How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

By ยท April 13 2021
How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

Packing, preparing and moving any type of fragile items is a bit trickier. These items need extra care when being packed because they're particularly prone to breakage during the moving process. The best way to make sure that your plates, glasses, picture frames and mirror arrive in your new home intact and unscathed is to hire professional home movers to handle it for you. However, if you're thinking of doing a DIY move to save money, with the right packing supplies and some serious TLC, you too can pack and move delicate items with ease from one home to another. So, how do you pack fragile items for moving? Read the tips below. 

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Prepare before packing

Before packing up, you should gather all fragile items to get a rough idea of all the fine products that you own. This will help you plan and strategize the move and how can these items be packed up alongside other similar objects. Perfectly packing up fragile items needs a good amount of time so you can pack up your delicate stuff in a protective way and avoid damages while being in transit. 

Use the right packing materials

This is one of the vital tips when packing fragile items for relocation. Using the proper packing material ensure your breakable items are protected from scratches, bumps and shocks while being in transit. 

You should have packing peanuts, moving blankets, bubble wraps and styrofoam to keep delicate goods from getting damaged. Old linens or towels can also be used to secure and wrap around fragile items for even more protection.

Pack fragile items the right way

Now that you've gathered the right packing materials, you can now pack the fragile items inside the cardboard boxes. When you pack your plates, pack them in a small size box and pack them vertically. For extra cushioning and protection, plates should be wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with tape. You can also put crumpled paper above and below the plates.

Just like with plates, glasses should be packed carefully. Use a small to medium box and wrap the glasses with packing paper. Glasses should be placed sideways inside the box. Fill the gaps using crumpled paper or towel to cushion the glasses during the move. 

Pictures frames should be packed standing. Just like how you pack your plates, pack them vertically while placing a crumpled paper between each frame. And to ensure they stay safe during the move, wrap them with packing paper.

Don’t overpack boxes

The cardboard boxes are appropriate for moving but make sure that boxes are not overpacked. The cardboard material is not too sturdy when it comes to carrying weight and overpacking boxes puts pressure on the items inside. You should pack limited items in your boxes and use packing supplies such as bubble wraps, packing papers or towels to reduce the risk of fragile items bumping together. 

Label the boxes

Not all of your boxes are going to contain fragile items. And to ensure anyone who carries it knows to be more careful not to damage its contents, make sure that your boxes are labelled clearly. It is also critical that you specify what type of fragile item is inside the box. For example, a box containing mirrors or glassware should be stored flat to prevent the glasses from breaking. 

Hire professionals

Hiring professional movers is a great way to ensure that your most fragile belongings are protected during the move. Additionally, you don't have to worry about broken items because professional movers have proper training and experience in packing and loading your belongings. Hiring professional movers is a great way to save time while ensuring your belongings are transported safely. 

Fragile items need to be protected and if you’re worried about transporting delicate objects, it's better to get help from trusted home movers to help you out throughout the move. And if you're looking for someone to hire, Top Move is a great platform to use. Using Top Move helps you find experienced and well equipped moving companies to move your delicate items such as your chinawares, picture frames and mirrors. Just submit one listing and Top Move will look for the best moving companies anywhere in Canada.

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