Why Should I Move a Piano Only With Professional Piano Movers?

By ยท August 31 2020
Why Should I Move a Piano Only With Professional Piano Movers?

Are you preparing for a move in Canada, and worried about how you will relocate your piano? Though it’s probably not the largest piece of furniture you own, it’s among the heaviest and should have the most care taken when moving it. For this reason, it’s not recommended that you take the task on by yourself. Instead, seek a professional who has the right experience for the job!

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Let’s take a look at the top reasons hiring professional piano movers is the right thing to do.

Safe Handling of Heavy Weight

Pianos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Though they may not look like it, they are actually very heavy. This can make moving one on your own a difficult task to do, even if it looks small and easy. The reason pianos tend to be so heavy is that they contain many internal components, most of which are made from cast iron. Additionally, the piano casing and soundboard are usually made from solid wood, and this can add to the weight.

Not only can moving a heavy piano result in damages to the musical instrument, but it can also be dangerous for the person lifting it, leaving them with broken bones or an injured back. So, rather than stress about your piano transportation, seek professional piano movers to help do it safely and efficiently. Not only are professionals used to carrying heavy weight, but they can do so without causing damages.

Handle with Care

Professional piano movers are skilled and have experience dealing with the handling and transportation of pianos. They will pay close attention to the musical instrument during every phase of the move. For example, if your piano requires any disassembly, they will do this carefully without damaging any components. They will also carefully carry it up or down staircases as required. This will guarantee that your piano will make it to the new location in one piece. Upon delivery, the professionals will reassemble the piano and show you that it still works.

Professionals Have the Right Equipment

Professional movers have the right trucks and tools for handling and transporting a piano safely. For instance, they will come with tools such as a dolly and a piano board. Both of these tools are vital to ensuring the piano arrives undamaged between the buildings and the truck.

Professional piano movers also use special trucks that are made for carrying heavy items such as your piano. The trucks feature support padding that’s designed to keep your piano in one place while the vehicle is in motion. When you move one by yourself, you’ll never achieve this level of safety.

Prevents Damage

Many pianos are designed with uneven and awkward shapes. If you don’t have experience with moving these musical instruments, chances are you will cause irreversible damage. It’s also common for the damage to extend outside the piano to include flooring, walls, and doors.

If you are looking to avoid damages at all costs, it’s best to just hire a professional piano mover. As we’ve discussed, professionals will arrive will all the specialized tools and equipment needed to move it safely and efficiently.

In the end, it’s tedious and often difficult for an amateur to transport a piano. The fact is, moving a piano by yourself can be risky when you consider the delicate nature of the instrument, the weight, and the odd shape. A professional piano mover will save you a great deal of stress and ensure your precious instrument makes it safe and sound.

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