What to do Before Home Movers Arrive?

By · February 28 2021
What to do Before Home Movers Arrive?

Anyone who has experienced moving home will say it's a tough job. It involves a lot of preparation and there are certain things to do before home movers arrive and start their part of the duty. If you want to have a stress-free moving experience, start organizing things in advance and make sure you’ve prepared for the movers ahead of time. But how to get ready for them? Here are the most important things to do before home movers arrive to ensure a safe and smooth moving day.

1. Pack your items properly

The first thing you should do when planning your move is to sort out and pack your things. DIY packing can help you save extra cash so if you are planning to pack on your own, make sure to do it ahead of time. You also need to purchase proper packing supplies to secure your valuables during the move. Don’t forget that you also need to label each box correctly so that the movers will know where exactly to put your things upon unloading. 

2. Set aside things you will need during the move

Anything that can't be stuck in the back of a moving van such as your phone chargers and wallets should be put into a separate bag. These things often get overlooked but will make your day easier. 

3. Check for hazardous items

Another way to prepare before movers arrive is to toss out any items that your packing crew won't take. Those include flammable and hazardous materials such as batteries and cleaning supplies. Perishable food is also on the list, if you still have perfectly good fruit and veggies inside your fridge and you don't have the time to consume everything off, share it with your friends and neighbours. 

4. Keep your jewellery and other valuable belongings with you

Your chosen movers will recommend that your expensive items such as jewellery, cash, medicine and important documents should stay in your car with you. So before your chosen movers arrive ensure that you have packed this separately. Carry these items and don't let them out of your sight. 

5. Let the movers know where to park

Before movers arrive make sure they have a space to park their moving truck. Clear out your garage of driveways of any vehicles. If you share a driveway with your neighbours make sure to ask for their permission. And if this isn't your personal driveway make sure to talk to your property manager and secure a parking pass to get a spot to park your movers truck.

6. Have a plan for your small children and pets

Make sure that you have a plan for your small children and pets before your movers arrive. The situation of your home during your moving day is not suitable for them. Having them running around will distract your movers causing delays and even accidents. So you need to enlist someone to watch over your little ones and your fur babies and while your movers are busy moving your belongings.

7. Provide snacks and drinks

Lifting heavy boxes and large furniture pieces is a gruelling task. Show your appreciation and recharge your movers' energy level by offering snacks like sliders, sandwiches, protein bars and some bottled water. 

Keep this guide while you are preparing for your upcoming move. And if you haven’t found a reliable moving company yet to help you move, get your free quotes from Canada’s trusted moving companies and home movers by submitting one listing on Top Move now.

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