Tips For Moving During Winter

By ยท November 20 2020
Tips For Moving During Winter

Moving at any time of the year can be stressful. But it can be even more stressful to move during the winter months. And depending on where you live for sure it’s going to be freezing. From the cold temperature and to the snow covering the ground, moving out during the winter season comes with its own set of difficulties. But it can also be a great time to move because the moving cost is cheaper due to less demand. 

Here are a few tips to make your winter move stress-free as possible:

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1. You must keep a flexible schedule

It can be a good idea to move during the winter season since it is a slow season for most moving companies. However, the weather can be unpredictable during winter so it would be better to have a wide range of dates for your move. If the weather forecast is predicting snow or ice, consider delaying your plans. It won’t be a good experience to move during blizzard-like situations. 

2. Prepare your car for your move 

If you are moving interstate or long-distance, have your car serviced before your moving day to make sure that everything is working properly. You must also prepare warm blankets, hand gloves, and coats inside your car. That way you will be ready for anything that might encounter while you are on the road. 

3. Clear a path 

If you are planning to move during winter months, safety should be your topmost priority. Make sure to shovel all the sideways and your parking areas you will be using so that you or your hired movers can safely walk while carrying your belongings. The walkway should be free from ice and slippery conditions, with lots of room for the movers to use their handcarts. You also need to check both locations before carrying big furniture pieces and heavy cardboard boxes and make sure there’s parking space available for the truck and for your own car. 

4. Protect the floors

Protect your carpets and floors from the snow during your residential move or office move. Water, mud, snow, and salt will be the biggest threats to your floors since you and your movers will be in and out often and that can make a mess on your floors and especially your carpet. To protect your floors from damage, tape down a few pieces of heavy cardboard or plastic sheets on the floors of both your old house and your new one. You can also put something down in the room everyone will be entering, this will help trap moisture and salt coming into your place during your winter move. 

5. Hire movers

Do your research and hire a trusted mover. Look for their company policies and if they have insurance to cover the cost of any items damaged during the move. Professional and trusted moving companies will give you peace-of-mind that all your items are safe and protected. 

6. Don’t forget the hot chocolate

There’s nothing better than a warm hot chocolate during winter. You can also prepare sandwiches or protein-bars, to re-energize and lift spirits making the moving experience enjoyable. Plus, it’ll show the movers your appreciation.

We know that moving during the winter season is much more difficult than moving in summer. But with the help of our movers, it doesn’t have to be. Find the best professional mover in Canada by using Top Move. You can easily get different quotes from Canada’s best moving companies in just one enquiry and get different quotes you can choose from.

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