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5 Rules for Downsizing When Moving

By ยท May 20 2021
5 Rules for Downsizing When Moving

People downsize for many reasons. And although it is a stressful and laborious task, downsizing a home is a perfect opportunity to assess all your stuff and just keep what matters and precious to you. Whether you are an empty nester, downsizing your home because of financial reasons or getting rid of unused space and saving money, downsizing is never easy. Less space in your new house means less room for your belongings. But if you come up with clever downsizing tactics, you can create a cosy and comfortable environment even in your smaller home. 

Here’s your step-by-step guide to make downsizing easier: 

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Plan ahead 

Create a space and plan first where items will go according to the available space. Make sure to get accurate measurements of the rooms, doors and hallways of your new house. Then measure all your large furniture so you can easily find out if you will have enough space for them in your new home. 

Stay organized and set aside a reasonable amount of time going through all your belongings and create a list of the things you need and don't need. If you think you haven't worn or used an item in a certain amount of time, don't keep it. Sort all your stuff into one of the following categories

  • items you will bring into your new home

  • items you will donate to a local charity

  • items you will gift to others

  • items you will get rid of

  • items you will sell

Ditch any duplicates

This is very common in the kitchen where you may have six muffin tins, two oven toasters and different cookie sheets. Since you are reducing clutter, you can afford to let the extras go. You can sell these duplicate items to earn extra cash or you can give them away to your family or friends. 

Digitize as much as possible

Today's digital era can come to help you with downsizing. Bulky CDs/DVD's and your other paperwork are best digitized and saved on a hard drive (or uploaded to the cloud). If you don't trust the cloud, getting a hard drive for $50 for 1TB of storage is recommended. Doing this can free up many piles and boxes of documents and personal files. 


The best way to make the most out of a precious item is by donating them. Help your community by donating gently used things that you're not moving with you. Some nonprofits and charities accept and will be happy to pick up home items and clothing that is still in good condition. 

Plan your storage space

Since the storage area in your new home will be less than what you've had until now, proper storage space management on how you can organize and maximize your space is very important. You must determine how many closets or cabinets you will have and what their dimensions will be. There are also several tricks you can use so that you can create extra space even in your smaller home. Use multifunctional furniture that has built-in storage space inside such as beds with drawers underneath. Identifying how much storage space you have will help you get an idea of how much stuff you can store in your new home 

Although there are plenty of things to worry about when you downsize your home, it is a great way to declutter and save money on your move. The lesser stuff you need to move, the easier and less hassle it will be for you.

One thing that will also make the move easier is to hire a moving company to help with your relocation. Save yourself some extra worries and ensure a stress-free move to your new home by using the services of a professional moving company. To get started, easily find the best professional mover in Canada by using Top Move! 

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