Things Professional Movers Wonโ€™t Move

By ยท February 14 2021
Things Professional Movers Wonโ€™t Move

If you are hiring a moving company for your next move, you should be aware that there are a number of things movers won't allow on the truck due to legal, ethical or safety reasons. You certainly don't want to repack and organize everything. Before your professional movers come knocking, be sure you haven't packed-up anything they won't allow. So, what not to pack when moving? Here are 5 items that movers won't move during the relocation process. 

  • Hazardous Material

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Anything from paint to batteries, these items can be considered hazardous and are very dangerous for your movers to move. A good rule of thumb when wondering if an item can be moved or not is to consider how the item is disposed of. If you can't dispose of it in your regular trash collection, then your movers won't probably move it for you. 

  • Food

It just makes sense; movers won't move anything that will spoil. Movers won't be able to keep perishable food items cool so you're better off ditching items such as milk, yoghurt or butter. Consume what you can and toss out food items that you already opened before the move instead of trying to transport them to your new home. On the other hand, non-perishables like canned goods usually transport well. It would be better to ask for clarification if you have any doubts about the food items your movers will not move. 

  • House Plants

Planning on bringing your plants with you on an interstate move? You might never know but there are actually laws against moving certain plants, also moving companies will not normally transport them because it's too risky. Moving trucks can become extremely hot and your leafy friends will probably not survive the relocation process. 

For a small or local move, packing and bringing the plants yourself is a good idea. Just make sure that your plants are well wrapped and secured to avoid any destruction in your vehicle. 

  • Pets

Will your movers move pets? No. 

Even though your pet is to be placed in a cage, your movers simply cannot move them. You can't place your dog, cat or fish inside the moving truck because it can get very hot or cold depending on the weather. It would be better to tuck your furry friend into a carrier and hire a professional pet mover instead of moving them together with your stuff. Pet movers have the knowledge on how to handle animals during a move and they have the proper equipment to ensure your pet’s safety.

  • Valuable Items

Movers do not want to move any personal items or some irreplaceable belongings because these items are considered a sensitive category which can't be replaced in case of an accident. After all, when movers are placing and shuffling big cardboard boxes inside and off a truck, there's always a risk that something could break. If your item is sentimentally valuable, consider purchasing a sturdy box into your car with your valuables such as your expensive gadgets, jewellery, personal documents, heirlooms and cash. 

And if you are still unsure about what things your mover can't move. Contact Top Move for a free quote and do not hesitate to ask a list of non-allowable items from your chosen moving company.

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