Home Moving Tips for Seniors and People with Disabilities

By ยท November 27 2020
Home Moving Tips for Seniors and People with Disabilities

When people think of moving, they are automatically plagued with feelings of stress. This is due to the fact that moving takes a lot out of us, both physically and mentally. It’s not an easy transition when you move from somewhere you are used to living, to somewhere that’s unfamiliar. 

A home move can be even more stressful for seniors or those with disabilities because the process is harder for them than someone whose younger and doesn’t have physical limitations. Here are some tips that can make the moving process easier.

Begin Packing Two Months Prior

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Packing is one of the main processes when it comes to moving. Seniors or those with disabilities should begin at least two months prior, as to not become overwhelmed or worn out from it. They will need help from a moving company, family, or friends, but still, their packing should start much earlier than others would. 

Coordinate with Family Members and Companies

Seniors should take time beforehand to begin coordinating with companies and their family to receive the right amount of help. Doing so will save them from last-minute problems, and make sure they have a set plan in motion. 

Begin Making Decisions Months Before

The best thing seniors and people with disabilities can do is start making decisions about their belongings months before. This process should include deciding what items they will keep, donate, or sell. Beginning this process at least six months before a move will help keep everything organized. 

Choose A Company they are Most Satisfied With

An unreliable or outright bad company will do nothing but put extra, unneeded stress on a senior or disabled person. It’s always best to choose a moving company that someone has had experience with in the past. If you don’t know someone who has personally used a moving company, it’s important to read reviews and make sure the company is credible. There are lots of moving companies to choose from in Canada, so be sure to do plenty of research to help choose the right one for your needs. You may even consider looking into senior moving services, as these types of services are available. 

Arrange for Cleaning Services

It’s important that seniors have a clean house to move to. To make this part easier, it’s best to coordinate with family or friends before the move. You may also consider investing in professional cleaning services, but make sure choosing someone to clean is not a spur of the moment decision that’s made at the last second. 

Arrange for Health Care

When a senior person moves to a new area, it’s essential that they arrange all health care needs ahead of time. This includes checking if their current health-care can be transferred, and possibly even asking a current doctor for recommendations for specialists in the new area. The arrangements should be made in plenty of time before the move, as many seniors or people with disabilities will require health care services soon after moving. Do everything you can to make sure these types of services are not delayed in any way. 

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