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Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

By ยท April 24 2021
Moving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Everybody will say moving home is such a painstaking process, but more than that, it can be dangerous too. It involves lifting and carrying large objects, sharp packing knives and other precarious factors. And if you are not careful, you might find yourself paying an unexpected visit to the nearest hospital. 

If you have the budget, you can hire the best home movers in Canada but if you’re opting for a DIY move, protecting yourself is just as important as protecting your stuff. If you are preparing some items by yourself then you need to familiarize yourself with some moving safety tips to avoid injuries during a move. 

Here are some of the most important moving safety tips that you should keep in mind. 

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Don’t overpack

Moving boxes are made to fit or carry a certain amount of things and over-packing can only mean problems and can lead to strain or injury on your back and other joints. A small moving box is good for 50 pounds, 65 pounds for a medium box and 70 pounds in a large box as a general rule.  

The biggest extra-large boxes should be used for bulky items but not the heavy ones, such as your comforters and cushions. 

Wear suitable clothes and shoes 

When your moving day arrives, be sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Your clothes should be flexible and loose. Avoid wearing baggy clothes because they may easily get hooked into something. 

For footwear, be sure to wear shoes that are comfortable and secure to move in such as sneakers or boots. Flimsy flip-flop or high-heels impair your balance. 

Wrap the sharp objects

If you just pack knives and other sharp objects without covering the sharper side, then you’re making a mistake. It can be a reason for accidents so be sure to protect yourself by wrapping the edges with packing paper and bubble wrap. For extra protection, these items must be wrapped in a dish towel and secure them with a rubber band. 

Follow proper lifting technique

To stay safe and prevent any injuries while moving your things, be sure to follow the proper lifting techniques. You should never lift more than you can because it can lead to serious injuries. When you pick a box, bend your knees - not your waist. When carrying heavy items, keep them close to your body to maintain balance. Lastly, if you need to twist around while carrying heavy boxes, do so with your hips and not your feet.  

Use a moving dolly

A moving dolly is a simple hack you can use to make the entire process of transporting your items easier. If you're organizing a self-move you can rent a dolly from a local hardware shop or a local moving company. If you are hiring a moving company to help you out with the move, then you won’t have to rent since they will be the one to provide this piece of equipment to make your home move easier and safer.

Stretch throughout the day

Tight muscles and limbs can make it easier to get injured during the moving process. So, keep your body loose by making a point to stretch out at least every day or a week before your big move. Doing so will help you decrease the likelihood of getting hurt.

Keep a clear pathway

Whether you’re packing, transporting, or unpacking your stuff, make sure that you can walk throughout the area without worrying about any obstacles or possible hazards that can compromise your safety. Get rid of any scattered boxes along the way. If you have baby gates, make sure to remove it. Remember to keep your outside areas, like your outdoor pathways, clear from mud and water that could hinder smooth transportation. 

Following these tips will surely help you ensure not just your belongings safety but you and your family as well.  For a safer move, you can also hire movers in Canada to help you with your home move, and using Top Move helps you easily find the right mover for you. You can be sure it will go smooth and stress-free without any encountering injuries or accidents along the way.

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