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7 Common Moving Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

7 Common Moving Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

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Moving house isn't most people’s idea of fun. It takes time, effort and money which can result in stress. Clearly, everyone hopes for an uncomplicated move but since there’s so much in the process of moving, you can easily make small moving mistakes that will greatly affect your move.

Fortunately, you can avoid these mishaps by preparing ahead of time. To help you out we have listed seven common moving mistakes and how you can avoid them as your big move approaches.

1. Procrastination

This is perhaps the biggest and the most common mistake people can make when preparing for a home move. Moving house requires time, preparation and planning. Remember, you don’t have all the time of your life to prepare especially if you are working.

How to avoid it: Plan ahead and start doing your moving task as early as possible. Simply write a moving day checklist of the things that you need to do with a timeline of when it should be done. This will help you keep everything organized and will also help you plan your time-sensitive task. 

2. Unable to declutter items

In every move, decluttering is a must. Moving unnecessary clutter will not only hurt your back but your wallet as well. If you have items you no longer need such as old clothes and books give or donate them to a local charity. You can also hold a garage sale to earn extra money that you can use for your move 

How to avoid it: Moving house is a great time to evaluate your stuff and get rid of the items you no longer use. Think if some of your items are still needed or not. This way, you get rid of those items which are not suitable and will just surely occupy some space in your new home. You can donate unwanted items that are still in good condition, or you can sell them by organizing garage sales.

3. Packing without an inventory

Never underestimate the power of organization when moving house. Failing to create an inventory list of the items you put inside your moving box during packing can result in chaos and stress when it comes to finding certain items.  It will be difficult for you to identify if any of your items were lost during transit.

How to avoid it: While packing, make sure to have a pen and notebook with you. List down every item you put inside each box during packing and label the boxes properly. This way, it'll be more convenient to unpack in your new home which totally saves your time. 

4. Forget to make a box of essential

Before you seal everything in boxes, make sure to pack a box of essentials that you can use for the first few nights in your new home. You may also include cleaning supplies, some snacks and a small toolkit. 

How to avoid it: Make sure to include this on your moving checklist so that you won't have to buy all these items in an unfamiliar place and of course to avoid unnecessary expenses that could add up to your moving cost.

5. Not changing addresses

This is one of the things you should not forget. It's best to change your address before the day of the move. You will surely inform your close friends and neighbours but make sure to notify specific institutions first such as the bank or your credit card company of your new address.

How to avoid it: Do this at least two weeks before your moving day. For every institution that you joined, you should have one whole day to inform them of your new address so they will be able to send important letters or documents to the correct address. 

6. Allowing home movers to handle everything

Now, this mistake may be the most stressful. Some people will just depend on the movers to handle everything. This is not a good idea most especially if you did not properly pick your mover, you should be cautious especially with your personal and valuable items. 

How to avoid it: Make sure to be actively involved during the process of your move. This way, you can make important decisions and still have control of your move. Allowing the moving company to decide for you may cause some issues afterwards. 

7. Failure to make research on a good moving company

Home moving is a stressful task. It is always the best idea to get help from professional home movers to ensure a safe and smooth moving experience. But you also need to know that not all companies offer the same great service. 

How to avoid it: Before choosing a mover, take time to do your research. Remember that choosing the least expensive home mover isn't always the safest decision. You can talk to your friends and family and ask if there is someone they can recommend. If not, you can gather at least 3 quotes from home movers in your area, compare the quotes you received, check each company's services and reviews from previous customers before deciding whom to hire.

Doing so is easier when you use Top Move. This moving companies marketplace has a large network of Canada's trusted and professional home movers. Once you submit a listing for your home move job, Top Move will reach out to Canada's trusted home movers and you will receive multiple quotes in no time to compare.  You also have the option to read reviews from previous customers. Making you more confident and secure for your home move.

Moving companies in Canada

Helping thousands of people like you to find low-cost moving companies in Canada
9.7 · 92 reviews
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