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Tips for Unpacking After Moving

By ยท December 29 2020
Tips for Unpacking After Moving

So you or your hired moving company have finally unloaded all your belongings to your new home. It can be very tempting to just take a break after all the hard work of planning and preparing for your move, looking for trusted home movers and packing all your stuff for the moving day. 

Unpacking after a move requires just as much effort as the packing beforehand. But unlike packing, you won’t feel that this is an urgent task as there is no defined deadline. When to start will be up to you. But we’ve got several tips here to help get started and make your unpacking process be as stress-free as possible. 

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1. Clean the house

Clean the house first, before moving your stuff in. The former tenant may have done some surface dirt cleaning, but typically, it’s just the surface and the visible dirt. Prepare a box of cleaning detergent and other cleaning essentials, where they’ll be accessible right from the moving truck, so you can begin cleaning once you get to your new home. 

2. Distribute your boxes strategically

When moving to a new home, some home movers will just put the boxes by the door; especially when the moving company you hired wants to make the process quicker. You might feel rushed to empty your truck as fast as possible so you resort to just dumping all your moving boxes by the door. So you end up mixing all your boxes that belong to different rooms, making it a hassle and added effort to identify and carry the boxes again to the rooms they belong to.

Instead, take your time to carry each box into the room where they belong. By doing this, unpacking your things can get to an organized start. 

3. Start with the necessities

Unpack the essential box first. You will need the basic essentials to keep your home running for a few days.  If you did not arrange a box for your essentials. Look for packages or boxes that contain whatever you need to get by for at least a couple of days. These are your basic toiletries, medications, and some basic food preparation items. 

4. Get the kitchen done first

We all know that unpacking the kitchen should be done first. It’s a good idea to arrange cupboards first, as these are easy to pack and organise. But if you don’t have much time, get a basic kitchen setup. Hook up the stove and fridge or any other appliances you will use daily. You can return to focus on organizing your kitchen once the rest of the house is unpacked. 

5. Set up the bathroom

Much like your kitchen, the bathroom will be a room that is immediately needed by each family member. Make sure to keep fresh new towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet papers, shampoos etc. Having a comfortable and fully stocked bathroom makes a house feel like a home. 

6. Dispose packing materials

You will be left with a number of empty boxes after unpacking all the things. Break down or flatten most of the boxes and keep them away. You can also keep a few boxes for storing extra items. 

Using these strategies will help you unbox things easily making the unpacking stage of your move smooth and stress-free. 

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