Tips for a Smooth Summer Move

By ยท August 19 2021
Tips for a Smooth Summer Move

Summer is finally here! It’s the perfect time for backyard barbecues, outdoor activities, beach, concerts and moving. Yes moving, summertime is the most popular time for a house move - there’s limited rain, days off from work and kids are out of school. 

While moving during summer has its benefits, it can also be downright miserable - the hot climate can make your summer move more exhausting. So here are some tips from Edmonton movers to help your summer moving process as easy as possible. 

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Plan and book movers in advance

Since summer is referred to as “peak season” for most moving businesses. Movers fill up their schedules quickly and their rates can also be more expensive due to the demand. So, don’t leave planning to the last minute. Start searching for moving companies and get estimates from them at least eight weeks before your move. Besides, you may get lucky to get a discount for early booking.

Move on a weekday

Avoid booking your move during the last week of each summer month, including weekends. Most moving companies are unwilling to reduce their moving rates these days, which will make a huge difference in the moving cost and quality of service. If possible, try to schedule your move for a weekday so you can get competitive quotes from several movers.

Prepare your bottled water

 We all know how important it is to stay hydrated when moving in summer. To avoid dehydration, prepare by loading a cooler full of ice and fill it with water or sports drinks. Make sure to buy enough for your family members, movers, and anyone else who will be helping you move. Trust us – they will thank you for doing so.

Wear appropriate clothing

Wearing comfortable clothes and non-slippery footwear on a moving day is a must. Cotton is the go-to fabric because it allows much better air circulation. Be sure to stick with light wear and loose-fitting. Choose clothing in neutral colours to reflect the heat and allow your body to stay cool and dry. 

When you’re outside, don’t forget to protect your eyes from the strong direct sunshine by wearing sunglasses and a hat. 

Take care of your belongings that can get damaged by heat

As you pack, set aside certain items that are more vulnerable and won’t fare very well inside the moving vehicle. Some of the items include:

  • Batteries

  • Candles

  • CD's

  • Vinyl records

  • Electronic devices such as cameras, laptops, compact TVs and tablets. 

  • Perishable food

  • Cosmetics

  • Medicine

Never pack goods that will most certainly melt during the summer move. Be extra cautious and pack your electronic devices last into the moving truck so they can be the first to be taken off. Whenever possible pack your electronic devices using their original packaging for the best protection. Heat-sensitive items should be moved in an air-conditioned moving vehicle. 

Taking the proper precautions to beat the summer heat will make moving day easier for everyone. And as mentioned above, it’s best to look for movers as early as possible. So if you’re planning to hire Edmonton movers, Montreal movers or any movers across Canada, try using Top Move to easily gather quotes from moving companies that can help you in ensuring a stress-free delivery of your belongings and an overall smooth summer move!

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