Tips for a Better Move to your New Office Space

By ยท May 13 2021
Tips for a Better Move to your New Office Space

Moving a corporate office is a cumbersome process — and often disliked. There's nothing simple about relocating an entire team of employees and moving big bulky furniture and high-value electronics. And usually, there's not a whole lot of time to get it all done. Remember, the process of an office move is different from a home move. 

Although an office relocation is more challenging, you can follow these steps to execute the move in an organized and efficient manner to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Start planning early

Planning early is the key to any successful office move preparation. If possible, plan as early as three to six months in advance, especially a bigger office, to give each employee enough time to finish important tasks and prepare for the moving day. A detailed plan is a key to every successful office move and it should include the timeline of the moving process, the moving date and the moving budget to avoid unexpected additional expenses. 

In addition to planning, you also need to create a map or a floor plan of the new space for the employees and the professional movers if you decide to hire one. Providing them clear directions where to place each stuff being moved is very important to avoid any issues in the new office space. 

Keep in mind that each employee plays a great role during the moving process. Give them a list of tasks they need to do before and after the move. Remember, allowing your employees to be involved is important to make the relocation process easier 

Creating a team to manage the office move

Running a business alongside an office relocation can become too much to handle even if you are going to be dividing up the work. To have a stress-free office move. You may appoint someone you trust from each department to facilitate in managing the move to ensure that things are progressing. Usually, the best person for this is someone you can trust and has proven organizational skills. 

Informing the IT Team

As soon as you know the date of your move, inform your I.T. team as soon as possible. Giving the IT team advance notice to draft a plan on transferring and disconnecting all your office's technical equipment such as computers, servers and phones which is necessary on every move. They also need to check and evaluate the new place for any upgrades needed for the equipment brought in the new office. Don't forget that this specific team plays a major role in making your office transfer a success.

Communicating with your Employees

Employees play a large role in successful office moves. Remember to give the employees a heads up about moving to a new space for them to be prepared. Each employee has their own coping mechanism to change and telling them in advance will give them enough time to process the changes. 

And since you will be appointing a managing person in each department, be sure that the person is approachable and someone who can boost their confidence by talking to them. 

You also need to notify customers and vendors about the upcoming relocation. Inform them of all the changes such as new building rules and of course the new address. You can do this through posted notices or by sending emails. 

Hiring a trusted moving company in Canada

Hiring a moving company is essential to facilitate a smooth office relocation. Professional movers have a lot of experience packing, carrying and transporting all kinds of furniture and electronics. It is much safer to let the pros handle the job than tasking the move to your employees. Like any household move, do your research to make sure the company is reliable. Read online reviews, ask the right questions and have them visit your office to assess your move. 

Moving to a new office is a lot of work, but it can be managed with good planning. If you're planning to move to a new office and are looking for a trusted mover in Canada, using a platform like Top Move is your best option. With just one enquiry, you can reach all moving companies who have enough knowledge, skills and equipment to do the job for you. Using Top Move will make your office relocation safe and stress-free.