How Much Would Moving a Piano Cost You?

By ยท January 24 2021
How Much Would Moving a Piano Cost You?

Though a piano is a majestic and beautiful musical instrument, it can be an overwhelming task to move one. This task should not be taken lightly because of the awkward shape and high value of the instrument. They are generally very delicate and heavy, and even the slightest bit of damage can destroy not only its purpose but also your investment. 

For this reason, you should always hire an expert, professional piano movers to ensure your investment is relocated safely and arrives intact. Of course, the cost to move a piano is a major factor, we, at Top Move, will help with making cost predictions that are relevant to you. 

The following guide from Top Move was created to educate you about the moving costs for a piano in Canada. Keep in mind that the costs are not absolute, and can vary by company. Get real, cheap and competitive quotes for free from reputable piano movers in Canada who are genuinely interested in helping you right on our platform.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Moving a Piano

When it comes to moving a piano, there are certain factors that are taken into consideration. Here’s a brief explanation of each factor:

Piano Movers

Piano type
Pick up address
Delivery address
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How Far the Piano Being Transported 

The total distance of the move is one of the key factors when it comes to the cost of moving a piano in Canada. Why do moving costs for local (within the same town) and long-distance (to another city or across the country) differ so much? The answer is simple: the company must account for the extra time and fuel charges. 

Local moves usually incur charges around CA $2.5/km and $3.5/km, whereas a long-distance move will cost between $3.5/km up to $8/km.  

Type and Size of the Piano

There are many types of pianos, and most of them have distinct figures when it comes to shape, weight, and size. Individual types will need specific handling, so the type of piano you own will heavily impact the total moving cost. 

Here’s why the type of instrument can add to the overall moving costs: 

  • The heavier the piano, the more manpower required. Additionally, you may need specialized equipment. 

  • Grand pianos have a structure that’s awkward by nature. Hence, they are extremely difficult to manoeuvre and handle.

  • Some models require partial disassembly, along with extra cushioning and wrapping. 

Obstacles at Either Location

If there are obstacles present at either location, it may add to the workers’ load and working time which will cause you to incur additional charges.

In most cases, stairs are the riskiest, biggest, and most common obstacle that any mover will have to deal with. They get paid extra in cases like this because stronger manpower (2 to 3 people) and special equipment will be required. Expect to incur additional charges of CA $60 to $140 per staircase, and $6 to $12 per step. 

Other obstacles that can add to moving costs are: 

  • Spiral staircases

  • Tight spaces and sharp turns

  • Hilly terrains

  • Narrow doorways

  • A brick, gravel, or grass walkway leading from the house to the truck

What’s the Average Cost to Move a Piano in Canada?

When considering all factors we’ve discussed above, our Top Move experts have come up with the following estimate of the average cost for moving a piano:

Local Piano Move in Canada: Average Cost of CA $200-$500

Long-distance Piano Move in Canada: Average Cost of CA $800-$2,000

Please Note: To estimate your budget for moving a piano as accurately as possible, be sure to consider all factors and allocate costs according to every factor that’s relevant to your piano move.

Additional Costs

Much like any other calculation for a cost estimate, the cost equation is not simple or even the same for everyone when it comes to moving a piano. There are other factors that can affect your final price quote. Our experts at Top Move have identified some other factors, such as: 

Hoisting Services

If your piano doesn’t easily fit through doors or stairways, you’ll need to pay between $750 and $1,000 for the movers to take the instrument out a window with the help of a crane. 

Extra Packing Needs

Pianos that are sensitive, large, and very expensive require extra care during packing. They may even need to be dismantled or crated, which can lead to extra costs. Grand pianos generally need to be dismantled during a move. In this case, the legs, music rack, and pedals are removed. 

The dismantling process will cost around $100. However, heat-treated crating that’s used for grand pianos can cost anywhere from $800-$1,200. 


Professional piano movers usually offer free insurance up to $5,000. If you want to more insurance, it can cost between $10 and $15 for each additional $1,000 of value. 

Additional Items

If there are any additional items you’d like moved with your piano, such as a piano bench, the items will be charged by weight. Most commonly it’s roughly $2 per kg. 


If for some reason the movers need to store your piano, you can expect to pay between $60 and $100 per month for storage costs. 


While the costs of having a piano retuned is generally a “post-move” expense, our expert piano movers at Top Move suggest investing in this service. The fact is, during transportation, the internal parts of a piano are shaken which can affect performance and sound. So, it’s best to have the instrument tuned a few weeks after your move, as this will also account for the humidity and climate of your new environment. 

Final Cost Equation for Moving a Piano

So, the final cost equation as dictated by our guide is: 

Total Cost of a Piano Move = Base Rate + cost per KM + cost per stair + cost per obstacle + additional costs

To make it easier to see, here’s a table that lays out the estimated costs for moving an upright and grand piano in Canada:


Local Move

Long-distance Move

Upright Piano



Grand Piano








Use our Top Move platform to look for reputable, dedicated, and professional piano movers in Canada. We will ensure your valuable musical instrument is transported safely with us!

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