you can sit back and relax while you wait for Top Move’s best moving companies to give you a competitive quote


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