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Tips for a Successful Pre-Moving Sale

By ยท June 15 2021
Tips for a Successful Pre-Moving Sale

Are you getting ready to move to your new home? You have surely accumulated a whole lot of stuff for many years of staying in the home you are moving out from. And while you could easily just throw or donate those items, hosting a pre-moving sale is the best way to get rid of these items and make a couple of extra bucks you can use for your moving expenses like buying packing materials and paying for your home movers. 

If you are thinking of doing a pre-moving sale, you need to plan and prepare in advance. We gathered these easy-to-follow tips for a successful hosting of your pre-moving sale. 

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Create an inventory list

So after you sort your stuff out, it's time to create an inventory list of the things that are for sale. Just like in real stores, creating a list of all these items will make your pre-moving sale more organised. You can refer to it easily if customers will ask if you are offering a certain item or inform the customer about available items.

Pick an ideal date and time

Whether you are thinking of having a yard sale or a garage sale, being smart when picking the date and time is very important to get more people to come and see what you are selling. A weekend day is best, particularly on Saturday. It is also best to stay away from holidays or during a major sporting event. Also, don't forget to check the weather forecast. Schedule an alternate date in case of bad weather.  

Check with your local authorities

To be safe and avoid any issues during your pre-moving sale, check with your local authorities to see if you need to get a permit in order to hold a garage sale or yard sale. Don't forget to ask if there are any regulations you need to abide by. Do this at least three to four weeks before your pre-move sale for you to have enough time to comply with the needed requirements. 

Price your items right

Sure, you are looking for a way to make money, but avoid setting the price too high. Check out online to see how much a specific item costs so you can set a fair price for it. You can also check out a couple of garage sales within your neighbourhood so you can see what kind of prices they set. Once you have determined the price of each item, put a tag or a sticker with the price clearly written.

Be open to haggling

Be prepared for buyers eager to negotiate with you about the sale price of each item you are selling. Consider lowering the price down. If you think the price they are asking for is not fair, try to meet halfway. Bargaining can be fun and engaging, especially for people you know so remember to enjoy your pre-moving sale.

Donate what you have left

Now, after your successful garage sale, check the items that are left and the best thing to do is donate them to local charities. There's no point in bringing the leftovers back into your new home after the sale is over. You can deliver the items to the drop off centres. Some organizations are also happy to pick it up from your place.  

Taking the time to prepare will be worth it. Just follow the tips above for a successful pre-moving sale. After your successful moving sale, it’s time to get back to your other moving tasks like cleaning, packing and getting your stuff ready before your hired furniture movers or a man in a van service arrived. But if you're still looking for trusted and professional home movers to help you, you can use Top Move to easily look for and hire a moving company to transport your belongings to your new home.

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