How To Move Antique Furniture In The Modern Way

By ยท August 25 2020
How To Move Antique Furniture In The Modern Way

Antique furniture is an art form to many people. It can contain a great deal of history and may have even witnessed many events over the years. One thing is for sure, it contains fragments of each generation it’s survived through. So, when moving it’s important to take extra caution to preserve these treasured pieces of history.

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If you’ve ever moved into a new home you know just how tedious the process can be. It’s best to acquire professional help, especially when you are dealing with fragile antique pieces. Here are some tips to make moving antique furniture easier:

Create an Inventory List of Your Antique Furniture

Before the day of your move you should create an inventory list that includes each piece of antique furniture that you own. The list should also detail all defects that are already present, and what types of safety measures should be taken with each piece. This will help you be more efficient, while also allowing you to properly pack your fragile belongings.

Keep It or Sell It

After you’ve made your inventory list, you should carefully go over it and decide which pieces you want to keep and others you’d like to part with. If you find that certain pieces of antique furniture aren’t worth the extra energy, time, and expense you may choose to sell them in a local classified marketplace, pawn shop, or at a garage sale.

Purchase Insurance for Your Antique Furniture

If you own antique furniture that’s priceless and worth a considerable amount of money, it’s a great idea to get an appraisal and insurance. This will protect you in the event that something is damaged or stolen during your move. If you hire professional movers you probably don’t need to take this step, but you really can’t be too careful when it comes to antiques.

Choose A Reputable Moving Company to Handle Antiques

Anytime you choose a furniture moving company you need to take extra care. Since furniture is expensive to replace, you should always put the needs of your furniture first. Be sure that the moving company you choose has the right experience and skills to handle antiques the proper way. Ensure that the movers don’t rush the packing process or use improper packaging materials, as this may result in damages occurring.

If a company is reputable they should guarantee they will handle your furniture with care and use only the highest quality packing supplies. They should also have adequate transportation and well-trained personnel.

The best advice for you is to research any potential moving company before making a decision. We at Top Move allow our clients to browse through various moving companies on one platform. The interface of our platform is user-friendly and you’ll find rates that are less than standard.

Leave the Work to the Professionals

After choosing the perfect moving company for your needs, it’s best to let them take care of the rest. Yet, you should still keep an eye on the workers to ensure they are handling your belongings the right way. You’ll also want to ensure they are using the right type of packing supplies and fully understand all of your belongings. This is where your inventory list will help! It will help keep track of the antique pieces that have been packed or not.

You’re Always in Charge

Even in the midst of all the moving chaos, remember that you are in charge. You should never feel bad about asking difficult questions or giving advice where you feel it’s needed. For example, make sure they are lifting your furniture, and not dragging it across the floor.

At the same time, remember that they are professionals and this probably ins’t their first time doing this kind of work. So, incessant nagging and criticism is not a good look either!

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