College Student Moving Tips

By ยท December 4 2020
College Student Moving Tips

Moving from home to college means you need to plan the move carefully and making sure you get all your things packed, move and ready to go before classes begin. We’ve got these tips to help your moving day go smoothly. 

1. Plan

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You must avoid wasting time on college move-in day. Get familiar with the guidelines in advance. Gather information on the school’s website, so you know the documents you need. Check the school’s move-in policies and make sure you don’t miss an important deadline. 

If you are moving to a flat, check the policies first including the check-in times and parking rules. 

2. Ask for discounts 

Don’t be shy to ask for a student’s discounts if you are already paying too much on your tuition fees. Some moving companies might offer student discounts. So get your student ID to save money on your move. 

3. Gather packing supplies 

In terms of packing and unpacking, college move-in day is a bit chaotic. So, you must do your best to make the process as seamless as possible. Organize all your belongings and separate the things that you want to leave at home. During your move, you will need boxes of various sizes and it should be sturdy enough to carry the heavy items that you have. If you are planning to hire a man with a van, pack your essentials first so you will see if you have much room for other less necessary things. 

4. Have at least a friend or a family member help with the move

Bring a family member or a friend when you move to college. Do not move by yourself. Ask help from friends and family members to help you move heavy furniture pieces, heavy cardboard boxes. It will make your move easier and quicker. Make sure to return the favour and show gratitude for the help you receive when the time comes. 

5. Ship the things you can’t fit in your car

Items such as extra blankets or linens, pillows and books can wait. You can ship them to your college dorm prior to your move. 

6. Postpone shopping 

Although you want to hit the stores and buy the necessities before you move into your dorm, give yourself time to assess your needs. It is best to wait so that you will not end up buying things you won’t need. Resist the temptation of shopping new items, until the time comes when you actually need them.

7. Be open-minded

Your roommate or the other people that you will meet may come from a different cultural background and they may have a different lifestyle. Understand the way they think and try not to judge others. You can discuss things that may bother you. Listen to their opinion but make your own informed decisions

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