How To Protect Your Floors During a Home Move

By ยท October 24 2020
How To Protect Your Floors During a Home Move

Protecting your floors is one of the challenges you will face when moving in and out of your home. You don’t want to leave any damages to the home you are moving out of as it may result in you having to pay for it. And you don’t want any damage done to your new home either.

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Take a look at the following tips on how you can keep your floors protected during your upcoming move.

Use doormats

It can be difficult to not make a mess inside the house when moving, especially when it is raining or when there’s snow. Dirt, mud, water and other debris can be carried by people going in and out of your home during the move and this can lead to damaging and staining your floors.

Protect your floor from any outdoor elements by placing a heavy-duty doormat at the front door for people to wipe their shoes each time they walk inside your home. It is best if the doormat you use is a lot thicker and scratchier, so it can really scrape off the dirt better. 

Cover the floors

One of the best ways to protect the floor from dents, scratches and scrapes, is by covering them, most especially in areas with heavy foot traffic. You can use protective runners, old carpets and blankets.

Make sure to clean the floor surface from any knick-knacks and secure the covers properly to avoid anyone from tripping, which may result in an even more serious problem.

No Sliding

Anything you slide across the floor, no matter how heavy or light, will most likely leave a mark you may not get rid of. If the item is light enough, carrying it is the best way to avoid causing any damage to the floor. 

And even when the floor is protected, it can still be damaged when dragging heavy items across it. Use moving dollies for heavy or bulky furniture and appliances. It is best to use a dolly with rubber wheels instead of steel or plastics. You should also make sure the wheels are clean and should remain on the covered floors when inside the house to avoid any possibility of scratching the floor.

For added protection, consider wrapping the feet or edges of your heavy furniture with fabric or padding to help protect the floor just in case you accidentally drop it on the floor.

Measure Beforehand

Don’t forgo measuring and planning before moving to a new home. This is to ensure that large pieces of furniture will fit perfectly in your new place.

When you try to fit large furniture through a small doorway, you will risk accidentally dropping the furniture and damaging your floor. Not only the floor is at risk, but also walls, doorways and the furniture itself.

Hire movers

Hiring a professional mover is the smartest way to avoid causing any damage when doing your move. They have a lot of experience working around any type of floor surface. The right mover should have the proper equipment that is sure to protect your floor during the process of moving.

If you are planning a home move anywhere in Canada, Top Move is the best place to find the right mover who will make sure your floor, and your entire home, is well protected from any damage during the entire process of the move. Submit a listing, receive different quotes, and get to know how the movers ensure a damage-free move.

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